Another WorldĄŻs Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 800

Another WorldĄŻs Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 800

"Who's the first young master?" Jian Chen asked calmly.

The Yan family patriarch sighed. He had an expression of helplessness and said quietly, "I wish you can understand, my Yan family still needs to survive."

Jian Chen's display of strength at such a young age had revealed him to be a high leveled expert, and the experts of the Tianxiong clan couldn't even make a guess on who was backing him up. They were all afraid that Jian Chen had the support of someone they couldn't afford to offend. If they did, then it would perhaps bring a great amount of trouble for the Tianxiong clan. It was possible that the Tianxiong clan that had dominated Wake City for so long would be eliminated, just like that. This wasn't a result that any of them were willing to see.

"Elder Xiu is also a dark attribute cultivator?" Jian Chen thought, but he was quickly cut out from his thoughts as Little Fatty spoke, "Jian Chen, be careful, I'm going to strike." Little Fatty's battleaxe began to glow a dangerous dark color before he charged straight for Jian Chen.

Looking up towards the source of the voice, Jian Chen saw a woman around the age of thirty or so come walking in. She was beautiful in appearance and quite graceful in her movements. This woman wore a dark-green skirt with an equally dark green blouse. Tying up her hair behind her head was a single bowtie that added to her allure.

"Why are you fighting here? Don't you guys know about the rules of the Blissful Manor?"

Bi Lian half collapsed onto the coffin with tears flowing from her eyes in an endless stream. So heavy were her tears that her eyes had already grown red from crying too much.

"If you wish to live, then get out of the inn. Otherwise, I'll kill you all here." Jian Chen spoke with a tone so icy that even a bucket of ice water would seem hot in comparison.

Every single member of the Defiance Mercenaries immediately knew that they were the weaker party. Without hesitation, they all collected their Saint Weapons and ran off in all directions with reckless abandon.


Furthermore, Shangguan Yiqing was a talented man, and his mastery over formation was really good. In fact, he had exceeded most of the ones from the senior generations, and it was hard to find a match for him in the entire Eastern Continent. If nothing went wrong, he would have the highest chance of becoming a Combat King warrior in the future! But now, he had been killed in this desolate mountain range. This caused Shangguan Ying's heart to ache.

Saiya flew up from down below with a look of disbelief, knowing that he was in a perilous situation now.

Chang Wuji and Khafir both sighed before giving each other a knowing look. Both of them had a resolved face as they both floated into the sky toward the five Heaven Saint Masters. They would both rather die in battle than be resigned to their fates as slaves.

Jiang Chen's fighting spirit was soaring. Fighting a Combat King was something really exciting for him, and it made his blood boil.

Another muffled sound similar to a clap of thunder could be heard with a force that seemed to penetrate even the human body. It allowed both Jian Chen and Ming Dong to feel their hearts forcibly skipping a beat.

Jian Chen's two eyes seemed to explode with a flickering of light, like two lanterns in the dark night. In the next moment, his presence actually formed an extremely wondrous connection with the Judgement's Sword. After the sword slaughtered the assassins it had actually continued to pursue the other darkly-clothed men, under Jian Chen's control

Once Jian Chen's name had been announced, everyone began to argue louder and louder on what to do. In a moment, practically everyone in the Thousand Poison Valley knew that the King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen, was here.

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