The Great Mage Chapter 2198

The Great Mage Chapter 2198

However, the group in front of them was proving hard to deal with. Just as the battleaxe was about to hit one of them in the thigh, a sword flew out and hit the battleaxe with a colliding sound.

Yu Zihan felt both shocked and puzzle. He couldn't understand the meaning behind Jiang Chen's words.

"Captain, the captain of the Storm Mercenaries is here to see you."

"Brother Jiang, can you tell us where you found so much Nine Solar Holy Water?"

"Haha, I didn't expect your eldest son to be so fond of my daughter.Jiang Ru Long has quite the reputation in Fragrant Sky city, so it will be great if he marries into our family!Since we will become one big family, no one will dare to disobey us in Fragrant Sky city."

Seeing half of Ka Di Liang's body sticking out from the ring, both Ka Di Qiuli's and Ka Di Yun's hearts leapt out from their chests and into their throats.

Even the Combat Soul geniuses were shocked by what they saw.

"Get lost."

As if shaken awake, Jian Chen gave her a glittering smile, "You Yue, this is the first time you traveled the continent as well; are you accustomed to how the life of a wanderer is now?"

"Outrageous, just how dare you call the third prince so casually!" One of the rearguards instantly rebuked.

"Not a single guard here?"

"Don't mention it brother Yan. Jiang Chen will never forget your help in Silver Moon City."

Manager Liu was considered a straightforward man. He didn't care whether or not this was a real monk, and he didn't care whether or not a monk could drink wine. What he needed to do now was fulfill the request of his distinguished guest; satisfy them.

"Of course you're not interested in girls, you only have an interest in female dogs."

Seeing the surrounding people outnumber him by a hundred at the very least, Jian Chen's face finally grew more serious than usual. Among this group, he could feel that many of them were rather strong, while the others were at the very least at the Great Saint Master level.Chapter 180: Here is My Offer

Ling Yi stretched his arm into the air and performed a grabbing gestured, instantly revealing a crack in space. He then pulled a man out from the other side of the spatial crack.

Jian Chen hesitated. "Senior, this junior knows not how strong that man is, but he is presumably not far away from the Huanggu family."

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