Point Blank Chapter 473

Point Blank Chapter 473

The flying snake was a big threat, and made Bruiser very, very uneasy. In that moment, a tiny figure suddenly appeared next to him, reached out, and placed a hand on his side.

After everyone left, Bai Xiaochun stood there miserably for a long moment, before finally shaking his head and heading back to his blessed land. There, he sat down and began to mull over the situation further.

Considering how he was clad in a golden suit of armor, he looked very impressive to say the least.

"To consume it the way it is would be a big loss. The best thing to do is eat it after doing a spirit enhancement." Licking his lips, he produced the two-colored flame firewood and kindled it beneath the turtle-wok. Immediately, the log burst into flames, and moments later, became ash. At the same time, two glowing designs appeared on the turtle-wok.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

It was a depressing loud noise.Qing Shui brought along the Diamond Gigantic Elephant and immediately flung flying outwards!

"He's the Giant Ghost King, little punk!" he gushed. "We can clean him out! Clean him out!! Clean him out!!!"

Qing Shui then released two Demonic Spiders!

The ghost face closed in, cackling madly, clearly intent on going out in a blaze of glory. As for Bai Xiaochun, his eyes glittered as he clenched his right hand into a fist and unleashed the Undying Emperor's Fist.

Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but be shocked. After all, Mistysea Prefecture had become a place of utmost importance. To the people from the Heavenspan Realm who now lived in the Eternal Immortal Domains, it was like a holy land!

Although his branding mark was indeed being slowly erased, that didn't take away his control of the fan!

Skywolf was the highest level existence amongst all wolf-type demonic beasts. It had reached the level amongst top grade wolves. Looking at the attacking ice flames, it spewed out a gush of pitch black fog. Even the darkness of the night could not hide the black fog.

"Do you people really think that a crappy spell formation like this can hold me down?!?!" A wild look appeared in his eyes. He knew that this was not a moment to be sitting around wasting time. It was hard to say whether or not the Giant Ghost King could convince Mistress Red-Dust to come help him, and the power of the spell formation was building with every second that ticked by. That in turn meant that the danger to him was growing rapidly.

One month later!

His opponent was not Lu Tianlei or one of the other famous Chosen. He was from the group of secretive disciples who had only unleashed his power in the qualifying round. He had a long face, and wasn't very good-looking, but he was aware that the person he was facing was one of the north banks' five great Chosen.

Hou Xiaomei gaped for a moment, then frowned.

The clothing he wore was the Daoist robe of a celestial, which had been bestowed upon him by the Saint-Emperor after he became a celestial. In the entire Saint-Emperor Dynasty, only five people qualified to wear such clothing. However, they would normally only wear this specific Daoist robe every ten years, during special rites held in Saint-Emperor City.

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