Sweet Chief Secretary Chapter 222

Sweet Chief Secretary Chapter 222

"Alright, what should we bet?"

The head guard immediately jogged over to where Jian Chen was. He knelt on one knee and said with extreme respect, "Your humble servant greets sir Imperial Protector."

Jian Chen's eyes scoured the map as he looked at all of the nearby kingdoms in the area around Mercenary City. For a brief moment, his eyes looked back to Mercenary City and gave a small sigh before looking elsewhere. He knew that he had more than enough strength to help the Gesun Kingdom in its time of need, but because he had no idea on the current circumstances of the kingdom, he needed to get back there as soon as possible. If he waited too long, then the Gesun Kingdom would be overrun and his family exterminated. To Jian Chen, the latter was something he was not willing to see nor experience. So, his only goal was to find a Space Gate and then use it to travel to the Gesun Kingdom in the fastest way possible.

"Brother Yan, Brother Nan, Little Chen has found the Magma's Heart, and he's going to absorb it down there. I think that will take some time, so he asked us to hide somewhere first."


His original intent in coming here was to kill magical beasts, so he naturally wouldn't hold back after encountering one.

Nangong Wentian pointed at the gigantic Teleportation Formation not far away from them.

"It would be good if he really show up. If not, all our restless effort is going to go to waste. I really regret not going to the Island of Ice. If I had gone, I would have the chance to meet that guy."

"We are only a small mercenary group of little renown, that is all." This time, a man replied in a calm voice.


"Yes, you're right, Holy Maiden. This is the Demon King Palace's evil plot. Because their ultimate target is the Profound River Palace, if they had the intentions of fighting us face to face, there would be no need for them to capture those geniuses. With their characters, they would usually just kill them on the spot. Now, what Lord Nether wants to do is force us to save our men at Nether Mountain. If we really want to do it, the Profound River Palace would have to send at least one Combat King warrior, and even that wouldn't guarantee the success of this rescue mission.

The sounds of three metallic clangs could be heard as Jian Chen's sword slapped against the three commanders'. Immediately, the three Saint Weapons of the Earth Saint Masters had a finger sized nick in them.

When Nan Bei Chao and the other three saw Jiang Chen, their eyes lit up. Without mentioning anything else, just his calm attitude alone had made him stand out from the rest.

"Thirteenth Elder, with these paintings all depicting a Saint Tier Battle Skill, I don't see anything for cultivation methods, just why is that?" Jian Chen asked with confusion.

"Pa!" The folding fan in the lord's hand snapped shut as he lost his previously calm demeanor. "Impudence! You should remember just who you are speaking to, Jian Chen."

Many people were shocked by Jiang Wei's decision as he immediately asked for a deathmatch. Everyone looked at Jiang Chen, wondering what answer he would give. They all knew how terrifying a deathmatch could be, and no one could force anyone to participate in a deathmatch. Although Jiang Wei wanted to kill Jiang Chen, if Jiang Chen didn't agree to the request, there was nothing else he could do.

Seven Heaven Tier Battle Skills would bring about a tremendous amount of energy whiplash and could destroy the mountain quite easily. This was where the Sect of Dragon and Tiger lived, and while there was a barrier that could protect them from any danger, the mountain would not be shielded. In the case that the mountain was destroyed, then the foundations of the sect would be gone, and the aftermath of such a thing was not something sectmaster Kris had wanted.

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