Dominating Evolution of the Cosmos Chapter 1594

Dominating Evolution of the Cosmos Chapter 1594

Big Yellow said.

"This young girl is very pretty. If she could be my human pet, hehe££££"

"Ge-get££get ba-back! Ever-everyone££get f-far aw-away from me££Don't get close££!" Jian Chen spat out with some difficulty before sitting down and closing his eyes.

Daoist Black didn't show any change of expression, he just stared at Jiang Chen.

In the past, he believed that there is no one in this world who could accomplish anything he wanted. However, since he had met Jiang Chen, he began to firmly believe that this young man was a man full of miracles.

Following a loud resonating blast, a large cloud of dust filled the air as the explosive energy destroyed anything within a thirty meter radius. Bits and pieces of magical beasts could be seen flying through the air in every direction.

"Crafting three Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pills took up a fifth of my mental strength. Following that number, I should be able to craft fifteen pills before my energy is expended." Jian Chen thought to himself. Looking at the nearby dozens of shell pieces, he muttered, "Three is not enough. I need to craft even more of them." Having said that, Jian Chen floated another three pill shells. He then started to gather the Radiant Saint Force in the world, trying to infuse it with the pill shells once more.

Jiang Chen said in a serious tone.

"That young girl is so beautiful. I wonder where she came from££"

Just as Jian Chen flew down from the treetops, the armored mercenaries below began to shout as each one of them pulled out a Saint Weapon at the ready to fight.

The medicine store had many long lines of people. After sweeping a glance around the shop, Jian Chen finally found a line with relatively few people and waited.

"If I was looking for a smooth life, I wouldn't be coming to the Qi Province. I would just stay in Fragrant Sky city and be the young master; that's a smooth life."

Big Yellow didn't show any respect.

As if a bombshell had gone off, everyone was startled to hear that it was a High Earth Tier Battle Skill. Shortly after that news was revealed, the breathing of everyone there had grown progressively more coarse as they stared at Jian Chen with drool practically leaking from their mouths. A battle skill like that would be considered as one of the strongest within the Blue Wind Kingdom.

"Imperial Uncle, there are some things you don't know about. It was all because of Wu Jiu that the Martial Saint Dynasty has lost so much."

Although Jian Chen had previously killed two Class 5 Magical Beasts in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, that was when both magical beasts were in a severely injured state where they couldn't even stand up. Their lives were hanging by a thread, but even then, he had paid a hefty price for killing the two of them.

Without any other choice, the elders Feng and Yun left the Huanggu clan. The head of the clan remained there with his eyes narrowed together in thought. Soon, he headed up the tallest level of the tower. The Huanggu clan highly valued Huang Luan so much that even the ancestor for their clan was highly interested in having her as an addition to their clan. With the sudden absolvement, it was imperative that the clan leader announce this matter to him.

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