Reborn as Yun Che in ATG with Saiyan bloodline Chapter 97

Reborn as Yun Che in ATG with Saiyan bloodline Chapter 97

"I vow that I, Jian Chen, have never seen your master before!" Jian Chen could no longer bear her questioning, and so in order to absolve him from any future questions, he had to pledge in such a manner.

The man who was holding both the king and Bi Dao realized that if he didn't take an emergency action here and now, it would be insanely difficult for him to run away. With that in mind, he immediately threw both captives in opposing directions before shouting, "If you wish for the king, then here you have him!"

Guan Yi Yun said with a smile.

"Puppy dog, this is the Black Sect, you better not mess around."

The bawling sounds of several beasts could be heard as they crossed the forest. Having not been even Class 1 Magical Beasts, neither Jian Chen nor Ming Dong paid attention to them as they traversed across the mountains at lightning quick speeds. Soon, there was a five meter long river that the two of them crossed over. With another quick hike through the forest, they indeed discovered a small village on the other end.


"He's a monster, but Wu Cong and the men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are determined to kill him, and I'm sure they won't give up easily."

The man opened the long scroll as soon as he received it. The scroll was very large, and when completely unravelled, it was five metres long. On it were mountains and rivers, all very detailed.

What did this tell Jiang Chen? It meant that something wasn't right about Ancestor Greenlotus's ascension.

Jian Chen let out a small smile, "You don't have the qualification to ask for this one's name, nor have you answered my question. How much do you plan on giving this inn?" Jian Chen had a slight arrogant tone to his voice as if he hadn't bothered to care about the Yangji Sect at all.


Jiang Zhen Hai looked at his son like it was the first time they had ever met.

When they met for the first time at the Martial Saint Palace, if the Imperial Emperor could have been friendlier toward Jiang Chen and given him a good offer, with the relationship between Wu Jiu and Jiang Chen, perhaps Jiang Chen could have made a positive impact on the Martial Saint Dynasty. Or, at least, they wouldn't have come to this stage today.

Seeing this box, Dugu Feng, Shi Xiangran, Jiede Wukang, and Qin Ji all flew toward it without a moment of hesitation.

"There is really something hiding inside, come, let's go check it out."

"Elder Tu, rest assured! If they really end up fighting, even two Wu Ningzhu's wouldn't be able to beat Jiang Chen. However, look at how they're behaving now. I'm guessing they won't be fighting each other. This guy is really lucky; this is his first time coming to the Southern Continent, and he has already befriended the prettiest girl here."

That man in black gave the crying girl a slap.

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