Tale of a Knight Chapter 2056

Tale of a Knight Chapter 2056

Qing Shui slowly advanced into the residence from the front gate. He was a few steps away from officially setting his foot on the Feng Clan grounds. Whether he would be able to defeat them was unknown.

The young man swiftly swung his sword imbued with a white aura and aimed at Qing Shui's throat!

Although he couldn't exactly sense it, his strength should be about the same as the Mu Clan's old man. Now that he had been weakened by Qing Shui, there was basically no hope left for him at all.

Once again, Qing Shui was knocked back, Wang Delong raised his big saber, the green big saber actually slowly turned milky white, it was incomparably strange. At the same time, strength frantically gathered towards it.

After the Giant Ghost King experienced such success, Bai Xiaochun waited for a long moment to see if something similar would happen with himself. However, no heat appeared inside of him.

He kept the Diamond Gigantic Elephant within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal because he did not want his demonic beast to use its Skywalk ability. After all, it could be used as a trump card for dire situations.

"Are you in a hurry to look for the Sky Penetrating Grass?" Tang Wude frowned and said.

Such were the types of words that people murmured inwardly. At the same time, the overall hostility toward Bai Xiaochun began to weaken.

"The numbing effect would occur when we attain the Obscure Realm. Even if it's short, serious damage can be dealt." The gleam in Qing Shui's eyes shone even brighter.

Chuckling, Bai Xiaochun squatted down in front of Zhou Yixing and said, "Calm down, I just want to ask you some questions. If you answer them well, then I might be pleased enough to spare your life."

Almost at the same moment he entered, a huge gush of power swept by where Qing Shui was standing earlier like an impact wave, turning everything in the surroundings into dust. The Long-armed Vicious Monkey King let out a furious bellow which could be clearly heard across 10,000 li.

When it came to the struggles of demigods, chosen like the ones present today would view Bai Xiaochun as a nobody who could be killed at will.

She had an attractive figure, fair skin, and delicate features. Her phoenix-like eyes sparkled with extraordinary brightness, making her seem like the awe-inspiring type of person that no one would ever dare to offend.

Its enormous head got directly sliced open by Qing Shui. The sharp and precise strength of Qing Shui's sword immediately destroyed the head of the White Jade Jiao.

While the Tiger Grip was in effect, there was no way Qing Shui would let such a good battle opportunity slip by. He immediately pricked the poisonous Coldsteel Needle that was readily prepared in his hand on the back of the elderly man's neck......

After entering the city, Qing Shui's eyes began to shine with excitement. The spacious streets were about 50+ meters wide, and the roads were all paved with marble. It was so vast that Qing Shui couldn't see the end of the street with a single glance.

Vast numbers of them were converging upon him from all directions!

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