Reincarnated as a slime? Chapter 325

Reincarnated as a slime? Chapter 325

"This is Baleful Yin Force!" With a change in old man Mateng's expression, he immediately back off away from the three balls of red light.

Yan Chenyu's beautiful eyes were looking around everywhere. Compared to this beautiful scene that resembled a place straight out of the Immortal Realm, she felt that Red City was a truly small place. The outside world was filled with marvelous sceneries, and if she wasn't following Jiang Chen, she might not ever be able to witness such magnificent sceneries.

"Buddy, what happened to you?"

"Damn it!! In the end, we were still discovered! Daddy is going to suffocate soon!"

"Stop complaining, keep searching for the exit, we have to find a way out."

Hearing Kendall's exclamation, everyone let loose an extremely happy smile. Because of this type of harvest, everyone was extremely satisfied. However, everyone knew that if they didn't have the help of Jian Chen, they wouldn't even have a single Class 3 Monster Core. After all, killing one Class 3 Magical Beast was already too difficult for them, and killing even half the amount of Class 2 Magical Beasts would have been impossible to do by themselves.Chapter 118: Class 5 Cub

Many people felt as if they were about to cough out blood. Even Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn't stand it any longer. Damn it, this monk was really shameless! Although there were many other shameless people in this world, the key point was that this was a monk! Of course, no one has said that a monk can't be shameless. However, this guy had the face of an eminent monk!

Jiang Chen was looking at Lord Blood Moon. With his judgment and the help of the Great Soul Derivation skill, he could immediately tell Lord Blood Moon's cultivation level. He had a strong energy, and his cultivation level had reached the peak of the Heavenly Core realm. Besides, it was obvious that Lord Blood Moon had inherited Blood Moon Shaman's skill, he had mastered the skill of the Blood Devils. Lord Blood Moon may not be up to par with Nan Bei Chao, but he was definitely the same level as Guan Yi Yun and Liang Xiao. Even Fan Kun was weaker than this Lord Blood Moon. A person like this was not someone Jiang Chen could deal with.

Nangong Wentian and Han Yan were startled at the same time. Using a formation to seal the dimensional crack, they had never heard of this method before. But, would it really work?

"Hmph! I can't return empty handed! Besides, that little bastard Jiang Chen might not have had the time to absorb Firethorn Savage's demon soul yet, we can't just give up right now."

Everyone were panicking, only Jiang Chen could still maintain his calm expression. This caused Big Yellow to feel much admiration for him. No matter what kind of situation he was facing, it seemed like nothing could make this young man panic. He always had the same calm attitude.

Right as the first mercenary fell to the ground, countless dark flashes flew out towards the camp and killed all of the mercenaries patrolling a bit far from camp.

If Nangong Wentian was cultivating those ordinary skills from the Nangong family, with his talent, he would already have broken through to the Combat Soul realm, and would be much stronger than Nangong Wenyen.

Standing up from his throne, Jian Chen looked to Ming Dong and then the rest. In the months they had been apart, You Yue and Bi Lian both were the most fatigued-looking of the group. The past several days of managing the mercenaries must have taken a considerable amount of energy from them.

"Have you gone senile? The Yangji Sect is far too strong, even the Qiangan Kingdom cannot compete with them."

Even Huo Yuner's expression changed. He couldn't help but reduce his arrogance a bit.

For a while, each one of them could barely hide their jealous admiration. Some of them were even a little envious, but still respected him.

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