Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story Chapter 2737

Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story Chapter 2737

"Everyone, let's block these gigantic waves together!"

The man immediately became startled, he had an intense feeling of death creeping up on him. He slowly lowered his head, then he saw a longsword having impaled his body, and his blood dripping down from the tip of the sword. His vital signs were fading away.

Although the bandits had a higher number of people than the mercenaries, their strength and teamwork were lacking in discipline in comparison to the mercenaries, who had spent a good portion of their time with each other. So when the two fought, despite having superior numbers, the bandits were fighting on equal grounds with the mercenaries.

Also, Jiang Chen's approach had made them all understand a fact; the consequences of challenging him were devastating!

Many people couldn't take it anymore. This old man sure knew how to spout eloquent speeches.

Da da da!

Sweeping his eyes over the wrist sized snake attentively, Jian Chen had to concede to the fact that he had come across a Silver Striped Golden Snake.

Heavenly Tribulation was something far away from him; he didn't think he'd face it this quickly. In the entire Saint Origin realm, there were only a handful of people capable of facing Heavenly Tribulation, but at the same time, Heavenly Tribulation was something that every single peak Combat Emperor warrior dreamed about. This was because after passing the Heavenly Tribulation, they would be able to break through to the Minor Saint realm. However, Heavenly Tribulation terrified all Combat Emperor warriors at the same time, as the survival rate was extremely low. Only those who successfully survived the Heavenly Tribulation would become saints, and those who failed would perish.

"Impossible, just how could an Earth Saint Master be a match for a Heaven Saint Master?"

The Second Grade Combat King's body was violently trembling, and sweat was dripping down his forehead, while sharp pains were coming from his wounds. He was waiting for Jiang Chen's amnesty.

After appeasing the villagers, Jian Chen was pulled in to talking with the other villagers by Tie Ta while his mother went off to the kitchens to cook up plenty of dishes to receive Jian Chen and Ming Dong.

"The fuck is happening? The scream sounds so miserable, but why does it sound like it's coming from Qiu Tianba?"

"However, with such severe injuries, everything will still depend on himself. He has a strong will, a monstrous talent and an extremely strong physique, and I can tell that his will to stay alive is strong. Although your baster can help him with the Lotus Sutra, in the end, it all goes back to himself."

Huang Feng's head which was flying in the air fell down onto the fighting stage, then it rolled down from the stage and fell down onto the square. The eyes were still wide open, and a terrified expression was seen on its face. He had never thought he would die in a situation like this until he actually died.

Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu spent the rest of the time drink, as well as the entire night. When the next morning came, a golden talisman suddenly came floating in the air, and fell into Wu Jiu's hand.

However, the monk seemed unhurried, and no signs of panicking could be seen on his face. At the same time, a golden energy wave surged out from his body and towered into the sky, transforming into a huge golden beam. After that, the monk let out a wild roar and unleashed his Fudo Seal. It was a clear sign that the monk had no intention of showing any mercy to these people.

If it was Guo Shan, not only would the time needed be unknown, he didn't even have the ability to concoct the pill. Ordinary flames couldn't even break down Firethorn Savage's demon soul.

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