Connected Worlds Chapter 1048

Connected Worlds Chapter 1048

"A deva!" he thought, trembling. At the same time, he once again made sure that his own aura was well concealed.


Food and s*x are man's nature!

Qing Shui could finally draw the Heavenly Talisman that he had always wanted to draw - the Poison Talisman.

"Hehe, you know me well. If I knew of anyone who had evil designs for you, I would poke him so that he'd have the same condition as the youth who came seeking medical treatment yesterday."

Although Bai Xiaochun appeared to be scowling on the verge of tears, he was actually smiling broadly in his heart. And yet, he kept his teeth gritted, and then flicked his sleeve as he took the jade pendant into the back room.

"Ah, I'll tell you. Stop moving! I think about you every day, every single day¡­.."

"En, yes. I wonder how much are you selling for?" Qing Shui was straight to the point.

"Yummy!" Qing Shui rubbed his tummy.

"Did Marquis Zi Lin¡­ offend the exalted Celestial?"

All of a sudden, he stepped forward so that he was in front the Giant Ghost King. Looking down at the city, he shouted, "Listen up, everyone. The three leaders of the clans that dared to offend their superiors have been removed from power! His highness the king is back. When exactly do you plan to step forward and offer formal greetings!?!?"

Luan Luan's body type was the Flame of Five Elements. Her own flame elements were already considerably abundant, it's comparable to the earth element of the Ancient Strengthening Technique which Qing Shui cultivated. The little brat swallowed ten of the Fruit of the Flame of Five Elements. Soon after, her body instantly became one time stronger than before. This kind of strengthening wasn't in terms of just strength, it's in terms of the toughness of the body, for example, the toughness of the meridians and the vitality of the organs. As for the more significant benefits of the fruits, it would be shown as she slowly carried on with her cultivation. Basically, it would benefit her in a way that she would only have to give out half of her effort to get twice the results.

Qing Shui and Huoyun Liu-Li greeted and introduced themselves to the three caretakers before they entered the building. The rooms were remarkably clean but the bed frames were laid bare without comforters as they had already been kept inside the cabinet before they left.

Taking a small break, Qing Shui made a pot of All Aspect Nourishment Soup in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, and even extracted a drop of blood from the Golden Medicinal Turtle to add it to the soup.

As the Heavenhorn Sword rose back up into the air, the two halves of the black-armored star beetle toppled down to either side, and the battlefield went completely silent. But then, all of the Spirit Stream Sect cultivators broke out into thunderous cheering.

There were many people at the public square. Some of them were not even from Heavenly Palace, but they were a minority. After all, this was the public square in Starmoon Hall.

He would be weak for a month and at this point in time, he could only remain in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal for slightly more than half a month. If he was kicked out after that time and he still had other opponents after him, then that was the end for him.?

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