The Former Games Chapter 1109

The Former Games Chapter 1109

"Insane! He really killed an Elder! That means he completely ignores the authority of the Asura Palace! I really don't understand why he would want to do this££ He is indeed a genius, as he can kill a Combat Soul Elder with just his Divine Core cultivation. With that, the Asura Palace would definitely give him a serious amount of attention. However, why does he behave so arrogantly, and even killed an Elder? He has just buried his own promising future."

"Hehe, don't get mad, junior disciple Yan. I wonder, has junior disciple Yan considered my proposal during these last few days?"

Rosco looked to Jian Chen, "Little brother, let me introduce you to everyone. This man right here is Fang Yungang, the man here is Cheng Liran, and the one there is called Qiu Chujie.

"Haha, brother Jiang, I've come to fetch the bridegroom.Has he prepared himself?"

Jiang Chen opened his mouth and swallowed the demon soul.

"That's the Demon Taming Lock, it's an item that's really difficult to me. I never thought this Yang Shuo would actually own one. No wonder why he's able to make those demon beasts obey his command. Obviously, this Shamanic Fire Ape is controlled by the Demon Taming Lock and are unable to reject Yang Shuo's command."

"The captain of the Flame Mercenaries!" Stunned, the elder looked at the men riding the magical beasts outside the doors and snapped back to awareness. "Ye-yes! I will go retrieve the lord!" Having said that, the elder stumbled back into the interior of the compound.

"Hmph! How dare you challenge the mighty Shangguan Clan? You deserve death as well!"

Jian Chen had clearly heard what the man had said and gave him a quick glance before looking back to the auction once more.

"Ling Yi, when I die and become a ghost, I, Tan Lang will never let you go!"

Jiang Chen had a grim smile on his face.The Mu Rong family was a high class family in Fragrant Sky city, and they were big in the business industry.Even the mayor did not dare provoke them.If the Jiang family were to marry into their family, then it would bring huge benefits!

Jian Chen sneered once more; he had no wish to meet with the middle aged man. Altering his path, he slid by the man and continued onwards to fight the weaker mercenaries.

Cracking sounds could bear heard from the Combat Spear in his hand, and Jiang Chen's face looked pale for a moment. But soon after, he returned to normal. Currently, Jiang Chen still couldn't fight four Combat Soul warriors alone, but since his body was really strong, he could actually withstand such a massive backlash! Therefore, even with the combined attack of four Combat Soul warriors, he wasn't hurt.

Xuan Ye exclaimed, shocked. He didn't expect that this girl lying on the bed had such a rare and powerful body.

"Brother Nan, your condition is perfectly normal, it's because you haven't found the true key to cultivating this Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill."

"That type of fire like essence, that's something only an Earth Saint Master with a profound mastery of the fire Saint Force can accomplish!"

After a heavy layer of silence, an elderly voice could be heard from the other side, "Speak!"

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