Immortal Mortal Chapter 598

Immortal Mortal Chapter 598


This was the cruel world of cultivation. Life and death and was normal, there were not many rules that applied to this realm, and the thing that mattered the most was strength.

"Right now, it should be time to deal with the Silver Striped Golden Snake, I really look forward to the Ten Thousand Immunity." Jian Chen said as he observed the mass of people outside.Chapter 100: Ten Thousand Immunity (One)

Roars echoed throughout the skies, causing the sky to vibrate. If any ordinary man was here, just these roars alone would be enough to kill him.

"Although this Shangguan Wei isn't someone important in the Shangguan family, but if he is killed by some outsider, I'm sure the Shangguan family will be provoked. This had something to do with their dignity, and they won't allow any outsider to challenge it. My guess is, Jiang Chen won't kill him."

No matter what, it was all history now. Currently, Jiang Chen was just a small potato at the Heavenly Core realm, he had a long way to go.

"Mrrrrr££." Struggling as hard as it could in midair without success, the cub let out a miserable growl as it stared at the elders pleadingly.

Without mincing words, Jian Chen's hands grabbed at the sky. Almost instantly, two giant swords of fire materialized in his hands before shooting straight for the two Heaven Saint Masters.

"Nan Bei Chao, restrain your elite aura! In front of me, do not show your elite aura, don't ever think that you are the greatest genius in this world! Give me one year, then you will know who the greater one between us is!"

"Hold on."

"Honored customer, I am truly sorry but you will have to find a new inn for the night. The roasted beef will be free of charge; we sincerely hope that the honored customer will forgive us." The youth returned the gold coin back to Jian Chen with an apologetic look.Chapter 421: Disturbance in the Inn (Two)

Jiang Chen placed his hands behind his back and walked two steps forward. With an indifferent expression, he looked towards Lee Shan Yue who was standing opposite of him, "Lee Shan Yue, have you ever heard of this saying: picking up a rock and smashing your own feet?"

"I will now first count the Class 1 Monster Cores. Students who have hunted Class 1 Magical Beasts, please come up to the platform for the number of monster cores in your possession to be counted." The vice headmaster continued.

"Jiang Chen! Get out here!"

Wu Ningzhu blinked her eyes and snapper her fingers, instantly unleashing seven bright flowers. These flowers were formed entirely from her Yuan energy, and they looked really beautiful.

Jian Chen laughed and wiped away some of her tears with his hand. "Silly girl, you're my little cousin. By all rights, I should be treating you well. Now, let's have you take this pill first and talk later. Who knows how much time it'll take for you to completely absorb it all." Jian Chen spoke before putting the pill into her mouth.

Yang Meng said.

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