Bliss and Blitz Chapter 600

Bliss and Blitz Chapter 600

Jian Chen immediately flew forward like a speed demon towards one of the incoming bandits. His Light Wind Sword flashed with a blood red color as it shot towards the bandit's throat.

The old man showed a sad face. On the other side, the crowds really couldn't stand this old man any longer. This old fool just didn't know when to stop! Being able to sell a broken bronze plate for 500,000 Mortal Restoration Pills can really be considered a lucky strike for him.

"Master, the blood within your body has the anti-venom factor from the Golden-Striped Silver Snake. This is a reaction caused by that anti-venom. Since the Golden-Striped Silver Snake is a rare being, the two sides definitely have an attraction to one another. There has to be one of those snakes nearby. Presumably a strong one, Class 7 Magical Beast at a guess." Ziying spoke.

Jian Chen and the others only stayed in that inn for another day before a whole platoon of soldiers and their Class 4 Magical Beast mounts came riding into Fengyang City. There were a total of fifty of them, and they all wore black armor.


Jian Chen, his mother, and his uncle began to chat in the hall afterward before much time had passed. The three people there split paths and returned to their rooms to rest.

"Fourth brother, are you here?" Asked Changyang Hu in a strong voice.

"Woah, Jian Chen, you've been hiding such a great wine from us! Quickly, pour us a cup, I want to try!" Ming Dong impatiently pushed his cup to Jian Chen with sparkling eyes.


But too bad, the Fiery Magma Dragon was too fast. In just an instant, it completely engulfed both men.

There is nothing to be done about it. The outstanding person would have to bear the grunt of the attack. Besides, not only was Jiang Chen famous now, he also possessed a great wealth. Capturing Jiang Chen meant owning an enormous amount of wealth, and no one would easily let go of this rare opportunity.

Big Yellow spat a symbol out from his mouth onto the light curtain covering the herb. Immediately, the light curtain began vibrating, then it shattered right afterwards. Without any hesitation, Big Yellow leapt forwards and devoured the herb.

"Dear customers, would you like a room for the night or a meal?" As they entered, a waiter of the inn immediately greeted them with a curious look as he saw the footprints on the shop owner's clothes. Seeing how sorry she looked, he didn't know whether to drive her out, since she didn't seem like a guest who could even afford a meal here.

Jiang Chen's punch carried a powerful force that could shatter a mountain, the force of a few million jins. Nothing could stand still when faced with this massive attack. In an instant, Jiang Chen's fist slammed into the Doomsday Palm.

Many men began to look frightened as they began to struggle in midair. "I-I gi-give up! I don't wish to participate anymore££" Unfortunately, they were already slowly rising into the air because of the energy that enveloped their body, they could only helplessly rise up into the air toward the hole.

Jian Chen nodded his head, "Then I'll be counting on uncle." After two whole days of abstaining from food, Jian Chen was rather hungry.

The mayor's mansion had been in chaos the last 3 days while Jiang Chen had been missing. Although the previous Jiang Chen would always do something cruel or nasty, he had never been gone for more than 3 days.

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