hidden dungeon Chapter 2279

hidden dungeon Chapter 2279

"He isn't backing down! Looks like he is actually resisting the four big warriors! This is terrifying, isn't he only a Mortal Core warrior? He dares fight the four big geniuses, isn't he just looking for trouble?"

News of the fact that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House was selling two Class 5 Monster Cores had quickly spread throughout Fengyang City like a torrent of rain on the roofs of every household. The very instant they heard that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House selling them, many of the more powerful families had sent out a flying type magical beast to give reports to distant places. Within a mere four hours, everyone within a thousand mile circumference had heard the news.

Jiang Chen said in a cruel manner, then he made the True Dragon Palm squeeze, killing the middle aged man. After that, he took the man's storage ring.

Not long after, two outer circle disciples brought two more wooden pillars. These pillars were supposed to be used as support for the drums during sect assessments, but now they were being used by Jiang Chen to hang up people.

With intense killing intent, Tyrant clenched the palm with a tremendous amount of force. A miserable shriek rang through the scene, as the disciple was crushed into a bloody mist, dying on the spot.

By now, even Jian Chen knew that the tiger cub was hungry. Hurriedly taking out a milk bottle to feed the cub. he knew that it had been at least two days since the cub had eaten. If it had been a human infant, it would have long since cried out in hunger.

Jiang Chen cupped his fists respectfully towards Yan Hong Tai. With Yan Hong Tai's promise, Jiang Chen could now finally be at ease. Next, he would settle the debts with the Lee family, and after finish that, Jiang Chen would have no more worries. That was when he would enter Origin Mountains and start his journey.

At this moment, commander Duo Li suddenly burst through the doors and quickly walked toward Yun Li. Giving a complicated look at Jian Chen, he bent down to whisper something into Yun Li's ears.

Jiang Chen's palm trembled. On his hand, pieces of dragon scales begun forming. They were the scales of a true dragon, and each of them were harder than the hardest steel. Right at this moment, Jiang Chen felt like he had never been so powerful before. It was a mighty feeling that couldn't be described with words.

"Father, your daughter also wishes to postpone the marriage for a later date." The princess suddenly spoke with a face that betrayed no emotion at all.

"Fight, damn it! Weren't they behaving arrogantly just now? Now that senior disciple Jiang has returned, even the Burning Sky Pavilion Sect Chief was badly wounded by him! Let's see if they can still be so arrogant!"

Despite the man having water Saint Force which granted him a superiority in some areas, but to Jian Chen, this advantage was no advantage at all. Even though the man had a battle skill, there was no time to use it .

"Got it!" Little Fatty replied before growing slightly dark. He knew that with his father had gone to the outside world, the world that he himself yearned to go to.

Jiang Chen stretched out his arm and threw a powerful punch toward Shangguan Yilong. His fist glowed brightly, and blood red Dragon Marks hovered around it. Each of these Dragon Marks looked like real dragons, causing his fist to emanate a mystical aura.

The third elder floating above Jian Chen calmly without making a single move. The other members from the Jiede clan and Shi family weren't here yet, so he had no plans on making a move toward Jian Chen. He had to make sure the rest of them would come first so as to save face for the other clan and disrupt the relationship they had between them.

Although he was delighted, but when he thought about all the things Jiang Chen had done, Wu Jiu couldn't help but shake his head, as if he had a headache.

After this one battle, the strengths of Jian Chen, Jiede Tai, and Nubis were shown to the entirety of the Flame Mercenaries. With three Saint Rulers presiding over them, the status of the Flame Mercenaries would flourish even more. Even the problem that arised with the leak of the tungsten alloy deposit would be completely suppressed by this.

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