Soul of a Dungeon Man Chapter 455

Soul of a Dungeon Man Chapter 455

On the second day, Yun Li had brought a white robed man into the room where Jian Chen was.

Jiang Chen' s mental energy immediately turned into a stream of energy that entered straight into Yan Chen Yu' s body from his fingers.He immediately discovered that right now within her body, there were eight Yin meridians.Every single one of them was like a bridge within her body, but these eight Yin meridians were completely covered in thermal energy, making it so that ordinary people cannot discover them.

Someone pointed next to the Gate of Death, where Jiang Chen had disappeared.

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. There were no signs of worry on his face. For every single man who eventually reached the top, there would be a path filled with enemies. Jiang Chen was given the opportunity to live a new life, and he was going to walk a path toward the top once again. Therefore, all the enemies he met along the way would just be stepping stone.

Li Dong's eyes went wide in an instant.

"Are you speaking the truth, Xiang'er as returned?" Changyang Ba's eyes stared intensely at the servant as his voice began to tremble with longing and hope.

"Everyone, be careful. The spatial tunnel will become unstable as we approach it. It's a fracture in the tunnel."

"Looks like it will take Brother Yan two days to completely absorb all these energies. In two days, another brilliant genius will be making his debut."

"That Nanbei Chao has broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm, and right now, he has brought the men from the Burning Sky Pavilion to attack the Black Sect. The Valley of Happiness have joined forces with the Black Sect, but the Heavenly Sword Sect has surrendered to Nanbei Chao. I'm afraid they're fighting a violent war as we speak. I heard that Nanbei Chao is extremely powerful, so perhaps even with the combined force of two sects, they might not be able to withstand his attack."

The Hua Yun Sect held a decisive amount of power within the Gesun Kingdom and was the strongest aside from the imperial family. Now that they had a new Heaven Saint Master, the Hua Yun Sect was now the uncontested power within the Gesun Kingdom and could even control the imperial family.

Then just ten kilometers away, two figures in white materialized into the world, but following their arrival, another three elders suddenly made themselves known as well.

Jian Chen shook his head, politely refusing, "I'm sorry, but we were just planning to leave this place, so we cannot join your group."

"What?! A Class 5 Magical Beast!? Oh heavens, that's a beast that requires an Earth Saint Master to defeat at the very least. How does the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House have one of those? Fellow, are you sure you're not tricking me?" A person cried out in disbelief.

These groups of men could even be said to hold an incredible amount of power within Wake City. It was only when something major was about to happen that they would all convene together. Otherwise it would be very hard for everyone to meet up, thus anyone that saw this sight would be astonished.

"You're right! This square is really big, it's so huge!"

"You've already killed uncle Liu, what more do you want?" The young lord looked at the hundred men surrounding him with a look of fear on his face. "My father is the representative of the Xia clan, Jian Chen, if you kill me, then my Xia clan will definitely do their best to kill you!"

One of the inner disciples who thought he was someone great said, "Jiang Chen, let the inner circle disciples go, who do you think you are?! How could you do this to inner circle disciples?!"

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