I am the Queen Chapter 1382

I am the Queen Chapter 1382

The field of light soon became invisible, and could only be detected via divine sense. However, as far as banesouls were concerned, it made it completely impossible to approach Bai Xiaochun.

"I'm a doctor, let me see." Qing Shui chuckled.?

Xiao Shao, who was crawling on the ground, suddenly stood up when he heard that voice. It were as if he had heard the sound of a celestial being. He called out with a surprised tone: "Second brother, second brother, you have come. Thank goodness..."

After a short hesitation, everyone nodded!

"Help! They're trying to kill me!!" Bai Xiaochun fled for his life, screaming at the top of his lungs. Tears leaked out of the corners of his eyes; never could he have imagined that the medicinal pills he had concocted to attract banebeasts would, for some unknown reason, drag banesouls into the picture. "Dammit! I must have made a mistake in my concocting and produced another mystery pill!"

"Just wait until I get back to the River-Defying Sect and recount all of my stories to Xiaomei, Junwan, Big Fatty Zhang and Uncle Li."

"I know that this should be the time where I apologize to you, but I still have to tell you this. I truly like you very much. I like your looks, I like your personality, I like your wits. I don't wish to find any excuses. I admit that I'm full of lust, a horny guy, and would lose myself whenever I see beautiful babes. Still, I only feel a tugging sensation in my heart whenever I look at you. If you fell in love with some other guy, the pain I would feel, would be unbearable. I don't know what else to say." Qing Shui explained somewhat self-mockingly and in a distressed manner.

This particular elder was a Nascent Soul cultivator, and although he wasn't one of the most important people in the clan, his words carried a lot of weight. After a bit of thought, he decided that it would be best not to do anything rashly, so he took out a jade slip to do a bit of research into why Bai Xiaochun had been given personal property.

The second toll of the bell was like heavenly thunder, causing the bell to shake violently, the little turtle to scream, and the Saint-Emperor to stagger backward again, his face turning completely white.

The second day, during morning practice, he discovered that the three generations of the Qing Clan had all gotten up even earlier than him. Everyone was bitterly training the Tiger's Form. There was an idiom that stated that if the time was right, and the geographical and social conditions were favorable, it meant a fortuitous opportunity. This piece of land had favorable geographical conditions for training the Tiger's Form. It was even better for it than the Heavenly Palace with its dense Spiritual Qi.

The woman from Mu Clan sighed before making her way towards the tent.

"Sister, no matter if Qing Clan is strong or weak, everyone has the freedom to decide their own marriages. There's no need for you to feel burdened or think about our Qing Clan's development. We don't need to form relationships through marriages. With regards to Guo Clan's request, you just need to consider whether you're willing or not. If you're not, I'll make it up to them through other means." Qing Shui smiled and looked at Qingqing.

"You must be a ghost who lives in these nameless mountains. No need to be nervous. I was just passing through and happened to die. I'll be on my way in a moment. Ai. I wonder if I can continue to live forever and practice cultivation now that I've become a ghost. Maybe I can become a ghost that lives forever." Suddenly, grief rose up once again in Bai Xiaochun's heart, and he sighed.

"How would you like me to reward you?" Lady Duanmu blushed and averted her gaze when she saw Qing Shui's coquettish gaze. Even her speech lacked confidence.

AST 871 - A girl, Sacred Land: Lotus Realm, Acknowledging a Master

Not surprisingly, the Underworld River Restricted Area actually contained a river. During the day, it looked like nothing more than an ordinary, dried up riverbed. However, after midnight passed¡­ the Underworld River would manifest, flowing through the area for some distance before disappearing off into the night.

Celestial Vir¨±p¨¡k?a could see Bai Xiaochun sitting there on the stone pagoda, and frowned at the sight of his faint smile. He could sense that something seemed off, but the Vile-Emperor's decree had been clear. Despite the sensation of imminent danger, he gritted his teeth, unleashed the power of his cultivation base, and summoned a massive tempest that transformed into a huge hand that shot toward Bai Xiaochun as if to grab him.

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