Overgeared Chapter 2735

Overgeared Chapter 2735

"Don't worry, I won't kill you now, as you're still very useful to me. So much more useful than those heads."

"Zi Han, what has happened? Tell me slowly."

After a mere few breaths, Jian Chen had already appeared over several dozen kilometers away, far away from the base of the Flame Mercenaries. The prosperous and lively city below him had also disappeared, replaced by a desolate grassland.

Thus, the very first individual from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was killed by Chang Wuji.

Although Big Yellow's expression was still very arrogant, he had to admit that the Barbarian Earth Bull's ability was frightening. It was an innate ability that utilized Earth's Power, and it was simply a skill designed for sneak attacks.

"One million four hundred thousand." The same elder from before immediately called out.

"Even if you killed me, I wouldn't believe that that kid could get first place! I bet 200 pills!"

Yan Chenyu was an extremely powerful Early Combat Soul warrior, she was completely bringing out the Nine Yin Meridians' strength. With just two ice-cold beams, she impaled the two Early Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures, freezing them into solid ice cubes.

For a good while, Bi Hai didn't speak. His expression was filled with shock as he looked to Jian Chen, but at last he spoke, "Yo--you...what did you say?" He asked, unsure whether or not his hearing was still working.

Big Yellow said. A Divine Core warrior is indeed powerful, but it's not at the point of knowing all underneath the heavens. And, the treasure that Big Yellow sensed was definitely not as simple as a Divine Core warrior's treasure.

Ka Di Yun's face was quickly growing a pale-green color as his eyes flashed with a dangerous gleam, "Just who are you, and why are you trying to make things difficult for me?"

On the verge of becoming an Earth Saint Master, his own body would also undergo a transformation. An Earth Saint Master was a huge qualitative leap from a Great Saint Master. It would not only make the body stronger, but it would cause the body's skin to be cast away and form anew.

"What's wrong? How come Yi Qing Zi admitted defeat straight away? She hasn't even moved her hands?"

"Radiant££ Saint££ Shield!" Jian Chen said, word by word. He slowly raised his right hand, and thick Radiant Saint Force quickly gathered in his hand. In just a single second, it gathered to form a meter-wide shield.

Of course, not every of these factions had been like that. Some of them had even took the initiative to look for the Flame Mercenaries in hopes of joining it.

Shao Hua also stood up and spoke.

"Oh heavens, did you guys hear that? The Crown Prince has been castrated by Yan Chenyu! Is this for real?"

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