Why am I the Villainous?!! Chapter 2138

Why am I the Villainous?!! Chapter 2138

Jiang Chen was extremely fast, no one saw how he struck. In the next second, the sword impaled Eldest Mang's chest, piercing a hole through his body.

"But the fact that you were able to stay alive after receiving an all out blow from a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler is a very proud achievement to have."

"Right now we can only hope to stall for time by blocking them. Fight so that the commoners of Wake City will be able to evacuate. Although we are powerless to win, we can still stall for time. If we can do that, then those three Class 5 Magical Beasts will be hindered for just enough time. But we still need to be careful so we don't get injured, otherwise, I'm afraid we will become easy targets for the Class 5 Magical Beasts and most likely end up dead." Katata spoke seriously.

The freshmen martial arts competition began not long after. The students personally drew individual lots to draw tags from within a large container. However, the tags were covered by a piece of paper, making it impossible to see the numbers on them.

"If that's the case, let's proceed to Red City first. We'll bring father-in-law and Great Elder back to the Fragrant Sky City."

"Good, good, Jiang Chen, it looks like we're going to have a fierce fight in this Island of Ice!"

Jian Chen was dumbstruck. His entire body had gone rigid without moving for a long period of time. Even with memories from two worlds, he never remembered being hugged by a female before, so this was the very first time he had experienced the warmth of one.

Lin Bai also stared at Jian Chen in surprise. He too had never thought that a mere low class Radiant Saint Master like Jian Chen could actually gather Radiant Saint Force with such a speed. It had even exceeded his own speed, that of a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master.

"Got it!"

That same night, Jiang Chen immediately left the Mayor's mansion and started his journey towards Red city.

The headmaster slowly rose from his chair and muttered, "It looks like this kid Changyang Xiang Tian is a bigger genius than Chang Bai said. He didn't use any sort of monster core or heavenly treasure, and was still able to reach the 8th layer of the Saint Force by the age of 15; how astonishing of a feat. To think that he also has an abundant amount of battle experience, something like this is unfathomable." Even the headmaster's voice carried a hint of astonishment.

The news instantly brought mixed feelings to many people. This was the end of a genius. Lately, Tan Lang could considered as one of the men who rose to fame among all other core disciples; a man with a bright future. If everything went smoothly for him, he could get along well even within the Asura Palace. But now, he was struck with such misfortune.

Jian Chen gave a hidden smile then snorted quietly. In an instant, the silver white sword with the words "Light Wind" engraved on it appeared in his own hands.

This was the only thought that was lingering in the minds of these people.

A Heaven Saint Master was destined to die if they entered, and even a Saint Ruler would most likely fall to their death. That much was enough to tell him that he wouldn't even be able to take a step there.Chapter 603: Followed

"Chief Lee, there is no need to talk nonsense to them. Just kill them and catch that little bastard Jiang Chen."

This mountain range was called the Black Mountains. Countless mountain peaks spread across the top of the Black Mountain.

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