Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world Chapter 2697

Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world Chapter 2697

After consuming Radiant Spirit Pills, the five of them spent half a day before finally recovering from their injuries. They opened their eyes slowly at the same time and exhaled deeply, slowly expelling a turbid air from their bodies.


"Hello," said a youth wearing clothing as tattered as the other two." I'm so glad to have met the two of you here. Um££ How should I put this? I'm not sure if you want, but would you be willing to join our group? If you do, I can certainly guarantee that together our group will be much stronger and consequently will make hunting magical beasts a lot easier. And besides, danger lurks around every corner in these woods, it'd be better if we worked together." His tone was first likeable as he walked up to Jian Chen and Tie Ta, but as soon as he saw that Jian Chen's clothes were entirely crimson with fresh blood, he couldn't help but express shock. The youth seriously doubted that the blood was all from Jian Chen, because anyone who lost that much blood would definitely be beyond weak. There was no way such a person could firmly stand there, with such a sharp look.

Growing silent, Jian Chen began to blaze up with an intent to fight. His eyes were already flashing with the azure and violet glow, creating a mystifying spectacle that would shock anyone. Extending his right hand, the fallen debris from the stronghold began to float up before shooting toward the five men with an azure and violet glow.

"I'm afraid to disappoint the princess, but my Huang family is affiliated with no kingdom. We live in the mountains and rarely encounter the surrounding kingdoms or any other family that might share our surname." Huang Luan replied.

The thirteen Heaven Saint Masters and Jian Chen tried to discern information from their body language. Seeing how the two Saint Rulers were in such a state, everyone grew quiet for a moment, instantly growing serious. They all realized that the situation had to have some sort of terrifying or unwanted turn of events.

As he looked at each student, they look stared down at the ground in fear. Whenever Jian Chen had looked at them with his bloody sword, none of them had even the smallest idea of trying to get revenge.

As the dawn sun slowly rose over the edge of the horizon, the cross-legged Jian Chen finished his cultivation, and stood up to stretch.

"Damn you! I'll let you know what happens when you offend the Heavenly Sword Sect!"

But then who would had thought the moment he started to cultivate, the same event as last time would happen once more. The monster core in his hand emitted a faint glow as the energy inside coursed out of it at an inconceivable speed, before dissipating inside the meridians in his arms.

After saying that, Nangong Yunfan put his gigantic sword back into the storage ring, turned around and returned to the Nangong family's camp.


Hearing that, Zhou Butong's eyes shook as he fiercely stabbed at Jian Chen once more with his great sword before looking at the group of twenty, "King Tiger Squad, hear me! I want you to kill this brat immediately!"


"What? A few hundred thousand miles of area is considered the smallest?"

Changyang Ba's eyes brightened as he looked at Jian Chen with gratification. With a loud laugh, he said, "This is no problem at all, Xiang'er. You have a heart that desires to improve itself, and your father is proud of this. I approve of your request, the library will be free to you whenever you desire."

"I'll make you pay for elder Luug's life!"

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