To Save or To Destroy Chapter 1341

To Save or To Destroy Chapter 1341

At that moment, a slightly chubby youth said, "I heard that Changyang Xiang Tian is the Freshmen Ruler. The Freshmen Ruler has the special privilege of being able to enter the library's first 5 levels. Could it be that Changyang Xiang Tian is hiding within the 5th level? If that really is true, then we can only wait until he comes out before we act."

The moment Jian Chen began to move, so did the snake. Turning into a golden streak of light, it flew towards Jian Chen at a speed multiple times faster than him.

Nangong Wentian shook his head.

"Don't talk any nonsense, follow me!"

After a single hour, the two of them finally arrived outside of Lore City. From far away, plenty of tents could be seen set up away from the city walls. Above each tent was a banner with the "Qin" symbol emblazoned on it.

However, the crowd could still recognize Qiu Tianba because of his body size. Right now, Qiu Tianba had lost his arrogant look, his body was covered in blood, and his face was battered to a pulp. He had also lost many of his teeth.

Shangguan Ying coldly harrumphed, his face filled with a vicious smile. With incredible speed, the gigantic palm continued descending toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Zhen Hai shouted, "Mu Rong Zhan, how can you leave like this?I doubt you've forgotten about our bet.From today onwards, your pill shop will be ours!"

"Brother Jiang, luckily you happened to pass by, if not, I don't know when my questions would be answered. However, what's puzzling me is how you can be so knowledgeable. Alchemy isn't like anything else, we need to explore along the way in order to accumulate our knowledge. Judging by what you know, I think you'd at least need to spend more than a hundred years to reach this level of knowledge. But, you're only 15-16 years old, this is impossible."

The two huge fingers collided with each other. The shockwaves that came from the collision caused the color of both heaven and earth to change. A mountain underneath was hit by the aftershock, and was instantly turned to dust. This level of fighting could no longer be described as just frightening.

"Is this the Demon Soul your honorable is looking for?"

Although the king knew that this served as decorative purposes only, it was the least he could do on the surface.

The surrounding spectators wanted to faint as well while all the guards from the Jiang family were laughing.Their young master was too evil, making someone a eunuch was crueler than breaking both their legs.

"Big Yellow, what kind of treasure is that broken sword?"


"Absolutely not!" Jian Chen's words were resolute without any leverage for negotiations. His eyes had a barely concealed gleam to them as he spoke, "You should be rejoicing the fact that nothing too disastrous happened yesterday. Otherwise, the Hua Yun Sect would not be spared by my hand, founding minister or not. I wished for Saiya's arm, if you do not cut it off, I will do it myself. If that happens, it will not be gentle, and I won't be able to guarantee that he will remain alive."

Jiang Chen immediately began sweating upon hearing that. He really wanted to say that there was nothing between him and Wu Ningzhu, but when he remember Wu Ningzhu's vow, he chose to keep his mouth shut. It looked like he was destined to have two wives in this life.

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