Broken Caged Heart* Chapter 1312

Broken Caged Heart* Chapter 1312

"Sir Jiang, this disease of mine, can it be cured?"

Judging from the clothes they were wearing, they were all disciples of the Heavenly Sect. The leading man was a Sixth Grade Combat King, same as Tyrant. Expressions of anger and mockery could be seen on their faces. They had never forgotten how Jiang Chen and Tyrant were impolite to them before entering the Devil Realm. Thus, when they saw Jiang Chen and his friends, they quickly came to them.

After the cries of war had ended, the 500,000 soldiers of the Gesun Kingdom finally began to move into the stronghold.

"I merged it into the Heavenly Saint Sword. I used several hundred Combat Weapons, as well as the broken King Weapon we got back on the Blissful Island, and merged them all together, making this Natal Weapon ΓΏ the Heavenly Saint Sword. It's an invincible weapon that no one can defend against."

At last, the ten names of the contestants were complete. Aridia, Zhar, Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Qin Ji, Baili Tong, Caraga, Zhangsun Yunfeng, Jue and Tianmu Ling.

"Thank you for saving us, young master Jiang."

Looking at this, Shangguan Ying simply threw up a mouthful of blood. The blood was actually forced out by his extreme fury. He couldn't take it any longer, with his condition, he just couldn't fight anymore.

"Elder Yun, that is only the miss' side of the story. We don't know what happened in that isolated space during the tournament where we cannot differentiate between falsity and truth. Who knows whether or not the young miss' words are true?" The middle aged man fired back in argument.

After watching their leader fight with Jian Chen, they understood that he only wanted their monster cores. Not killing them was already a huge favor granted to them, and if they didn't hand over the monster cores, with Jian Chen's strength, their entire mercenary group would be slaughtered. If their own leader who was the strongest of them all couldn't even withstand 5 moves from Jian Chen, then they had no chance.

Changyang Ba waved his hand and said sadly, "Let's not mention this topic anymore. Everyone is dismissed." Finishing his sentence, Changyang Ba stood up to leave the hall. Although he had acknowledged the fact that Jian Chen could be a genius in the other fields as said earlier, but Saint Force was the most important factor in this world, after all, strength is what mattered in the end.

This was the first time Jiang Chen had truly become furious since he was reincarnated. It was the anger that came from the deepest source of himself. Ignited by the flames of fury, the Dragon Transformation skill began circulating itself, and it produced a buzzing sound in his Qi Sea.

"Jian Chen, did you not even want to hear what my request was?" Zhar asked.

Afterwards, Jian Chen immediately inspected his inner body once more. However, to his surprise, he couldn't detect any of the energy he had just absorbed at all. His dantian didn't show any change, and the energy inside had no indication of growth either; it was almost as if the entire show just now was merely an illusion that hadn't occurred at all.

Tan Lang said.

"Who would dare do such a thing? With so many people within our ranks, we could easily encircle this person." One of the experts of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger spoke.

As the shouts and cries grew louder, more and more people from the Tianxiong clan were startled awake, and they all began to run toward the origin of the sound. Although the clan had fallen a bit the past year, it had originally been Wake City's number one clan, so one couldn't underestimate the clan's strength. The amount of people in the courtyard alone was quite large. As more and more people rushed over, Jian Chen gradually became surrounded.

Jiang Chen was very confident now. The strength of these 65 Dragon Marks had given him the ability to fight with a Mid Heavenly Core warrior. The genius type of Mid Heavenly Core warriors, that is. The ordinary Mid Heavenly Core warriors weren't Jiang Chen's match any longer.

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