God of realms Chapter 335

God of realms Chapter 335

Once again, the two ladies helped Qing Shui clean up the bedroom, making him feel very warm. Sometimes, concern could come from a seemingly insignificant act, just like how they were merely helping Qing Shui tidy his bed.

"Calm down. I'm leaving you for last so that I can test out my most powerful fist strike." Ignoring Zhou Hong, Bai Xiaochun turned his attention on the retreating Li Tiansheng. Lips turning up into a grin, he lifted his foot and prepared to move. Although he couldn't use his Undying Hex because of the jade slip Zhou Hong had crushed earlier, his fleshly body itself was capable of teleportation-level speed. As soon as his foot touched down, he transformed into a series of afterimages that shot directly toward Li Tiansheng!

"Bai Xiaochun, I, Shangguan Tianyou, did not lose this day. I... refuse to admit defeat. In the Chosen battles, I'll make sure you realize well and good that among the Outer Sect disciples... nobody can beat me!" Grinding his teeth, he looked off in the direction Bai Xiaochun had disappeared in, eyes bursting with the desire to do battle.

He was soon closing in on the border between the Lower Reaches and the Middle Reaches, and beyond itˇ­ the River-Defying Sect!

Furthermore, there were so many of them that when they exploded, they transformed into numerous whirlpools within the Underworld River.

Now that he had met her again, he felt that the World of the Nine Continents was a small place. He couldn't quite understand their fateful meeting at this place, and why the leader of the Cloud Adventurer Guild would appear at the Feng Clan in the first place.

"That's right, I'm Bai Xiaochun. But what about youˇ­? Are you the Mortal Renegade? Or are you from the outside world, the so-calledˇ­ Holy Extermination?!?!"?

Gongsun Yikong still had high expectations for his granddaughter, and he could definitely feel that Qing Shui was uncommon, and did not halt the conversation then. He had just found out Qing Shui's identity, as he was the one who defeated his grandson with a single blow.

"Brat, prepare to die now."

Coincidentally, the medicine in the Demon Refining Furnace was also done being refined. Hence, Qing Shui left the spot.

Drawing out a 10,000 Years Coldsteel Needle and then channeling in his primordial flames, the 10,000 Years Coldsteel Needle which was as thin as a cow's hair disappeared in the time it took for one to take a breath. Although it was very fine, it was made from 10,000 Years Coldsteel.

Suddenly, Qing Shui withdrew his aura. The old man wiped the sweat from his forehead and said to the people behind him, "Bring these few back and punish them according to the clan's rules!"

It was a greatsword, over two meters long, with an ancient and crude appearance. The young man hefted it, and then swung it through the air, causing whistling sounds to ring out from the sharpness of the blade. Killing intent flickered in his eyes, and he smiled viciously as he shot after Bai Xiaochun at top speed.

Di Chen lay against the thick bolster as she looked at Qing Shui's hand on her abdomen. A faint heat entered her body, giving her a slightly itchy feeling.

The old man sighed but didn't say anything else.

"Big Sis Song, you look really pretty today!" he said quickly. The two bloodstreak elders sitting nearby looked over with strange expressions on their faces. Even the Song Clan patriarch seemed surprised, and frowned.

Chapter 358: Arrogant And Despotic!

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