10 wishes Chapter 2072

10 wishes Chapter 2072

At his command, every single soldier charged into the courtyards. Even the soldiers surrounding the place had flown over the walls to charge at Jian Chen's group in huge numbers.

"That's right, we have to make chief Jiang the chief of the entire outer perimeter! In the future, we also need to make him the chief of the entire middle area as well! Let's follow Big Yellow and conquer all the strongholds, then we'll tell Jiang Chen about the surprise after he finishes his cultivation!"

Quickly realizing where he was, the man didn't even notice the look on the woman with him. He continued to stare at You Yue. Feigning to be a man of honor, he cupped his hands in salute, "This one is the second master of the Heiming Clan in Fengyang City. If I might ask for the name of this beautiful lady. Oh, it is truly a disgrace for such a beautiful woman to be sitting in such an area to eat. This one has already ordered a private room upstairs with plenty of delicious and exotic food. If this beautiful lady might feel so inclined to do me the honor, please come upstairs with us to wine and dine,"

The Island Master looked at Jiang Chen's face without blinking his eyes. After some moments, he finally let out a long sigh. He tilted his head backwards and looked into the boundless sky; a tear flowing down his face. His eyes looked miserable, as if he had sunk into the abyss of his memories.

Yun Can once again adjusted his energy to its highest level. The sword in his hand began producing a swooshing sound, and the 2 meter longsword transformed into a 30 meter long sword.

The warrior instantly became furious. He pointed his finger at Jiang Chen and shouted at him. At the same time, two men arrived next to him. Clearly, they were his helpers.

"Yeah me too."

Many people within the inn had been talking about the death of the Saint Ruler, but just as many people were talking passionately about Jian Chen himself.

"This is too funny, I nearly died laughing! The Heavenly Blade Clan is one of the four big clans in the Qi Province, but their disciples are good for nothing. They pursued a dog for more than ten thousand miles, and they even caused such a sensation in the city."

With the death of the two, there was no longer anyone capable of stopping him. Descending to the ground, Jian Chen stretched out his omnipresence for a circumference of fifteen kilometers. Step by step, Jian Chen drew closer to the biggest hall within the central palace.

"He went that way, it has been some time!"


Everyone was confused on why such a high ranking noble from the Qinhuang Kingdom would ask such a question. Despite their confusion, no one dared ask why. Instead, the Pingyang Kingdom Heaven Saint Master spoke, "Correct, that is the northern fort of the Gesun Kingdom."

Big Yellow said in a gloomy manner.

"These ripples££ Don't tell me he successfully concocted the pill?"

Jiang Chen dared not hesitate. With a flip of his palm, the Blood Talisman instantly appeared. Then, he controlled it and made it slowly float up and hover in mid-air, then it unleashed countless blood red lights.

The Ice Demon King was startled for a moment, but it still nodded its head. It had promised to do everything Jiang Chen told it to do. Furthermore, it didn't seem like it had any other choice.

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