Nanoferas - Surgem as Novas Lendas! Chapter 2872

Nanoferas - Surgem as Novas Lendas! Chapter 2872

The energy of a Second Grade Combat King warrior was incredibly strong, even more so for a peak Second Grade Combat King. At this moment, the Old Great Emperor stood in the sky above the Black Sect, and the air was filled with his fury and killing intent. Looking at how he was behaving, it seemed that the Old Great Emperor was determined to slaughter every single person in the Black Sect today.

"Lei Mingao, Lei Yin, perhaps the two of you still want to take brother Yang Yutian's tiger cub?" Lin Bai stared coldly at the two people. Although the clan they belonged to was not weak, Lin Bai was a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master and was a member who could potentially reach Class 6 in the future. He received the protection of the union, so he naturally did not fear the mere Lei family.

"This is insane! Not only was that man and dog not killed in an instant while fighting three Combat Soul warriors at the same time, they also look like they still have the strength to fight back!"


Jiang Zhenhai patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder.

"Come on, fight now! Huo Yuner, I seem to recall you being extremely arrogant just now, so why are you just standing there without moving?"

Wu Jiu's eyes lit up, and he inwardly praised Jiang Chen.

At that time within a fancy and sweet smelling room within the Changyang Manor in Lore City, several people could be seen talking to each other.

"Let's go in together, we can help of help if anything happens in there. Also, I too want to check out what's happening behind the formation."

Liang Dong was doing slightly better than the other guy. The Mid Mortal Core disciple had started trembling. After Jiang Chen had broken through to the Mortal Core realm, he had become someone whom these two men in front of him simply couldn't compare with.

This sudden development had startled Jian Chen so much that he became mute with shock. For a half-moment, Jian Chen hadn't responded to her. As far as he knew, even though he and Huang Luan had gone through a period of trouble together, the relationship between the two had never reached such a close and intimate level like this.

When the air flow struck the defense mechanism, first came a popping sound, then the sound of a subtle explosion. The defense mechanism that had been set up by a Divine Core warrior an unknown amount of time ago was shattered into pieces. The explosive force pushed Jiang Chen back, and only after taking three steps backwards was he able to regain his stability.

The men from the Qingyi Sect walked off from the eagle. After that, the eagle retracted its wings and transformed into a forty year old man. He wore a black robe, and he started looking around with his eagle eyes.

On the same day after Qing Styx returned to the Green Sanctuary Sect, he immediately summoned a few Divine Core warriors and proceeded towards the Qi Province.

"I'm going back to the Qi Province. I am a disciple of the Qi Province's Black Sect, and since I have accomplished my goal in Inferno Hell, I'll have to return at once. There are important matters I need to attend to; this trip has taken quite a lot of time from me."

The air was being cut through, and everyone saw a huge bright golden finger illuminating the night, flying towards Mu Rong Zhan in an unstoppable manner.

At the front entrance of the pill show, huge crowds had gathered and the lively atmosphere could be compared to what happened when the Mu Rong family came to fetch the bridegroom a couple of day ago.The attraction of Restoration Pill with 100%effectivenessChapter 13 ÿ Money Sent to our Doorstep

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