Endless Body and Qi Art Chapter 326

Endless Body and Qi Art Chapter 326

Liu Hong couldn't help but curse at the situation. He still had no idea that what happened today was all because of him, he was the one who brought chaos to the Green Sanctuary Sect, and he was still in the dark.

Everyone were extremely angry. In just a short amount of time, all the disciples and Sect Elders of the Black Sect turned felt their respect and friendship toward Fan Zhongtang turn into hatred. All of them wished they could tear Fan Zhongtang into pieces.

Later on in the night, Jian Chen held two monster cores in his hands as he continued to cultivate on his bed. For the sake of succeeding within the Gathering of the Mercenaries, Jian Chen had to continue cultivating his strength. His goal was to enter the top three and earn a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Afterward, Jian Chen remained in the Changyang clan for two days. In those two days, he spent the time with his group of friends and the princess You Lan within the interior of the manor. On the second day, Qin Ji had received a letter from the Qinhuang Kingdom, prompting him to return to the Qinhuang Kingdom as soon as possible.

Following Lee Shan Yue's words, all the men from the Lee family released their Yuan force at the same time. The raging Yuan power was just like a powerful storm.

Duan Jianhong who stood not far away gasped at Nanbei Chao's cruelty. He was far more wicked than Duan Jianhong had expected. Becoming this man's enemy would definitely make things difficult.

When the Green Hellish Python saw that the human in front of it didn't move at all when the poison gas covered him, it was startled and immediately felt shocked. WAs this human an idiot? Was the human missing some nerves in his brain, or was his head previously squeezed by a door? This was just a dumbass, didn't he know that once the poison gas entered his body he would be dead? Or was it because he knew that he wouldn't able to escape upon meeting it. Was that why he gave up fighting?

The ape like magical beast walked on over from the forest slowly while snarling angrily. Its roar shook the heavens and deafened the ears of everyone around so that their eardrums were trembling from the vibrations.


As the patriarch floated in midair, the twinkle in his eyes flickered unsteadily as if he was arguing with himself internally. Several moments passed before the patriarch finally made up his mind. He grit his teeth to say, "Jian Chen, it's better to let sleeping dogs lie rather than wake them. You were the one who started this affair. We only wished to take back what you stole from us, and while my Jiede clan was a little excessive in some fronts, you've completely destroyed my Jiede clan's home. The home that we have stayed hidden in for thousands of years has been reduced to nothing. We can no longer live here; therefore, we should wipe away the debt. From today on, our two sides should give up this war."

Yu Zihan said.

Because of the azure and violet Sword Qi, Jian Chen's sword had already been strengthened several times over so Jian Chen did not fear Elder Wu's sword.

"There's nothing I don't know about in this Qi Province. The Myriad Demon Mountain is the training ground for the disciples of the Black Sect. Lots of wild demon beasts hide inside, and it's filled with danger and adventure."


A few of the middle-aged men behind the bandit boss cried out in surprise. With that, all of the bandits know about Jian Chen's identity.

Tan Lang said.

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