Tears Of The Undead Azure Knights Chapter 929

Tears Of The Undead Azure Knights Chapter 929

"Damn it, let's surrender to Jiang Chen! Perhaps we'll be able to keep our lives!"

"Once the exit appears, the entrance will be completely shut. All of you are latecomers who had yet to reach the center of this island, so once the exit appeared, every single human who had yet to reach the center would be automatically be teleported here. If not, you'd be completely trapped here for at least another hundred years, forced to wait for the Island of Ice's next opening."

"Haha, old man, how much are you selling this scrap metal for?"



"Bang!" A loud sound could be heard as a large shockwave of energy exploded outward at an alarming speed. Washing over everyone while the cave itself began to shake almost as if it was on the verge of collapsing in on itself.

"So the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom has outside help, I wonder who would even try to take the Qinhuang Kingdom as their enemy?" Jian Chen's eyes revealed a cold glare as he smiled at the ten newcomers.

Jiang Zhen Hai looked at Jiang Chen worriedly.Not only him, the rest of the people in the hall all looked at him.The gap between a 9th level Qi Jing warrior and an Early Qi Hai warrior was not small.

"Since there's no one standing guard here, we should head up to take a look."

"Yang Shuo, I told you that I would kill you today no matter what. Also, I won't let you die easily. I'll burn you slowly with my True Dragon Flames."

"Is that so? Turn around and see for yourself."

Although Lord Nether was now dead, his demon soul still had its own consciousness. After it left his skull, it immediately started flying in a random direction, hoping to retreat. However, as a demon soul unfortunately had no way of attacking, there was no way it could escape from Jiang Chen. What Jiang Chen wanted the most in this battle was this demon soul?.

"It's the Tianqin clan, what's the matter with them? Come on, let's get out of the way, we can't afford to cause trouble with them."

The name of the building matched its appearance, £¦The Golden Tower'. Just the name alone was enough to give the tower a luxurious aura. However, what made it truly stand out was a few smaller words written underneath its name, £¦The Best Restaurant in Hongyue City'.

After waiting for a long time on the platform, Yulian felt a depressed sigh well up inside her, especially when she saw no more takers, "It seems that this will be history's cheapest Class 5 Monster Core." She thought to herself.

"Blast it all; what bad luck we have. Why are such strong humans coming out one after another? That elderly male next to that young female stands at the zenith of the Saint Ruler realm. Only one more step is needed for him to enter the Saint King realm, and that elder female is at the Eighth Heavenly Layer. The two of them could stop all the Saint Rulers here if they wished." Nubis cursed to Jian Chen.

"But it's still so troublesome. Many people have already entered the mountain range, and if Jian Chen wasn't in a secret hiding spot, he would have long since been discovered by a group of people or even eaten by a magical beast."

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