The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 429

The Brilliant Fighting Master Chapter 429

Although the words uttered by Li Yuansheng were spoken in a moment of panic, they were clearly a powerful threat. As far as he was concerned, most cultivators who managed to make it into the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect would view being driven out of it as a fate worse than death.

"Don't worry, Ambassador Bai. We've prepared more traditional entertainment for youˇ­." He waved his hand to indicate to his followers to begin the next phase of his plan. "You know, we struck it off as friends as soon as we met. Furthermore, you represent the Saint-Emperor Dynasty. Thereforeˇ­ I'd like to you present you with a gift! It's none other than, er--" He looked over and waved a finger at the dancing corpse puppets.

The boom came when ten pill furnaces exploded, and startled Bai Xiaochun so badly that he immediately sent out some divine sense to see if anyone was going to come berate him. He even instinctively began to come up with an explanation.

Before long, it was the dead of night. Master God-Diviner and the other Dao protectors wanted to come along to watch, but having so many people present would attract too much attention, so the only person Zhao Tianjiao brought along to deck 2 was Bai Xiaochun.

"Are you going to go back soon?" after a long period of time, Yu He looked towards the sky and smiled.

Chapter 536 Tan Yang's death, Extermination of Sword Tower, Breakthrough of the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

"Old Master, Qing Shui remembers what you have done for him, and he will never forget about it!" Qing Shui smiled but he didn't mention anything about repayment. He knew that Old Master did not do all this for those.

After the battle, the name Qing Shui resounded throughout the whole of the Qing Village, and became the example of the younger generations. Initially, when Qing Shui was labeled as a trash, he had been very low profile and no one would even look twice at him. Now that he was famous, suddenly everyone realized how exquisite looking his features were. For the past few days, Qing Shui discovered that there were plenty of people which he was not acquainted with coming forth to speak to him. There were even plenty of females in the village that cast shy glances at him. All of this caused Qing Shui to be at a loss as to whether he should laugh or cry. In addition to that, there were plenty of proposals for marriage being brought out, however, they were all rejected by Qing Shui. What he wanted now was to quickly reach the XianTian realm. After that, how would he be worried about not being able to get a wife?

For instance, the combination of Stabbing and Pointing. Pointing, Qing Shui had his own Pointing method, but he only truly understood after reading the - what was the most straightforward, quickest, what did perfect mean, what did it mean for one to surpass nature by using his skills. Simple perfection and a most direct method were usually the most effective.

When the Silver Wolf Queen saw Qing Shui, it ran happily towards him. Qing Shui could feel that the Silver Wolf Queen was now more affectionate towards him ˇ­ was it due to the pair of earrings?

"Pass my words to him as it is. Having not experienced thunderstorms, nor life and death situations, how would he ever be able to grow? A general builds his success on ten thousand bleaching bones. Which warrior did not rise from stepping on top of other's dead bodies?"

The woman looked up to face the snow-covered man. He was very handsome, and his most captivating feature was his pair of clear eyes. But they seemed a little red now.?

"Brother Qing Shui, are you satisfied with these gifts?" 3rd Brother Hei smiled.

It was because the moment they had entered Rainbow Light City, they had heard a lot of negative news regarding Shan Clan. The people from the Shan Clan were savage and their descendents were arrogant and bullied the weak. Their acts of tyranny were nothing new. Because the Shan Clan was rich, they would tend to first try and offer monetary compensation to resolve any problems. However, if the other party still refused to give in, they would simply disappear in the worst case scenario, not even able to receive a single cent.

The guards were alarmed, and the prisoners even more so. Many of them gasped in fear. As for the warden, his heart filled with emotions of both shock and reverence.

Silver Horn Tyrant Bull King, it was a Peak Martial King Demonic Beast, and it had great strength and defenses. Its damage was at the strength of five countries, its speed was normal, but when it executed the Tyrant Bull Rush, it could temporarily raise its speed by 100% and its strength by 50%; but it would only last for the time it takes for half a joss stick to burn, then it would be weakened for three days, leaving it at half its regular strength.

Chapter 172 Reunion.

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