One Death Forward, Ten Years Back Chapter 2826

One Death Forward, Ten Years Back Chapter 2826

At the same time, the aura of the Ancient Devil swept across, frightening everyone. Han Yan's howl could make anyone feel like they had entered the deepest abyss.

Han Yan turned to Jiang Chen and asked in a worried tone.

"I think that will be really difficult, he has too many enemies. Further, he has offended the prince, and with Wu Cong's temper, there is no way he will let Jiang Chen off. Not only is Jiang Chen not going to be able to keep the Emperor Weapon, he would have to be incredibly lucky in order to keep his own life."

But that had not been the most serious thing. The true extent of the damage that Jian Chen suffered was from the Light Wind Sword which broke after years of bitter cultivation. Although his dantian had not yet disappeared, there were no signs of the Sword Spirits.

In less than a second, the wind attributed Great Saint Master flew toward Jian Chen with a large gust of wind covering and forming into the shape of a large sword. Instantly, that cyan colored sword had reached the back of Jian Chen.

The way Lin Bai looked at Jian Chen also changed very greatly. At this moment, his heart was beating rapidly as he mumbled to himself, "Who would've thought that brother Yang Yutian is already Class 4 even though he's twenty-four years old. It's not any weaker compared to that treasured daughter from the Lei family. Talent this great should already place within the top ten of the Holy Empire."

Jian Chen's vision slowly swept his surroundings. The man stood in a position amongst the bandits that clearly stated his status wasn't low. Although there were still plenty of bandits around Jian Chen, once they had seen the man fight against Jian Chen, they had all started to drift towards other mercenaries to fight.


"Ai, Tian Zhou had quite the talent, I hope he is still alive." The Grand Elder spoke as if he knew something and said no more about it to the group.




"When I said stop, did you not hear my words?! How dare you disobey my order?!"

"Haha, alright!" Ming Dong laughed out loud as he flew out from his saddle. Transforming into an azure light while in mid-air, he disappeared from sight. He reappeared a hundred meters away to cut off the other side of the road where the Defiance Mercenaries were trying to run away.

This time, the Harido clan did not announce another bid in response. Although they were a wealthy clan, three hundred thousand purple coins to buy a single Class 5 Monster Core was not worth it in their minds.

"Is my mother inside?" Jian Chen asked the two maids.

Day after day, the Flame Mercenaries swelled up in size. As if travelling to see a famous landmarks, a multitude of Earth Saint Masters came forward to join the Flame Mercenaries. There were even three Heaven Saint Masters that came for that same reason. In a short burst of time, the Flame Mercenaries increased in numbers and power once more.

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