Prometheus Project Chapter 1840

Prometheus Project Chapter 1840

These two skeletons had a very extraordinary background. Back when Ghostmother originally came to the Heavenspan Realm, she ended up trapped in the Deadmire, and thus, made a deal with the gravekeeper.

The Golden-Ringed Snake King!

After the simple breakfast, Qing Shui walked towards the palace. Obtaining that box would be a simple matter today. This time, he still slowly proceeded forward. Qing Shui decided to temper his body further today and consolidate his strength. The benefits of tempering the body were tremendous, it was like building the foundations of a pavilion. One had to use a very heavy object to make sure the ground was firm, this way, the build will be more sturdy. Tempering the body was like building a good foundation.

The Tiger's Roar had an aura that could overwhelm those who heard it. Qing Shui's Tiger Form had already surpassed the Grand Perfection Stage long ago, and with one move of the Ripping Tiger Claw, he was able to crush his opponent's wrist easily. He ended his opponent's life with the Crouching Tiger and Tiger Laceration moves next.

As soon as the words escaped his lips, the young woman slowly turned, revealing a face that shocked Bai Xiaochun down to the core!

"Patriarch Thousand-Faces said that if Bai Xiaochun died, the alliance between the Spirit Stream Sect and the Blood Stream Sect would collapse!!"

Clearly, this 3,000-meter-long pitch-black beetle was attempting to block their path, and its intense howls caused everything in the area to shake.

He now understood the things which he didn't previously. It was as if he was looking through a thin sheet of window film previously; able to see, yet unclear. Now, the window film had been ripped and he was able to see everything clearly. This was akin to a huge breakthrough in the realm.

"So, there is something strange going on with him," Master Cloud Lightning thought. "That magical technique is completely terrifying! It has to have a weakness!!" He was delighted to have escaped with his life; obviously, Bai Xiaochun was in some sort of semi-conscious state, and had descended into the swamp itself, not to chase Master Cloud Lightning, but to absorb the life force that it contained.

"Four rivers form the heavenly bones!" All of a sudden, the Heavenspan Realm began to tremble, and ghost images of the four rivers and the lands that bordered them rose up into the sky, almost like enormous souls!

As of this moment, the Spirit Stream Sect as a whole was just as shaken as the Blood Stream Sect had been moments ago.

"Younger Sister Ling`er is not well. You made her upset and cry; she is seldom close with anyone, who are you to treat her so?" The lady was displeased and stared at the attractive man in front of her.

Qing Shui didn't notice it until now. He felt odd about his sudden discovery. Who actually laid within this crystal coffin in such a splendid and majestic palace?

"F*ck it, stop being wishy-washy and just do it!"

Clearly, that toxic gas was actually beneficial to them, and could temporarily increase their cultivation! The rise in cultivation base power immediately negated their previous injuries, leaving them completely whole!

?"You mean he has the capability to go against Hai Long from Hai Clan in addition to those two from Sword Tower?

Seeing how determined Big Fatty Zhang was, Bai Xiaochun nervously took the sword. He truly wanted it to work this time, otherwise it would be a significant blow to Big Fatty Zhang.

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