My Possessive Admirer Chapter 1212

My Possessive Admirer Chapter 1212

"Erˇ­ umˇ­ what did I doˇ­?" he thought. Looking around nervously, he saw that everyone had looks of respect and veneration in their eyes as they stared at him. He blinked a few times, and then suddenly started to get excited. "I conjured an eighteen-colored flame! Heavens!"

"Xiaochunˇ­ be carefulˇ­ of Hou Xiaomei."

Qing Shui wanted to laugh. The most important thing was that his time outside would not be wasted as long as he entered every night and ensured that he had sufficient rest within the realm before exiting.

Bai Xiaochun performed more incantation gestures, causing the power of both his fleshly body and cultivation base to skyrocket. Then, he unleashed his Undying Sovereign's Fist, smashing all of the black hands into pieces.

Many parts of the island began to explode, sending rock and rubble flying about, which was almost instantly transformed into ash!

Chapter 509 Stone of Life, back to Heavenly Palace!.

This was the reason why Qing Shui was happy. It looked like he had gained a lot. With this breakthrough, its strength had multiplied, how terrifying.

Behind that army was a massive giant, striding in the direction of the Eternal Flower.

The rest only looked at them and smiled.

Unfortunately, there were simply too many furnaces, so Bai Xiaochun waved his hand, issuing orders to his men to expand his residence. After tearing down and absorbing more of the nearby empty residences, he had a new courtyard that was fully 30,000 meters across, giving them more than enough space.

One of them was Chen Haosong, along with the old man who Bai Xiaochun had seen with him earlier. Those two were heavenly dukes, and there were three other heavenly dukes present. Although Bai Xiaochun didn't recognize them, he could tell from their auras that they were devas.?[1]

It might be because this was a means of balancing with the spirit energy.

They were surrounded by an army of corpse troopers who pulsed with murderous auras, their leader being none other than Zhou Yixing!

However, no matter how fast she fled, it didn't seem enough to evade the hand, which clearly aimed to blot her out of existence!!

He wanted Bai Xiaochun to take the Blood Ancestor's place, to become the new hope. He would have Bai Xiaochun cultivateˇ­ the Live Forever Codex!

However, Qing Shui had not gone far before he was stopped by some people!

Instantly, a tremor ran through the ghost face, and a sensation of deep crisis rose up inside of him.

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