Nano Machine Chapter 1695

Nano Machine Chapter 1695

After testing it out, Jian Chen had a better understanding of his own strength now. With a wave of his hand, a few hundred blades of grass flew up and stabbed into the bellies of the wolves. With a strong thought, he managed to pull out all of their monster cores. After taking off a portion of his clothes, he began to wrap up the cores and store them behind him.

After the meal when everyone had left, Jian Chen and Ming Dong both returned to Jian Chen's room where Ming Dong spoke, "In two days, uncle Tian and I will go bring my father and mother here so I will be gone for some time."

Niu Er was only a Mid Divine Core warrior, and that could only give him a guard position in the Martial Palace, and there was no way he could be compare to all those genius disciples. Indeed, the Martial Palace was rich in cultivation resources, but the best resources were all prepared for those who came from powerful backgrounds, and they weren't related to Niu Er. To a Divine Core warrior like him, an Earth Restoration Pill wasn't something that precious, but no matter what, it was equal to ten thousand Mortal Restoration Pills. Furthermore, what Jiang Chen asked him to do was an easy task, he would do it even without any rewards.

This was also the reason why warriors from different territories had a big difference in strength. The difference between the amount of natural energy would impact cultivation speed and create different results. So, when a place was lacking in natural energy, it would only make cultivation slower.

"What, resurrection!" Jian Chen said startled as he stared at them all with disbelief.

Without any other choice, Jian Chen looked at the pampered ladies, "Hello eldest aunt, second aunt, third aunt, second sister, and third brother." Ever since his mother had discovered that he could speak efficiently, she had been ecstatically teaching him the basic rules of etiquette. With Jian Chen's "go with the flow" mindset, he didn't object to her teachings. It would prove beneficial to him in the long run as well in this new world.

After hearing what the white-robed old man had said, a sliver of interest flashed across the middle-aged man's eyes. However, he quickly concealed it and said helplessly, "Jin Tian, Jin Feng, this time, I can only apologise. Jian Chen actually has the grand elder of Mercenary City supporting him from behind and even the two ancient clans aren't his opponents, let alone my small Yan family. Please forgive me for being incapable of action."

The men next to him were feeling gloomy as well.

On the other side, within the thick woods, an intense fight was going on.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!.

"You really accept the challenge?"

All of the newcomers wore the same puzzled expressions. They were in the middle of the nine paths before this, some of them had even entered the Gates of Life and Death. But suddenly, all of them had been brought here by a mysterious force.

"What laws, will they harm Xiao Bai?" Jian Chen asked in concern. As he stood in the shrine, his entire body could barely uphold itself due to his worry. He couldn't even protect himself in the shrine, let alone the tiger cub. And so he was extremely worried that one of these rules would harm the cub.

"The natural Yuan energy here is at least ten times denser than in the Eastern Continent. If my guess is correct, we're at the boundary of the Divine Continent. In order for us to arrive at the real Divine Continent, we still have a long way to go. With our speed, it should at most take us another two or three days."

Someone said. The situation now was pretty obvious, Jiang Chen had taken first place in the Qi Province competition, he had also killed Ling Ao from the Burning Sky Pavilion and Li Wu Shuang from the Heavenly Sword Sect, and he also had an agreement to fight Nan Bei Chao in one year. Such an outstanding genius who was just like Nan Bei Chao and couldn't be found even in the last thousand years in the Qi Province, now that he had joined the Black Sect, he would definitely get lots of attention from the management. Jiang Chen would just need to mention this event, and none of them would be able to continue staying here.

"Still, we have to find a way to leave this place. Being trapped in this place forever is no different than waiting for the inevitable death."

When the red-skirted woman heard that the Heiming clan had lost their leader, she was excited. For a moment, she hesitated before asking, "Father, now that the Heiming clan has lost their Earth Saint Master and a good amount of their stronger men, their power has fallen. The benefits we would gain by associating with them would be trivial. Do you think that we should annul the betrothment we have with them as well?"

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