Versatile Chapter 2174

Versatile Chapter 2174

To be able to slaughter over ten of his fellow clan members, including cultivators in the eighth level of Qi Condensation, with seeming ease, indicated he had a high level of skill. That was not something that an ordinary Qi Condensation disciple could do. The Spirit Stream Sect was one of the great sects, so it was expected that their disciples would surpass the local cultivator clans in terms of latent talent, but he had never imagined that the disparity would be like this.

Qing Shui's name sprang out again, even more so when he was called the "Qing Clan's demon" back then. He was the brightest pearl in Hundred Miles City and could even fight for more survival rights for Hundred Miles City in the world of the nine continents.

The place was very serene. Qing Shui guessed that there were not many people who could come up to the 2nd level.

This Golden Jiao King was not the same one from Sky Penetrating Mountains. There was not just one Golden Jiao King. Golden Jiao King was not the Emperor of Golden Jiaos. They were beasts that were so formidable that people called them Golden Jiao Kings. They do not have underlings.

After she went in, she closed the door. Qing Shui did not need her to go through all that trouble. If he had wanted to rest, all he had needed to do was to take out the bed he used in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Furthermore, he would spend six hours in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. By then, the sun would have risen. This was how he normally rested.

It circulated cycle after cycle¡­¡­


She hugged Qing Shui like a lost child or like a drowning person who managed to grab a float. That previously obstinate girl was now in a puddle of tears.

"Ah, whatever." Forgetting any thoughts of taking the remaining thirty percent, he decided that he was done for now. Eyes flashing with determination, he began to fade away as he left the damaged fan.

"It seems I underestimated y--" he said, his voice as cold as ice. However, before he could finish, the ashen-faced Bai Xiaochun looked at him with a strange gleam in his eyes. Obviously, Bai Xiaochun had hoped to seal him for longer, but had been aware that it probably wasn't possible.

As for the three young guards, they were thoroughly rebuked by their major general for what had happened. Later, their friends told them what had occurred outside of the Great Wall, leaving them completely awestruck.? [1]

At that moment, Qing Shui soared up, the Big Dipper Sword attacked one of the elders. This sword streaked across the horizon like a rainbow, it was extremely bright and resplendent.

"Mr. Qing!"

"Catch up to that kid! Wait for Mr Gong Qi to come over!"

When the Misty Hall's Palace Mistress saw Qing Shui, she was also stunned. Although this result was within her expectations, she was still extremely astonished.

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Compared to the huge lizard, Bai Xiaochun and the Giant Ghost King were like tiny bugs.

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