Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer Chapter 2381

Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer Chapter 2381

Crossing through the Space Gate, Jian Chen found himself in the flower garden once more. Flowers bloomed everywhere within a fifty meter radius, and the pavilion in the center towered over him as if it were bathing within the field of flowers.

The brutal Shamanic Fire Ape was forced back nearly 4 meters by the impact. Its face carried a shocked expression; it had never expected that a Heavenly Core human could possess such tremendous combat strength, and be able to force it back with just a single strike. This was simply unimaginable.

"Is this the end of my Yan family?"

The entire air around the area was no longer the same simple air, it was now imbued completely with Sword Qi. When the light wind had blown across their bodies, it was the same as being struck with countless blades of Sword Qi. Even if they were to breathe in a breath of air, their inner organs and viscera would be instantly cut apart by the Sword Qi gathered around them.

Everyone called out the identities of these two men. Yes, these two men were none other than the strongest warriors of the Asura Palace; two powerful Combat Emperors. The middle aged man was the Palace Chief, Li Tianyang.

More importantly, for Nangong Yunfan, Jiang Chen had saved his son's life. Just this alone was more than enough for him to change his attitude.

"Prime minister, this humble servant was able to hear it clearly. All three of them are from the Changyang clan. Within the Gesun Kingdom, they hold a decisive amount of power." The man spoke.

Zhou Bei Zhen bowed and didn't dare have any doubts about Jiang Chen anymore.

"Jian Chen, why don't we just try and talk about this?" By now the patriarch was beginning to show his weakness. He was clearly at a disadvantage, and so if things continued this way, then the end would be near for him.

"I, Jiang Chen never give anyone a second chance, and since you from the Green Sanctuary Sect has come and provoked me once again, then there is nothing much to say about it.

Each one of these people held influential positions and were all Imperial Advisors in their own rights. At this current moment, all of the Imperial Advisors were already gathered here.

Jiang Chen didn't show any mercy! With tremendous force, he stepped onto the warrior's face and pushed it into the ground. Blood immediately shot out from the ground like a water foundation. The great warrior's body trembled and struggled, but in just a few breaths of time, he completely stopped struggling, and no motion could be seen.

Jian Chen laughed, "The city lord truly thinks too highly of this one. I am one who walks the path of solitude. What reason would I have to protect the population of Wake City from this wave of magical beasts?"

With that command, everyone's expressions changed. No one expected Jiang Chen would go so far. After all, Li Hui was an outer circle Sect Elder. But, not only did Jiang Chen failed to show any respect towards him, he even asked him to get the hell out of here. This was so overbearing, in the few hundred years of history in the Black Sect, there hadn't been a single outer circle disciple who was so domineering.

"Hmph, you've refused to drink the toast, so drink the wine of punishment!"

"You are Yellowstone's savior, they should come to you, not the other way around. We are men with status!"

But during these two days, the one called Little Spirit hadn't come to him again.

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