Legendary Golden Apple Tree Chapter 1952

Legendary Golden Apple Tree Chapter 1952

"That's true, today's freshmen were really too weak. Not only was the title of Freshmen Ruler taken by a person at the 8th Saint Force layer, I heard that the suntanned youth in second place was also someone who was only at the 8th Saint Force layer. I really don't know what these freshmen had practiced to the 9th Saint Force layer for."

Hearing this, Jian Chen looked at the youth that Qing Yun had brought. This youth had an arrogant expression on his face that made him seem quite unsavory. However, that was because of how distinguished a Radiant Saint Master was in rank. Nonetheless, Jian Chen cupped his hands in greeting, "Honored friend, I apologize for bringing you so far, if you can help heal my fellow brothers, then this one will be truly grateful to you."

"Yes, this servant understands!" Chang Wuji nodded.

"How unfortunate that your Aoyun clan is also an ancient family. The way you do things is excessive. This tungsten alloy is for little brother Jian Chen; how uncouth of you to try and take it without giving him any." Tianmu Ling spoke crossly.

Those who bet with Big Yellow and were getting ready to witness Jiang Chen make a fool of himself were startled. Especially those who claimed that Jiang Chen would never make it to the 10th or 20th step. They started to doubt their decision when they saw Jiang Chen's outstanding performance.

Qin Xiao took on a pleasantly surprised look as he spoke with some excitement, "Jian Chen, just how did you grow to become so amazing in such a short amount of time? When we first initially fought, I knew that you were already amazing, but I didn't think that you would be able to kill an Earth Saint Master so easily!"

"By chance, are any of the princes still here?" Jian Chen asked.

"Little Yu, god lucky! If you really become an Ice God; that would be awesome!"

Luo Jian scowled, "Don't just stand there and stutter, what did Changyang Xiang Tian say about me?!"

"Older brother, how is Little Yu and Brother Yan?"

"Perhaps the Imperial Emperor is going to face the same fate££ We're all going to die today!"

Closely afterwards, three people flew out from the back of the Hongfu clan manor. Their speed was extremely quick, so with only a flash, they had traversed several kilometers and appeared high up in the sky, opposite of Jian Chen, Nubis and Huang Tianba.

Just from the obvious strength of both families, the Jiang family was almost guaranteed to die.

The Combat Soul Evil Devil's speed was incredibly fast. Like an arrow leaving its bow, it shot towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with incredible speed.

Some instantly started discussing amongst each other, while others were still stunned by Wu Ningzhu's beauty.

"That's nothing, the Myriad Sword Sect isn't the only power Jiang Chen offended; he even killed an elder from the Shangguan Clan. The Shangguan Clan is a super power at the same level as the Myriad Sword Sect. Rumors say that this guy ruthlessly killed countless Divine Core warriors and offended many great powers in Inferno Hell."

Jiang Chen said in an indifferent tone. This was his last warning, if Wu Cong still didn't want to back off, he would have no choice but to teach him a lesson.

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