Nephilim Lost: Prequel to the Lost Children Chapter 2678

Nephilim Lost: Prequel to the Lost Children Chapter 2678

In the end, though, if anyone worked long enough at it, their chances of eventually becoming a master apothecary would be much greater. Therefore, most people believed that the best way to increase one's success rate in medicine concocting was simply to practice a lot!

Before, he was simply a Chosen from the Spirit Stream Sect. For him to be able to do such a thing left many people shocked.

After chatting for awhile with Baili JIngwei, Qing Shui returned to Cloud Mist Peak with Yiye Jiange.

Just then, not far from them, cold sweat appeared on the fat man's forehead. He had ridiculed them just now, even though he did not say anything else after that. He could not believe that he even thought to seek revenge...

Qing Shui abandoned these thoughts and slowly opened the book, the first form was Walking Tiger. The first thing that caught Qing Shui's eyes was that the tiger in the painting was actually a Martial Saint leveled Demonic Beast.

"Child, are you the son of Canghai?" The old man asked again

Qing Shui intended to refine more, aside from keeping them for his own use, he was also refining them for Mingyue Gelou and the others. Although the effects were small, but to people who had opened these minor meridians, the effects were significant, they could use quantity to make up for the quality of the effects.

The entire Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect was shocked by what had occurred.

"Fine. I'm going to fight in the Chosen battles!"

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Tears began to roll down Bai Xiaochun's cheeks as he slowly took a step forward and sat down next to the Beastbirth Flower, then reached out to place his hand on its surface.

Currently, within the 3rd generation disciples, Qing Zi was undoubtedly the strongest. Qing Shui was an exception, after all, he had not really exhibited his full strength yet.

As everyone devolved into chaos, the child-deva sat in a private chamber on Sky Quarter Rainbow, his eyes flickering with hesitation.

When they returned, they had little fatty as an extra member. That old man told Qing Shui and Qing Yi many good words about him and then warned the little fatty, "You have to listen to their orders and not create any trouble for them. Keep living, and don't disappoint your brother's expectations for you!"

"Help! He's trying to kill me!! A killer rabbit!! Patriarchs, save me! Save me!!" Bai Xiaochun sped along frantically, his shrieks echoing out in all directions. Many disciples heard, and immediately looked up to see what was happening.

The thought of him having become Bai Xiaochun's pet was the most horrific thing to ever happen in his life. The anger and resentment he felt because of it had him teetering on the verge of completely exploding.

Another month passed, and Bruiser's habits changed yet again. In addition to being held in the close embrace of the female disciples, and secretly watching them bathe, he developed a new taste.... When watching the female disciples bathe, he would secretly take away their bras... and then hide them in a safe location. [1]

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