The Universe is Innately Just Chapter 2952

The Universe is Innately Just Chapter 2952

"Don't tell me you are going to find that Firethorn Savage right now. This is no different than committing suicide."

Sitting on a stool, Jian Chen looked at the nearby gates with a complex look. His eyes could reveal a glint of anticipation as well as some anxiety.

Reabsorbing his own sword, Jian Chen cupped his hands toward the young lord, "The lord is too polite. This battle was a draw, a conclusive outcome is far too early to say!" From the words of the young lord, Jian Chen had concluded that he was a straightforward person.

The expressions of all those from the Nangong family changed, especially those who knew about the family treasure. However, right at this moment, there was a person who even more shocked than anyone from the Nangong family ÿ Jiang Chen!

"So, you're Jiang Chen?"

Jiang Chen said in a casual manner. After that, he turned around and said to Wu Jiu, "Brother Jiu, I'll let you see how I handle things."

"Hmph! You can never hide your tricks from Jiang Chen."

"Oh!" Hearing that, Changyang Hu let loose a disappointed look and began to mutter, "How did they not reach the requirement of reaching the 8th layer. This is silly. Fourth brother is more formidable, since he reached the 8th layer so quickly. He's even more amazing than me, his older brother.

"Jiang Chen, don't be so arrogant! This place is the Martial Palace, and you're just an outside! Who gave you the audacity to act recklessly here? No one ever dares run wild in this place! Let me tell you this, I'm working for Prince Wu Yan, and you're just looking for trouble if you try to touch me!"

Outside, when Han Yan and the others heard Big Yellow's loud roar, they immediately launched their attack.Chapter 439 ÿ Nine Stars Killing Formation

"Jian Chen, just what is the outside world like?" Little Fatty stared at Jian Chen with a fixated gaze as he waited for an answer. He had grown up in this secluded village without ever leaving the valley. Any information he knew from the outside world had been learned from word of mouth. He had never once seen it for himself, not knowing just how large it was.

Jiang Chen said with a laugh.

"The great Nubis, I, Huang Tianba, have come to help you." Huang Tianba hurried to him from behind.Chapter 690: King of the Sword

After the waiter retreated, the soldier turned around. He gave a smile to the people outside the door. "Second lord, third lady, if you would please!" A twenty something year old male with a haughty face could be seen walking in. He was dressed in white robes to to give off a handsome look. His eyes swept across the inn with an expression that hinted everyone else was beneath him.

"Yes, this situation was within my expectations. A Class 5 Monster Core is far too rare of an item to appear in such a city like this. Not attracting their eyes would be strange." Jian Chen pondered. "Dugu Feng, for now, hide yourself and do not let them find you. Do not reveal your strength either; otherwise, it might hinder my plans."

Big Yellow urged them.

But what everyone really respected was his courage. No one had any idea what caused the abnormality in the ocean. Entering the ocean and trying to figure out what was happening was a tremendous risk. There were quite a number of Combat Soul warriors here, but only Master Blissful had the courage to do so.

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