EBS-Empire Building System Chapter 2996

EBS-Empire Building System Chapter 2996

There were different interpretations to this term in Daoism and Buddhism respectively, but Qing Shui did not know what to think of them. Rather than these interpretations, Qing Shui held a stronger belief in another interpretation, which was that everything in the world started from one and ended at nine. The nine heavens referred to the unattainable skies of extreme heights!

Taichi Single Whip!

Qing Shui let out a loud, anguished wail. His cry was like a grieving wolf's howl, shocking and deafening everyone around him. From the sound of his hoarse voice, anyone could tell that he had screamed his heart out.

They were a couple, thirty-ish. The man looked handsome and cultivated, especially with a refined air that added to his manliness as well as his intoxicatingly mature and wise eyes.

"Mn, don't worry, I'm fine." Qing Shui smiled but he could not conceal the cold Qi his body was emitting from Di Chen.

She lowered her head, not daring to look at both Canghai Mingyue and Qing Shui after she finished her sentence.

With that, she dismissed him.

The sight caused Bai Xiaochun's face to twitch, and his heart to pound. However, this man had tried to chase him down and kill him. Furthermore, Bai Xiaochun was working for Giant Ghost King now, and showing mercy in this situation would not only earn the ire of those above him, but it could also get him killed.

Then, it became apparent that, as he moved about, none of the souls were reacting to him. He would simply reach out and grab them, in quite a contrast to all the effort they were putting forth.

Qing Shui looked as the Silver Wolf Queen stopped, it gave a low growl to Qing Shui and looked at the glimmering silver shrine.?

Considering how many of the souls there were floating around in the necropolis, it was possible to estimate that there were at least 100,000,000, or maybe more. Even a deva who was privy to this sight would feel shocked to the core. After all, if 100,000,000 souls all attacked at the same time, even a deva would perish under the assault, unless they possessed some special means of controlling the souls.

"This is my first time seeing such a peculiar person, he is very strong as well. There's an unknown energy within his body. He must be a person with unswerving determination." Tantai Xuan answered after thinking for a moment.

"One of my clanmates from the north bank said that in the last auction, a Yellow Springs Flame went up for sale, a legendary item! It was only a spark, but could still be considered a unique treasure. One of the disciples from the north bank bought it at an exorbitant price."


Yu Ruyan felt that Qing Shui had a pair of strange hands. She could feel the trace of energy that was continuously channeled into her body from his hands, which gave a comfortable and cool sensation on her wounds.

"Beastbirth Seed!" he murmured, eyes shining brightly. He had acquired this item back when the Luochen Clan had turned traitor. It had been inside the bag of holding of one of the Luochen Clan cultivators. Of course, it was a legendary item within the cultivation world.

"Don't worry. She won't have a chance. She won't die, since she had already agreed to join us, it means that she is afraid that we will deal with her family and the members of Cloud Adventurer Guild. We just need to use her family against her and she'll do whatever we want," the man said schemingly.

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