I Will always Find You! Chapter 1378

I Will always Find You! Chapter 1378

"What the fuck?! This f- blergh! Fuck y- blergh!"

"Who are you!" Qin Ji thundered at Ming Dong dangerously in an unfriendly manner.

"Sure, there's no hurry in killing that Heavenly Core warrior££ But, I wish your honorable can help me kill Yan Zhan Yun before your honorable enters closed door cultivation to absorb the Demon's Soul!"

Jian Chen felt that the beating of the gong outside on the streets was unexpected. Although he knew that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House would announce the Class 5 Magical Beasts, he didn't think that they would announce it in such a manner.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh££

Yin Ren encouraged himself mentally. His eyes kept gazing at Yan Chen Yu, and suddenly, he became excited.


Once his blood and the anti-venom had perfectly fused together, it would then circulate around his body endlessly and transform the bones, flesh and organs within his body. Every part of his body would gain the anti-venom capability. This would be the true extent of the Ten Thousand Immunity.

"Hurry up, we need to be faster! If the men from the Martial Palace, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect get here, they will definitely stop us from getting anything here!"

Jiang Chen's eyes were like those of a demon from hell. With a single look, he had sent shivers down Cai Dong's spine. At this moment, Cai Dong had a feeling that he was not facing a human, but a demon that came from hell. Together with the aura of someone from the top that Jiang Chen was unconsciously emitting, and the effect of the Great Soul Derivation skill, Cai Dong simply couldn't avoid the question.

Everyone's face immediately hardened like stone the moment they heard that final sentence along with a mixture of extreme shock. They had already heard about the massacre of the Zhou clan, but they hadn't known as much about the matter as Tianxiong Lie. What surprised them the most was that the person who had destroyed both groups in a single day was merely a twenty year old youth. This was all but inconceivable to them.

The Blue Wind Kingdom had no solution for the growth of the Flame Mercenaries. They had no one to stop them. They had no way to even try. All the king could do was sit within the halls of his palace with a miserable expression as he watched the Flame Mercenaries grow stronger and stronger while his kingdom grew weaker and weaker. By the time the strongest factions of the Blue Wind Kingdom had heard what Ku Yun had told the king, they were all absolutely convinced that the captain of the Flame Mercenaries could not be angered at any costs. For that reason, none of the factions came forward to stop the expansion of the Flame Mercenaries, and some of them had even prepared themselves to be annexed into the group as well.Chapter 590: A Friend has Come

"Be careful, his strength is extraordinarily high, and watch out for his battleaxe." The one who was blown away from him yelled as a warning.

"Don't mention it, young master Jiang Chen. Although your actions back on the Island of Ice offended many powers and people, I really admire that! If one day I could be as mighty as you, have my name heard by many, it would be worth it even if I died the next second!"

A light in Jian Chen's eyes sparkled, "Let them in!"

Once a Demon Beast reached the Qi Hai realm, their intelligence would completely awaken. Their intelligence was almost no different than a human, but the Demon Beasts were born with stronger qi, blood, and also a powerful body. Therefore, when a human and a Demon Beast at the same level met each other, the Demon Beast would have a natural advantage.

Yu Zihan let out a few mild coughs.

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