Bintang Tertelan Chapter 2633

Bintang Tertelan Chapter 2633

Ming Dong and Jian Chen looked at each other for a moment with startled eyes between the two. Tie Ta's words were like a clap of thunder to their minds and stunned them into an unsteady state for a decent amount of time.

Just slightly beneath the fifteenth kilometer point, Jian Chen could just barely detect an abnormally strong surge of energy with his presence. It was almost as if there had been a barrier preventing him from detecting anything else underneath the protective layering. Even the immensity of the barrier itself was an unknown variable to him.

The youth had been immediately blockaded by the guards at the gate. One of the gatekeepers immediately called out, "Halt, this is the Changyang clan. Without an invitation, no one can enter."

Xiu Rui also didn't want to miss this chance to retaliate.


Obviously, these two men were here to check on the situation, because not longer after this, the inner circle disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect would come here to attend their training, and both of them were the persons in charge of the inner circle disciples' training.

Nangong Wentian gave Big Yellow a thumbs up. He simply threw himself onto the ground in admiration.

"Uncle Lin Bai, don't listen to him talk nonsense. He's just blathering, trying to trick people. You mustn't believe him." Jian Chen could not put up with it any longer and left the branch office with Lin Bai.

Jiang Chen almost vomited blood. He had no idea what this stupid dog had done to the Heavenly Sword Sect; they had even pursued it this far. This dog could easily escape from their attacks, but it was still hiding behind his back. Obviously he was pushing Jiang Chen to face this thunderbolt.

"Xiang'er, you and Yue'er are adults now. Don't you think it's time££." Bi Yuntian prodded the question. She was extremely hopeful that Jian Chen would agree since she was very fond of the idea of having You Yue and Jian Chen married.

The taunt had clearly provoked the Black Striped Rhino. It growled out in anger as it dashed towards Jiang Chen in a seemingly unstoppable manner.

Jiang Chen's words were like sharp knives, they tore away everything, leaving Li Hui dumbstruck and unable to reply.

"True Dragon Palm!"

"Haha, the Eighth Tycoon of the Asura Palace can't even defeat a First Grade Combat King? I can see that you two are having fun right now, so I won't disturb you. Let me handle that monk for you."

"Jiejie, Wu Ningzhu, I never expected the Profound River Palace to actually send you here, and you only brought these few men with you? Clearly, you're just here to seek death! However, if you promise to be my woman, I'll spare your life."

Jian Chen looked at Tie Ta and said, "Tie Ta, that's not the sound of a person fighting against a magical beast, but of two people fighting each other. The sounds are getting louder and louder, so you should prepare yourself; we might end up fighting." Jian Chen didn't choose to change locations. With their current strength, they could easily protect themselves. In addition, he wasn't afraid of anything.

"Don't worry, there is nothing he can't do."

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