Under The Veil of Night Chapter 1153

Under The Veil of Night Chapter 1153

The living quarters for the outer circle disciples were located between the mountains. They were lined up in rows of fine courtyards and ancient buildings.

"Jiang Chen, who gave you the audacity to violate the natural state of Inferno City? Who let you rob all the men here by force, and kill without mercy?"

The Crown Prince's expression dramatically changed as he cursed out. This familiar scene was something he would never be able to forget. Big Yellow's fart had cast a permanent shadow in his heart.

"That's not it. A family in isolation and a family that isn't are different. To be called an isolated family is to be in an isolated state and to not have contact with the outside world. Only by doing that can a family be said to be isolated. Our Huang family for example has been stationed deep within the mountains for many years without many of our disciples exploring the outside world. That has led to only a small amount of people knowing who we are. The other isolated families are like this as well."

Quickly, Jian Chen and Ming Dong who were chatting to each other heard about Dugu Feng being here. With a happy look, Ming Dong and Jian Chen immediately walked for the giant gate.

"The Dragon Transformation skill is really powerful!For every Dragon Mark formed, my qi and blood will be doubled, and my body will become sturdier and stronger.But, in order to transform into a dragon that can fly in the skies, I still have a long way to go.If I am able to get some blood from a real dragon and feed it to the Dragon Marks, then the Dragon Transformation skill with reach a perfect state££Too bad real dragons only exist in ancient times.There are no real dragons in the Saint Origin Continent."

Jian Chen flew 30 meters forward before finally smashing against a tree trunk and falling to the ground. His head knocked against a tree branch firmly as he fell to the ground unconscious.

"I sense a familiar aura."

"But what?"

Yu Zihan's eyes turned red as he spoke. Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan who stood next to him were already preparing themselves for a tough fight. Jiang Chen had saved their lives, and since Yan Chenyu was now facing a dangerous situation, there was no way they could just sit back and do nothing.

Many people were starting to see that from Han Yan's body, layers of black mist started emerging.


"Tell me."

But, there was only one thought in the furious Shamanic Fire Ape's mind, and that was killing this young man in front of it to release its anger. Therefore, it leapt at Jiang Chen once again.

But Jian Chen wasn't cultivating this time. Perhaps it was because he had gone up in strength far too fast, or maybe it was because he had used the monster cores to cultivate too much. With his strength being at the Peak Saint Master level, he was no longer able to use his strength as efficiently as he used to. With this, he wasn't able to utilize his fighting strength to his full potential or even as smoothly before. It wasn't an extremely serious problem, but then, Jian Chen knew that if he didn't resolve this problem soon, then it would definitely have a long lasting effect on him.

"Chen'er, when are you planning to leave?"

"I won't explain the rules for the first round. As usual, we only need the top 30. As for the rewards for this year's competition, I won't announce it now. Let's begin."

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