Under The Veil of Night Chapter 60

Under The Veil of Night Chapter 60

The eldest male with the power of a Middle Saint Master stared fiercely at Jian Chen and growled, "So you knew we were here all along."

A Saint Ruler that looked after a thousand year old family. A family that even the Changyang Clan couldn't possibly hope of using to scale in power. Changyang Ba could never have imagined that the fourth wife he chose would possibly be related to such a powerful family. It was all very hard to take in.

Ming Dong nodded his head before looking serious, "The assignment you gave me has already been completed. The Heaven's Stolen Fortune has already been given to your father. I know of your circumstances too. When the time comes, don't forget to call for me to help deal with the Hua Yun Sect."

After all, the Nine Yin Meridians was an ancient holy body condition, and since it was holy, it meant that ordinary people couldn't compare. A holy body amongst humans was the same as a holy beast amongst demon beasts. They were the ones favored by the heavens. Their cultivation speed was superior to everyone else's. In addition, it was not only limited to cultivation speed as they also had innate abilities as well. Each one of them were truly powerful. This kind of being couldn't be judged by normal standards.

"Fellow brothers, what may I do for you?" Jian Chen asked.

Jiang Chen continued asking.

Jiang Chen was heartily laughing as he slaughtered the Ice Demons. With each Demon Soul stored into his storage ring, his wealth increased.Chapter 326 ÿ Run Like Crazy!

"Milords and lady, which powerful family might you be the sons and daughter of in the Blue Wind Kingdom? Perhaps I have some sort of friendship with one of your seniors? Ah, I heard mention that you were from a mercenary group, which one might you belong to?" Ying Changkong asked in curiosity.

"The Huang family has matched that Huang Luan girl to the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, did that Imperial Protector find out that girl possesses the water spirit's body? No, there's no way. Unless he practices the Scripture of the Aqua Sunflower, he shouldn't have any possible way to see the secrets of the water spirit's body." The ancestor muttered to himself. After some hesitation, he finally bit his lip, "No, the water spirit's body is far too important. I must investigate this matter." The elder instantly disappeared into a flash of light that escaped from his tower and out into the misty forest.

Jian Chen smiled bitterly. Even though his Space Belt contained a wealthy amount of monster cores, with this rate of consumption, the monster cores wouldn't last for more than a few days. When there were no more to absorb, Jian Chen would then be forced to rely on the World Essence. Right now, Jian Chen could only hope that his dantian and the two glows of light inside would become saturated with energy, and stop taking it from him when he cultivated.

While saying that, Jiang Chen flipped his palm and handed a pill over to the warrior. When the warrior lowered his head and looked at it, he was instantly stunned; it was an Earth Restoration Pill!

Tian Yishan was puzzled as well.

"Who is this boy? How is he able to reach the 80th step underneath our pressure, surpassing the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang?" Liang Xiao asked with a surprised expression.

The Blood Talisman's aura was too strong, it would attract the attention of all Evil Devils once it was revealed, and when the Earth Devil sensed the Blood Talisman's aura, it would certainly hide and put their effort to waste.

Tap, tap, tap

Jiang Chen turned around and said to Han Yan and Big Yellow. Now that the Eastern Continent was completely stable, he wouldn't have any worries when leaving. So, if he asked Han Yan and Big Yellow to stay behind this time as well, they would definitely fight him to death.

With Jian Chen's monster-like movements, sharp shouts of pain rang out in the air. The desolate cries could make any weaker-hearted people absolutely horrified, and a chilliness began to arise in the air.

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