Ultimate Power System Chapter 1339

Ultimate Power System Chapter 1339

Now that he had assessed the situation, he decided to continue on with his own affairs. As far as he was concerned, friction between the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect and the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect had nothing to do with him. Almost as soon as it appeared, his face began to fade away.

"I've finally recovered completely!! Man, that was hard! Whether it's in terms of body or cultivation base, I'm back to normal!! You just wait for Lord Bai to get his hands on you, Granny Red-Dust!!" Laughing loudly, he stood up and assessed his spiritual power levels. To his delight, he found that he was actually a bit stronger than before.

Canghai Mingyue and Mingyue Gelou did not break through. In the past, Canghai Mingyue had already consumed the Beauty pill while Mingyue Gelou had reached Peak Grade Two Martial Saint but had yet to breakthrough.

"Why did the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect give me this mission anyway!? It looked like nothing more than killing someone in late Foundation Establishment, but the truth was that the despicable bastard had a Master who's a Nascent Soul expert!" Feeling more wronged than ever, he unleashed his Undying Live Forever Technique, and even sent some frigid qi roiling out to call upon his minor teleportation abilities. And yet, nothing could prevent the black cloud from catching up to him.

He seemed to be descending into madness, much the way he would when concocting medicine back in the Heavenspan River region. It was a state he had not often entered here in the Wildlands, but the current circumstances were perfect.

"It seems like the spiritual energy is slowly running out. But what exactly does this thing have to do with that fan?" After thinking about it for a bit more, he went back to cultivation.

If she was still like who she was before, she might feel that she was unwanted, cheap goods left on the shelfˇ­...

Qing Shui didn't tell any outsiders about it except for a few people from Heavenly Palace. However, a lot of people turned up today and gave them a lot of presents. At the time when Luan Luan had her coming of age ceremony, not as many people turned up. However, Qing Shui had a feeling that it had a lot to do with last time. It was because they found out from last time that his children were already having their coming of age ceremony, that was why they wouldn't want to miss out on Yu Chang's coming of age ceremony.

"3rd Brother Hei, why are you bullying my people of Starmoon Hall." A familiar voice rang across the hall.

Qing Shui bitterly smiled, Xiantian lifeforms were an existence that he did not have the power to win against yet. Using the entire strength of his body, he only managed to force his opponent back half a step?

"3rd Elder, kill him!" Shan Peng bellowed furiously.

Qing Shui then understood why there were no Martial Saint martial warriors in the Greencloud Continent. This had something to do with the Guardian Beast Lin Zhanhan spoke of.

Currently, everyone was in the process of rotating their cultivation bases, taking advantage of every opportunity to replenish some spiritual energy.

At this moment, Qing Shui felt an intense pain in his brain. It pierced all the way into his soul. Qing Shui instantly realized that he was finished.

All of a sudden, a huge illusory palm materialized in front of him, golden in color, which shot forward to block the incoming attack!

These two young men were direct bloodline clan members of the Chen and Cai Clan, and were responsible for coming to clear out the souls of the various shops in Giant Ghost City. Although 100,000 wasn't a very large number when it came to souls, their clan elders' instructions had been very clear. They had to get as many souls as possible!

"That's quite a large number of souls." From what he could see, there were over a thousand random souls flying about, occasionally letting out shrill cries. Normally speaking, there wouldn't be so many souls in this area. However, because of Bai Xiaochun's Soul Convergence Pills, many of the souls in the attacking forces had fled and scattered, to gather in places like this.

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