Cleaning Up The Future Chapter 2633

Cleaning Up The Future Chapter 2633

"Let me show you the real difference."

Jiang Chen pulled the Heavenly Saint Sword out, then he casually shook it, causing the blood to escape the blade. Shangguan Yihong's body fell back and hit the ground. Blood gushed out from the center of his brows, staining the ground underneath him.

Just as Captain Kendall walked out of his tent, the other members of the group were awakened by the noise as well. Walking out of their tents, they proceeded to pack up and store everything into their Space Belts as they began to gather around the campfire. Even Hu Po approached the campfire with a gourd of wine as he continued to drink from it.

"Three hundred thousand purple coins going twice££"

"No wonder Big Yellow has such high confidence in brother Jiang, his current aura is more than enough to compare with those Late Divine Core warriors."

"My child, do you feel a strange sort of calling now, one that causes you to feel that you aren't capable of thinking independently?" The man spoke to Ming Dong with a soft voice.

Jian Chen smiled as he nodded his head, "Very well. My Flame Mercenaries won't treat anyone unfairly.

"That is correct my lord. The fourth master had used only a tree branch while the third master was using a wooden axe." Chang Bai added.


"Captain Lan, give this junior here a map."

"Excellent, you're a guy with a good heart!"

Instead of begging for forgiveness, he might as well go down fighting. At least it wouldn't be a pathetic death.

Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!

"Grandfather, I'm going to take Jian Chen around the village, I'll be back later to help you!"

"Alright, since that's what Master Blissful wants, I'll respect your request. They don't have to eat the dog shit, but they have to receive it. Big Yellow, give it to them."

Jian Chen felt a gasp escape his lips, and his heart began to beat even faster. A purity rate of eighty-five-percent meant that out of a hundred ores, eighty-five of them could be smelted into tungsten alloy.

Jiang Zhen Hai started laughing out loud. The strength Jiang Chen had shown was exceeded his expectations, and now he finally realized why Jiang Chen was so confident££ He was confident in his own abilities.

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