Rogue Merchant Deity Chapter 2514

Rogue Merchant Deity Chapter 2514

As for Qin Jue who had healed even earlier, it was almost as if he cherished words like gold. Ever since he had met Jian Chen up until now, he had never said more than ten words total. This had made him even more quiet than Katafei back in Wake City.

Lee Chang Ming's body was trembling under the suppression from Jiang Chen's aura. He had completely lost his ability to fight; now he could only use Lee Shan Yue to threaten Jiang Chen.

The woman was rather tall at two meters in height, which was taller than Jian Chen by a head. Even her physique could comparable to Qin Xiao's.

On the ferry, the guards of the eight clans immediately sprinted onto the deck, retreating quickly and protecting their masters while rushing up to some of the dark-clothed people, engaging in intense battles.

Zhou Bei Zhen couldn't hold himself back either, his eyes refused to stop glaring at the restoration pill with 100%effectiveness laying on his palm.He was bursting with excitement.As an alchemist himself, this was the first time he had ever seen a pill with 100%effectiveness.

"Manager, when are you going to serve us our food?"

Suddenly, the yellow light quickly changed. It had already turned into a dark green in the next moment, glowing from the white rock.

"That's Little Fatty, he's back!" A middle-aged farmer cried out before tossing down his hoe to run with the others toward the village entrance.

The Second Elder who had a scar on his face said.

After flying a huge circle around a secret place in the Chaotic Ocean, Tyrant was still unable to find a suitable place to stay. The Chaotic Ocean wasn't that big of an area, so it was really difficult to hide from the radar of the four major powers.

"We're quitting too, surrender, we're willing to surrender, please spare our lives!"

Hearing the Freezing Hell Jail's name, even these tycoons felt a cold shiver running down their backs. Just from the name alone, one could easily imagine how frightening it was. It was a place used by the Asura Palace to lock up convicted felons. The environment within was extremely harsh, and for those who were locked up in this jail, the only ending for them would be death, no exceptions. Killing Tan Lang was much quicker than throwing him into the Freezing Hell Jail and letting him run his own course.

As time passed, Big Yellow's energy was becoming stronger, like there was something inside his body about to awaken. He was experiencing a complete transformation from his roots.

In the far distance, the border between the ocean and the sky, the crowds could see the heavy ocean surges soaring into the sky. It covered a huge area, and it looked like a massive, long dragon. The ocean waves slammed into each other, constantly producing deafening explosive sounds.

Jiang Chen smiled.


Upon hearing the grandfather's request for him to help till the fields, Jian Chen was stunned for a moment. Then a relieved look took over his face, "Fine. But I've never farmed before, so if there is anything I don't understand, I hope that senior will give me pointers." Jian Chen knew that the grandfather was a hidden expert that was living in seclusion for some unknown reason. Jian Chen wouldn't squander a chance to talk to the grandfather for any reason.

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