THE THIRD MAGE Chapter 1966

THE THIRD MAGE Chapter 1966

The heavenly tribulation provoked by eighteen-colored flame was the type that could shake heaven and earth. A few rare celestial necromancers like the Miao Clan patriarch would have ancestral legacies that they could use to deal with such tribulation. But most other celestial necromancers would attempt to conjure their first eighteen-colored flame in a secluded meditation facility, with spell formations and trusted associates nearby to help them stay safe.

"Do you really want to join the Skin Flayers?"

This old man was shorter than most by a head, when his frail body moved there was occasionally a sound!

Qing Shui revealed a bitter smile. Previously, he had already felt that the woman's strength was unfathomable. That feeling was like a human being facing the imminent crushing from a mountain.

If he couldn't defeat this White Jade Jiao, then there would always be other ways to force it to leave its spot. However, it was unknown whether these methods would actually work.

"I can't keep things up like this!" Bai Xiaochun thought, eyes flickering. Roaring at the top of his lungs, he stretched the Blood Ancestor's hands out, shoving them into the gap that had opened, and then exerted all the strength he could muster to rip the opening wider!

As the two of them picked up speed, Gu Tianjun sent a blast of sword qi slashing out, powerful enough to rip apart worlds.

This was the natural reaction to a martial practitioner who had reached great heights. In Qing Shui's previous life, those with money would have a sense of superiority, even amongst relatives. In the world of the nine continents, clans that emphasized in martial arts were similar!

Entering the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he refreshed himself before cultivating and consolidating his strength. The injuries, that he already had, recovered under his perverse recovery abilities.

As all creation shook, Daoist Heavenspan guided his projected incarnation to flee directly toward the true form of the Mortal Renegade!

Amongst the Sky Penetrating Mountains, if one's spirit energy was not strong enough, the further one entered, the more suppressed the person would feel and to the extent that just the suppression alone would weaken one's abilities by a lot. This was the reason why many people could only enter 1,000 or 10,000 li into the mountains. If they were to enter even deeper, they would have the abilities of normal people or feel weak and collapse.

Suddenly, numerous mountains formed out of thin air, descending from above to slam into the corpse troopers. Moments later, Chen Haosong's face twisted and distorted, and then a violet beam of light shot out, slashing through everything in its path as it headed directly toward Bai Xiaochun!

Zhu Qing smiled and hugged Qing Shui tightly. She took the initiative to kiss Qing Shui's lips and crazily sought for more. Qing Shui's hands didn't rest and he lifted up her clothes not long after. Her twin peaks jumped out like snow white rabbits.

Qing Yi happily took over Yuchang from Qing Shui. The love reflected from her eyes astonished Mingyue Gelou. Qing Shui knew that his mother must have thought of her own pitiful daughter. That sister of his was probably about the same age when she was taken away.

She lowered her head slightly, only to see the ridiculous tent pitched at the lower half of Qing Shui's body. She couldn't help but to recall the scene from last time as she stared at Qing Shui embarrassedly and at a complete loss with her cold eyes.

Canghai Mingyue looked at this disciple of hers who had an extremely well disposition and look. She never thought that she would sink so quickly into the feelings of love and yet was unaware of it herself. It was just that this fellow was a bit strange. To think that she was not able to assess his level of cultivation. He should be young, very young!

A blank look could still be seen in Zhang Yunshan's eyes as his head separated from his body and toppled to the ground!

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