Strongest Counterattack Chapter 941

Strongest Counterattack Chapter 941

Big Yellow looked at the skies with a tear in his eyes. All of a sudden, he couldn't find any words to fight back. Yan Chen Yu's transformation was all because of his and Jiang Chen's influence on her. In the end, it was he himself who had taught her to act like she was doing now. Sigh££ served himself right.

Faced with the huge incoming Flood Dragon, Wu Ningzhu immediately responded. A bright light appeared around her hand, and the black ancient looking zither instantly appeared. When it appeared, she began plucking on the strings and unleashing numerous tunes, tearing the Flood Dragon into pieces.

"Hurry up and hire some men to come over, report this to the patriarch straight away!"

"Your Highness, this humble servant agrees with general Mu's thoughts. Several days ago, some individuals from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom caused trouble within the Gesun Kingdom and not only laid waste to the imperial palace, but they even tried to kidnap the king of the Gesun Kingdom. An action like this was no doubt a slap to the face of the Gesun Kingdom, so this humble servant believes that the Gesun Kingdom is on their way to deal with them and not with our Andreas Kingdom. We should be rest assured."

Those who were able to become an Imperial Advisors were the elite among the elite and had many skills that allowed them to easily fight against those of the same level. Even a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master could kill a regular Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, despite it being a five versus four match, the Qinhuang Kingdom held the upper hand and were winning against the five.

But Jian Chen and the others hadn't cared at all for this. Riding on their mounts, they finally arrived at the grounds of the Bloodthorn Mercenaries after some time.


Jian Chen arrived right in front of Tu Fu and spoke, "Officer Tu Fu, take your men and go back, you needn't bother yourself with the matters here."

"Stay your hand!"


Jian Chen nodded his head after thinking for a moment, "No problem. I can promise you that, but in return, you will not stand by the sidelines if there is any trouble that comes our way."

Jiang Chen was like a commander giving military orders.He didn't want innocents to get hurt, but the properties belonging to both families were scattered all around the city.Once their war started, the whole city will turn into a warzone.If regular people were still outside of their homes, then they will end up suffering, and Jiang Chen does not want that.

"A youngster?"

There was not a single amount of damage on any of the five, but now they couldn't move forward either with the increasing amount of arrows coming at them.

Nangong Wentian glared at Han Yan. Han Yan's head must have been kicked by a donkey for him to make such a suggestion. Wu Cong, as well as the Combat Soul geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were waiting to eat them alive. If they showed themselves in front of these men, only certain death would await them. Even their bodies wouldn't be left in one piece.

The four men in front of them were wearing white robes with a short sword stitched onto their chests. This was the Heavenly Sword Sect's insignia. Even without the short sword insignia, it was easy to discover where they originated from by the way they looked at Big Yellow. It seemed like they wanted to eat him.

£¦Good, the power of my punch has reached 5, 000 jin, and the first Dragon Mark has not even completely formed.Once it's completely formed, I will have the force of 10, 000 pounds behind every punch.Any ordinary cultivator at the 9th level of the Qi Jing realm can only punch with the force of 3, 000 pounds, and some geniuses might reach 4, 000 pounds, but only by cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill can I punch with a force of 5, 000 pounds.This is terrifying.'

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