Versatile Gamer Chapter 1576

Versatile Gamer Chapter 1576

Seeing Gan Hou's end, the four other mercenaries that came with Gan Hou immediately looked on with disbelief. Although their expressions recovered afterwards, they looked at Jian Chen with eyes full of cold murderous intent.

And so from that moment on, Jian Chen would spend his daytime earnestly studying how to read. Since he retained some mental fortitude and knowledge from his memories of the past. Learning the written language of this new world was not all that difficult. Combined with the teacher who was putting his heart and soul in teaching him as well as his amazing memorization capabilities, learning to read was extremely fast and easy for him. In just a short span of three months, he had already mastered the most basic words of the continent.

"Very well. Then allow us to see what sort of power you have to act so savagely." The second prince looked angrily at Ming Dong with a furious look, "Go and capture him."

"Jiang Chen, surrender now, if you go any further, you'll be entering the center of sector two, it's certain death for you in that area!"

"It seems that I must find a way to allow the Sword Spirits to heal as fast as I can. If I could only heal them enough, then my azure and violet Sword Qi would surely grow stronger." Jian Chen spoke as he tried to sit up painfully. Right now, the azure and violet Ssword Qi weren't a major problem to any Heaven Saint Master, so he would need to find a way to heal the sword spirit's strengths. This way, not only would the Sword Spirits be stronger, but the amount of assistance he could receive would be higher too.

This time, the Goat Demons were truly telling the truth. If they were given another chance, they would never cause any trouble for this dog again, as it was simply an act of seeking death.

Mu Rong Zhan began his attack by swinging his sleeves. A whirlwind was formed with his Yuan power, and like a tidal wave it started approaching Jiang Chen.

Wu Cong said while gnashing his teeth in anger. He turned around and continued searching in another direction. But, he was still searching at the same depth, not daring to dive any deeper. Yet, trying to find Jiang Chen at that depth was just fat chance.

"I can sense the aura of those human geniuses as well. I think they're being kept in some sort of jails. We should wait until the sky turns bright before we strike."

Someone amongst the disciples said. The Black Sect was one of the Qi Province's four big sects, and joining it did not only represent one's status, but being able to cultivate here was also much more beneficial than anywhere outside. There was an underground vein underneath the Black Mountain, this place couldn't be compared with anywhere else. It didn't matter if it was the natural Yuan energy in the air, or the cultivation resources, all the disciples on the spot had gone through hard effort in order to become disciples. Of course, every one of them wanted to continue staying in the Black Sect and have a good future.

"Xiang'er, we've reports from two days ago that some mighty Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger launched an attack before being beaten by another. Is that true?"

Jiang Chen said with a grim smile.

Jiang Chen was furious, the scene in front of him had ignited flames in the bottom of his heart. In an instant, he flew high up into the sky and shouted out loudly with the Sonic Hawk Cry, "I, Jiang Chen have returned! Those who attacked my sect will be killed without any mercy!"Chapter 259 ÿ Antedated One Year Fight Agreement

"Dimensional Purplesand Crystal? What is this thing?"

The last Blood Devil's expression changed. He immediately shouted out and raised his head. In the next second, he saw two figures descending from the skies and landing in front of him.

More importantly, there would be a serious side effect to Big Yellow if he took away his blood. Jiang Chen didn't want to hurt his own brother just to make himself stronger. In his heart, both Big Yellow and Han Yan were his brothers that he would give his life for.

"Mrrr££ mmrrrrrr££" Jian Chen's sudden departure had caused the tiger cub to be hurt. Unable to continue eating the barbequed beef on the table, the tiger cub instantly leaped down from the table and sped towards the doors. Both of its eyes began to well up with tears as it cried out desolately. The scene was like a mother abandoning its child, causing everyone watching to have an unbearable feeling of pity.

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