I Shall Rule The Heavens Chapter 2422

I Shall Rule The Heavens Chapter 2422

"He's here!!" Everyone was immediately shaken. The desire to do battle exploded in Gongsun Yi's heart, but he suppressed it for the moment. Remaining there cross-legged, he closed his eyes and went back to meditating; his aura was currently not stable enough, and he wanted to be completely calm.

Qing Shui was amazed by Qing Bei. He suddenly pointed to both her shoulders!

"Out already. Conjuring flame really is a big waste of souls." He narrowed his eyes in thought for a moment, then nodded his head.

"Who is that!? Her aura... it's...."

Expression extremely somber and profoundly sincere, Zhao Tianjiao clasped hands and bowed deeply to Bai Xiaochun.

"Don't go overboard, Bai Xiaochun!" Li Xiandao growled, his eyes completely bloodshot. After all, he had just worked very hard to extricate himself from this situation, and now that easy exit was being removed.

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Once the medicinal pill sank down into his belly, it melted, transforming into warm currents that filled his body, creating something of a stream leading to his head. Then rumbling sounds filled him, almost like thunder from the heavens. At the same time, his mind began to devolve into chaos, eventually becoming a complete blank.

This referred to the time in the realm, so the Flower of Life's effect was indeed great. A fruit that required 100 years to ripen only required 70 years now. Only 700 years were needed to grow 1,000-Year medicinal herbs. If this was changed to real time¡­

The Dantian and meridians continued to expand, at the same time compressing the Qi force in the Dantian and meridians, making it denser¡­...

"Cute?" Qing Shui was speechless since this was first time he received a compliment by a peerless beauty. He would prefer if she called him a beast.

"Knock knock knock!"

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Eventually, Bai Xiaochun reached the ninety percent point. He had only ten percent to go. And that was when¡­ he encountered someone that he never could have guessed he would see!

Song Junwan refused to respond, and simply launched another attack.

"Of course not. How could the man that Miss Ye Guyan thinks well of be a fool?" Someone immediately said.

Because of that¡­ Xu Shan was completely and utterly safe. In fact, she could almost be considered to be cheating in the Necromancer Kettle. Not even Bai Xiaochun with his seemingly unvanquishable battle prowess would be able to hurt her¡­.

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