Omniscient Reader Chapter 1656

Omniscient Reader Chapter 1656

"What a vigorous man, I have never seen such an incredible young genius before!"


Accepting the goodwill expressed by the king, Jian Chen accepted this without hesitation. This was something that was more beneficial than harmful so he cupped his hands together, "It would be an honor for this one."

After his wounds were fully healed, Jian Chen didn't stop to rest. Immediately taking out a Class 5 Monster Core, he began to recover the rest of his Saint Force. After using the Heaven's Stolen Fortune to multiply his strength by three-fold, the amount of Saint Force that he had used had been hefty. Right now his Saint Force was still not in tip top shape and was slowly recovering from his exhausted state.

Jian Chen stopped controlling the Radiant Saint Force. He stared blankly at Changyang Hu who lay on the bed with his eyes closed and an expression of enjoyment on his face. His two hands above Changyang Hu also fell powerlessly.

Wu Jiu's expression changed. He thought Jiang Chen was joking, because only a Combat King warrior could deal with a dimensional crack. No matter how talented Jiang Chen was, he was only a Divine Core warrior. Even Wu Jiu couldn't fix it, let alone Jiang Chen.

Within the great halls of the Changyang Mansion, Changyang Ba sat down onto his throne, with Jian Chen on one side and his fellow wives on the other side. Sitting a few steps below was the relieved housekeeper Chang Bai.

"Bastard, go die!"

"That golden-robed youth has the aura of a magical beast to him. Perhaps it's a Class 7 Magical Beast that can take human form? If it's a Class 7 Magical Beast, could it possibly be the Golden-Striped Silver Snake?" The patriarch wondered aloud to himself full of curiosity. The Golden-Striped Silver Snake was an extremely rare beast on the continent, and the patriarch had only heard about them even though he had lived a long time. He had never seen one in real life until today, and it was a Class 7 one too.

"As I expected, you really are from the Gesun Kingdom." The king sighed before looking back to Jian Chen. "It seems this king's decision on joining the other three kingdoms to attack the Gesun Kingdom was the wrong choice to make. I had been 90% sure that the Gesun Kingdom wouldn't have such a hidden talent who could storm my Pingyang Kingdom's imperial palace and cause me to be end up like this. Ai~~~" The king looked even more ragged than before as if he had spontaneously aged.

"I don't think you can find such an abnormal monster in the Martial Palace, or even the Martial Saint Dynasty. He's actually fighting a Combat Soul warrior with a mere Mid Divine Core cultivation base."

"Let's go home quickly, we don't want to get caught up in their fight!"

At last, the ten names of the contestants were complete. Aridia, Zhar, Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Qin Ji, Baili Tong, Caraga, Zhangsun Yunfeng, Jue and Tianmu Ling.

Mount Tianyuan, it was located at the border of the Jian Province. However, it landscape was nowhere near as amazing as its name, it was a desolate land where people rarely came.

Counting up the coins to make sure there wasn't any shortage in the stack, the men left without any further trouble.

"It appears that we can only report this matter back to the clan. Let them hire a few people to trace Jian Chen's steps to look for it. If they really cannot find it, then the ancestor will have to squander some of his strength to recall his Ruler Armament." The Jiede clan elder said.

Old man Situ's gaze suddenly became a glare. Shortly afterwards, he looked down and said, "If you want your patriarch to live, obediently tell us where Jian Chen is. Otherwise, don't blame me for being merciless."Chapter 716: Loss of Parents (Three)

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