Dual Cultivation: Rebirth Chapter 896

Dual Cultivation: Rebirth Chapter 896

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, everyone showed a smile on their faces, but the smiles were bitter ones. They couldn't really smile from the bottom of their hearts, and they were wondering how Jiang Chen was still able to smile? Didn't he know that they were now facing their biggest threat yet?

What? Full?

"Little Spirit, thank you for your assistance!" Jian Chen thanked her.

"Honorable Lord Seventh Emperor, you can continue to refuse my instructions. My next target is your left eye, then your right eye. After that comes your nose, and following that comes your arms and legs' tendons, and lastly, your internal organs. I'll allow you to taste all my approaches. Let me tell you this; I know a method that allows you to see your own heart beating before dying. I wonder, do you want to experience it?"

Just as the Origin energy coming from Jian Chen's Sword Qi got within a meter of elder Xiu, an unknown energy suddenly prevented it from moving forward. This energy was so strong, even the Origin energy of the Sword Qi had no chance.

Jiang Chen completely supported Guan Yi Yun's decision. Besides, he was also interested in the Inferno Hell. However, his cultivation level was weak as it was now. If there was a chance in the future, he would definitely enter the Inferno Hell and have a look at it.

With that, the patriarch and his men all left the area without a single word more about the Multicolored Stone.

In the pitch-dark night, the Phoenix City was fairly quiet. There was only a single group of guards patrolling the streets. Now that all sorts of influential powers were gathered, the city was a mixture of the strong and the weak, so the lord of the city had no choice but to have some guards patrol the city at night just to keep the peace.

"A loose tongue causes plenty of troubles. You should remember in the future that less is more. Leave now, and don't forget to tell your esteemed king what I've told you." Laughing, Jian Chen turned to descend from the sky back to the inn.

Within the room, Jian Chen continued to bathe in the light. His spirit was feeling extremely happy now and he could feel it expanding to an even larger amount more than ever before. Furthermore, what had truly shocked him even more was that a mental image began to appear clearly in his mind. This sight that appeared in his mind was somehow the entire outside area around his room. It appeared like a wall scroll within his mind and Jian Chen could somehow "see" a single speck that was an ant crawl on the ground.

"Stupid bitch!"

Suddenly, Jian Chen's ears twitched. He abruptly turned around to look behind him. The moment he looked back, he saw that a petite, animal-like body shot toward him from the distance, as fast as lightning. Jian Chen's vision blurred for a mere second, but that was enough time for the petite figure to approach him.

Inside his dantian, the Saint Weapon fragments continued to twinkle with a faint light almost as if they were each a tiny star. The amount of energy they absorbed made them resemble more of a black hole instead as they showed no signs of stopping, however, the light grew stronger with each passing second.

"My grandpa, this guy is just a bottomless hole!"

Received once more into the Tianqin clan, Jian Chen had been once more honored into the compound just like with his last arrival here. Even the head and the senior figures of the clan had made their way over to the halls to greet Jian Chen. Jian Chen was after all, the King of Mercenaries, and a figure that the Tianqin clan would not dare bear arrogance with.

"Chen'er, you're right.Your mental capacity seems much higher than mine even though I am at the Qi Hai realm.It looks like my son has grown up before me££You will have a good future, haha."

"A thousand thanks for captain's charity!" The three men clapped their hands together in salute. All three of them had been worried that their authority would be stripped away from them the moment they joined the Flame Mercenaries.

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