"I know you've been through a lot, but so what? Did nobody else lose people? Who lost the most? You? Me? What about everyone else? Everybody from the Heavenspan Realm lost friends and loved ones!

The were not straight, but rather curved, and if one looked at them for more than a moment, one would be struck by how they resembled the claws of some beast. However, they were so enormous that those mere claws were like mountains. Furthermore, the creature appeared to be enraged by Mistress Red-Dust, and was trying to get out of the watery swamp to reach her....

However, things weren't over yet. The light continued to spread, and in the blink of an eye, had filled 1.5 kilometers. Then 2.5 kilometers! And finally, 5 kilometers!!

And obviously, Bai Xiaochun had won this round. Gradually, opinions were shifting regarding Bai Xiaochun, and some people were even considering throwing their lot in with him.

Normally, the harder the technique was to cultivate, the larger the effect would be once it was successfully cultivated. Hence, Qing Shui threw away all the distracting thoughts, including whether he would succeed or not.

Bai Xiaochun walked along lazily until he was in the valley itself. Looking around, he realized that he had never been here before. Curious about the statues, he walked over to examine one more closely.

"Qi'er," Madam Cai said, sounding a bit anxious, "you need to spend more time studying that son of a bitch Bai Hao's notes. Once you master the ability to conjure eleven-colored flame, the patriarch will value you even more than he does already.

Another month passed. Occasionally, the Heavenspan Sea would get choppy. Sometimes, strange and bizarre sea creatures would appear, leading to a buzz of excitement among the Nascent Soul cultivators onboard. However, after enough time passed, most of them went into meditation to further their cultivation.

Qing Shui received the boots and smiled at the old woman: "Thank you!"

"Daddy, let me hold it, let me hold it." Luan Luan saw the pretty sword in Qing Shui's hands and started bawling with the desire to hold it.

Four Eared Shadow Mouse!

"You're the eldest of the Gongsun Clan?" Qing Shui asked in disdain. He never liked to let irrelevant people win by words.

It was a ghastly and horrible sight!

"I want you to say you love me." said Di Qing in a soft voice as she faintly lowered her head.

"How long is there before Greencloud Mountain's inhibition is raised?" Qing Shui gave it some thought before he smiled and asked.

Eventually, the light faded, but it left behind a barrier that was just as impossible for anyone to get through. Only those on the inside could possibly acquire the good fortune of the damaged fan, forcing the Vile-Emperor and the Saint-Emperor to look on helplessly with bloodshot eyes.

There was currently a little more than two hours before daybreak. Qing Shui was thinking about Mingyue Gelou's weapon, the Beast Claw.


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