Master of Untold Daos Chapter 816

Master of Untold Daos Chapter 816

"With this treasure in Jiang Chen's hand, who can kill him now?"

"This is Sword Aura, an abnormally strong Sword Aura. Who could have reached such a pinnacle in the way of the sword and yet remain unknown to me? Could I have lived in seclusion for far too long in the Tian Yuan Continent to miss the arrival of a new expert?" The elder murmured with some shock.


The person who had spoke wore a white robe and had a benevolent smile to his face. It was the third brother of the Shi family, and right behind him were the high ranking members of the Huangpu clan. In the hands of the patriarch was the tiger cub.

The single remaining survivor from the Heiyun clan had been dumbfounded by the strength of Jian Chen. He was fully aware of the strength of the two friends of his--they were stronger than even he was--so he was completely caught off guard that a young twenty something year old man would be able to kill them both so easily.

Yan Yang told everyone with a serious expression.

"Alright, I agree with that suggestion. Let's work together and fight it out with her." The thoughts of the five people reached one conclusion very soon. Afterwards, they all rushed at the old woman. They did not hold back at all, using all that they could to battle the old woman.

From some other tents, a few men slowly crawled out in a hazy stupor. A few of them were yawning continuously, a symbol of their lack of good sleep.

With their strength sealed, the five Heaven Saint Masters had gone ashen with fear. Now that their strengths were gone, they were like a group of sitting ducks with no chance of escape.

In the Eastern Continent, an army like this could no longer just be described as formidable. There were over four hundred Combat Soul warriors, and it wasn't difficult to imagine that once the war begun; the sky above this place would shatter.

Big Yellow showed a rarely seen serious expression.

In another booth, a dozen men of differing ages were gathered. If anyone familiar with Fengyang City were to see the people of this room, then their jaws would drop to the ground in surprise. Each one of these men were representatives of the strongest four powers in Fengyang City ¨• specifically the city government and the three clans.

"Brat, you were so domineering today, kaka££££"

However, Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, and he suddenly decided not to use the Six Solar Finger.

"So overbearing, so brutal, so ruthless! Daddy loves this so much! There are so many people who want to kill chief Jiang, and I really want to know just how many of them are going to be killed by chief Jiang! Serves them right, since they're prepared to kill chief Jiang, they have to be prepared to get killed by chief Jiang!"

When the Light Wind Sword appeared in Jian Chen's hands, it released an intense light that seemed even sharper than before.

"Many thanks, senior Ape King!" Jian Chen cried out in joy before quickly putting the bottle into his Space Ring as if afraid that the Ape King would change his mind.

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