The World Of A Thousand Chapter 577

The World Of A Thousand Chapter 577

"I find that strange as well. But we must move to stop him. If we allow this to continue, we may see the death of such a talented genius happen. That would be far too unfortunate." Tian Jian commanded before urging his body to move out towards the scene of the battle.

This middle-aged man was one of the Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom, Qin Yunlong. Qin Yunlong was a member of the imperial palace and had been the king for the kingdom a thousand years ago. Not long after he had abdicated the throne, he made a breakthrough to reach the paramount realm of a Saint Ruler. From then on, he hide himself away in the Qin Heaven Palace where very few had seen him.

"I went out to gain some experience, but I accidentally entered a spatial wormhole and was dragged into spatial turbulence. Initially, I thought I was doomed, but I luckily drifted to an exit, and that's how I ended up in the Southern Continent. It just so happened that the demons of the Demon King Palace were capturing the human geniuses of the Southern Continent at that time, so I was thus captured by them. If benefactor hadn't saved me that day, I would have long ago been killed in the Southern Continent. After that war, I believed that the Demon King Palace would quickly be annihilated with the help of a mighty warrior like benefactor, and since I originally had no intentions of getting involved in the Southern Continent's conflicts, I left after that battle."

"That's right. Han Yan, joining the Martial Palace is an honor, and you'll be the pride of the Black Sect as well."

"Jian Chen, it seems that you are aware of what a Heavenly Tiger God is." The elder looked at Jian Chen with a solemn gaze.

"Is this what it's like to fly? This is like a bird flying through the air freely, how envious I am of their experience." The princess' face could not hide the admiration she felt.

The bizarre energy from the World Essence quickly began to gather around Jian Chen, and after a certain amount had gathered, the energy enwrapping Jian Chen's body turned a milky-white color.

As if he had seen a slight hope, Yan Men knew very well about the young lady's condition. The Pure-Yang fruit was only capable of suppressing the chill in the young lady's body, but it wouldn't be able to cure the root of the disease. At most, it would just prolong the young lady's life.

Jiang Chen said.

Hearing that, the three men instantly grew shocked. With an incredulous look, the one called Jian Hua turned to look at Jian Chen with doubt, "Could you mean that you are the Jian Chen that won the Gathering of the Mercenaries half a year ago?!"

Yan Zhan Yun visibly expressed his gratitude and joy.He turned and spoke to Yan Meng, "Yan Meng, prepare a comfortable guest room for Brother Jiang Chen, and do not let anyone disturb him.If anyone gets within 100 footsteps of the room, have both his legs be broken."

The Mid Divine Core Black Crow was incredibly fast, and it was only because both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were abnormal monsters that they were able to flee. If it was some other ordinary man being chase, he would have already been killed by its sharp beak.

"I need none of your concern, Jian Chen!" Situ Qing's eyes flashed crimson, "Do you really think you're safe yourself? There's no way for you to escape today's fate!"

"Fine, I'll remember your great effort this time."

Jian Chen looked at the soldiers. They were not the same ones from before, so they wouldn't know him either. After thinking for a moment, Jian Chen decided to speak with them, "I am looking for Qin Xiao, please send a message to him for me."

The Green Sanctuary Sect had left, but the Black Sect was once again in a state of turmoil, and Jiang Chen had become everyone's focus. Everybody were guessing what would happened two days later. There was already Yun Can who wanted to fight him, and now there was the Green Sanctuary Sect. Also, nobody knew how powerful the Green Sanctuary Sect disciple would be.

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