Prometheus Project Chapter 2486

Prometheus Project Chapter 2486

Realizing that his mobility had been cut off, Jian Chen's face grew startled. Without a single moment of hesitation, his Light Wind Sword flew into motion as it flew out three different times. One was to block the dagger, the second and third were aimed at Jue's heart and throat, to try and force her back.


When the viper lifted its body, it was 1.5 meters tall. Its body, which was as thick as an adult's arm, had two wounds on it. One of them was the bloody hole that Jian Chen had left; it was so deep that the viper's bone could be seen. The other was the long wound that Tie Ta had left; it stretched down the viper's thick body. The outside of the wound was a mess of flesh, with fresh, red blood pouring down ceaselessly from it.

"Four seniors, please don't misunderstand. Nubis may be a magical beast, but he isn't a member of the Gilligan clan. He is a friend of mine and is by no means an outsider." Jian Chen explained. Although he was unhappy with the fact that Nubis had let loose his arrogant attitude, it was far more pertinent to explain the situation and the relationship between Nubis and him or else risk a misunderstanding.

"I do! Great swordsman, please let me go, I'll give up anything on me in exchange!" Jacob pleaded with him almost in tears.

Jiang Chen praised the attack. The skill was considered, £¦not bad'. He was about to counter with his Six Solar Fingers. Right now, Jiang Chen was able to unleash the fifth finger, and with its powerful strength, it would certainly defeat Yun Can.

Jian Chen looked at the many wounds on Tie Ta, and asked with some concern, "Tie Ta, are you okay?"

After the prime minister left, the second prince thought for a moment before snorting, "Changyang Xiangtian, let this prince see just what right you have. I am a man you cannot even touch." With that, the second prince left the place to walk toward the imperial garden with several other people from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

"50 million."

However, too bad, Jiang Chen could only laugh at Daoist Black's words. Does the previously greatest Saint need a little Divine Core warrior's guidance? Was this a joke?

Slowly walking forward, Jian Chen advanced one step at a time towards the two Class 5 Magical Beasts. At the same time, the Light Wind Sword appeared within his hand with a hazy glow surrounding the blade as if swallowing it.

"Lord, surely the distribution of the monster cores is too much for me. A quarter of the monster cores here are of the Class 4 level, and there are even two Class 5 Monster Cores. This type of distribution will surely make many people bitter. It's also only reasonable to say that these two Class 5 Monster Cores should be given to the two senior envoys." Despite being tempted by the two Class 5 Monster Cores, Jian Chen knew that there were only three of them, if a single person were to get two of them, then the two envoys would definitely not feel satisfied by such a decision. Class 5 Monster Cores were rare treasures, and Jian Chen had no desire to offend two Earth Saint Masters.

Soon, another half month had past. News of the Multicolored Stone had already lost its interest in the Tianqin clan since everyone had already forgotten about it.

After successfully escorting the caravan to Wake City, Jian Chen left the caravan and headed straight towards the Mercenary Union to register the completed assignment. With this, he was able to earn a bit of reputation and a small amount of money.

"A Class 7 Magical Beastÿ that's££ that's the equivalent to a Saint Ruler in the human realm." Jian Chen was in shock as his heart went into chaos. He just couldn't believe that this tiger that was blocking the cave behind it for two days was in fact a Class 7 Magical Beast.

Jiang Chen turned around and asked Yang Shuang.

This youngster in front of him was the very person that feared not even the Harido clan. A power like that was far beyond what Fengyang City could even think of annoying.

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