Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix Chapter 958

Return of the young miss : rightfull empress of hell the white phoenix Chapter 958

Hai Dongqing's hand was injured, so she could only watched as Qing Shui cooked. Today, Qing Shui felt very happy. At least for now, he felt very relaxed. It was because the things here were now all settled. Hai Dongqing had helped him find Immortal Fox's blood and he had repaid his debt to her. The things here have all be settled.

"Sixth brother, I have heard rumors that the troublesome woman is back." A lofty voice could already be heard not long after the people went into the hall.

Qing Shui's eyes brightened as he discovered that he had somehow successfully concocted a medicine from his sea of consciousness!

"Big brother Huyou, go create a signboard and say that we are buying all types of metals. People can use other stuffs to exchange if they so wish for it. In the future, we will only be manufacturing this type of weapon, so I want to raise the selling price higher." Qing Shui happily stated, feeling that his glorious future was just beginning.

She began to cough up blood, and her face was a sickly ashen color. However, her eyes continued to shine with cold light. She was the daughter of the Celestial, and possessed powerful life-saving magical items, and yet, she knew that this ghost face had come from beyond the heavens on Ghostmother's bone galleon, and therefore, there was no way she could stand up to him. Her best bet now was to rely on her golden light to flee as quickly as possible.

"Granny, leave this to me, you settle the other one." as a precaution, he wanted to deal with this elder who owned a Poison Beast on her behalf.

After an hour, Qing Shui opened his Golden Flint Iron Cauldron joyfully. Three snow white medicinal pellets, each the size of a finger pad, were at the bottom of the cauldron.

"That sound must be an exploding pill furnace. Just what is Bai Xiaochun concocting? Dammit! Isn't he worried about blowing himself up!?" Anger was building, and yet the explosions... weren't over. They continued.

After scanning the place with divine sense but finding nothing, he turned and transmitted a message to his silver-armored corpse trooper. "Can you detect a hidden chamber anywhere in the Zhou Clan? A chamber containing a celestial necromancer?!"

"If I had such a wife, just let me be with her for a day. No, half a day and I'll be contented enough to die immediately."

Bai Xiaochun stepped forward with an utterly charming smile, looking like the type of person who wouldn't harm a fly. He clasped the long-faced servant on the shoulder and said, "Congratulations on becoming an Outer Sect disciple, Elder Brother. You are the fish that leaped over the dragon gate. You will soar like a shooting star, your future limitless. However, your Junior Brother here worked really hard to run all the way to the finish line. Don't you think it would be appropriate to give a little compensation?"

The force of Qi demonstrated the most superb Taichi Single Whip he had ever performed!

At a certain point, though, he had come to realize that Bai Xiaochun's progress was almost unbelievable. He was already so far ahead that it almost seemed impossible to catch up.

When he came out of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it was already late at night. When Qing Shui came out of the room to the outside. He could see could see two figures dancing in the moonlight, practising the Tiger Form.

The elegant-looking old man was also stunned by Qing Shui's words. However, he regained his composure quickly. "Young man, don't just rely on blind courage. Think through things before you take action."

Xi Ri looked at Qing Shui mockingly. Even though he said nothing, Qing Shui could already tell what he wanted to express just by looking at his eyes. He could not help but also think about how juvenile he used to be when he was young. In the past, it was him who was always clinging to women. Now he was the one avoiding them instead.?

Qing Shui exerted every ounce of his strength into this attack. On top of that, this was done just as Second Master Xiao was unleashing his own full powered attack, as Qing Shui knew this was his chance.

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