Spirit Circuit Chapter 207

Spirit Circuit Chapter 207

The Source of Combat Strength Talisman: It is created when a man uses his life source and seals his own combat strength inside a talisman before dying. If someone obtains this kind of talisman, then he would be able to use the strength stored within.

"The great Nubis, I, Huang Tianba, have come to help you." Huang Tianba hurried to him from behind.Chapter 690: King of the Sword

After that, Jiang Chen flipped his palm, revealing three pills. When the pills were revealed, Greenlotus Mountain was instantly filled with a strong fragrance of herbs. The three pills immediately attracted the eyes of Great Master Ran Feng, Tyrant and Tan Lang. The pills were emanating a pure Yang aura, and shadows of dragon and lightning strikes could be seen flickering within them, as if the pills were alive.

"Unless something special happens, it should be like last year. There are two competitions. You guys see that stone stairway that's touching the clouds? It's called the Stairway to Heaven! Do you know why it's called the Stairway to Heaven? There's a saying that every start is difficult, as difficult as reaching the heavens. The reason why it's called the Stairway to Heaven is because of how difficult it is to climb!"


He was only just a man who had recently become a heaven Saint Master. His strength was still at its lowest, and even just flying was something unfamiliar to him. So, against Jian Chen who had a countless amount of experience fighting against other Heaven Saint Masters, Saiya stood no chance.Chapter 449: Battle at Mount Tianhua (Two)

Afterward, Jian Chen relentlessly practiced the power of flight. He continued to float ten meters above the ground for six hours before he finally managed to piece together his experiences and go for an even higher height. Flying straight up for another hundred meters without stopping, he could only see wisps of cyan light flow around him; this was the wind element.

Zhou Bei Zhen said.He jumped up from behind the table, and a strong Qi belonging to the Qi Hai level was unleashed from his body.Many people felt the pressure from this field turning their expressions sickly and pale.

His dark hair dancing in the wind, Wu Cong cried out loudly. He waves the silver white halberd in his hand with tremendous force, unleashing numerous bright lights which formed into a gigantic energy web, completely shrouding Jiang Chen within. At the same time, the extremely sharp halberd came crashing down toward Jiang Chen in an earth-shattering manner.

Without decreasing his speed, Jian Chen flew toward the flock of Blackwing Birds. Just as he got within ten kilometers, several trees from under the flock suddenly burst upward. In an explosion of splinters,the trees flew toward the flock like azure and violet shooting stars.

"Barbarian Elephant Stomping the Heavens!"

Mu Rong Zhan's expression was ruthless. He hated Jiang Chen to the core, and he wished he could devour his flesh. Because of the incident when fetching the bridegroom and the most recent death match, the Mu Rong family's honor had been ruined by Jiang Chen.

"What bullshit! Brother Jiang is an amazing man, he has the powerful flame that can restrain all Evil Devils; there is no way he could die in the devil cave. Even if he bumped into some extra powerful Evil Devils that he couldn't defeat, he would have no problem running away."

Some of them were Great Saint Masters and were completely unable to keep track of Jian Chen's movements. By the time their necks had been slashed, they could only fall to the ground in shock.

The entire Yangji Sect began to grow restless now as each and every disciple throughout the mountains headed in the direction of the whistle.

But when the World Essence entered Jian Chen's dantian, it was as if he threw a rock into the ocean, as the World Essence assimilated into his body leaving no indication that it was there to begin with. For that reason, Jian Chen let out a sigh of relief. Although he didn't know what had caused his dantian to go through such a dramatic change, he was glad that his body wouldn't explode from the World Essence.

Big Yellow proudly raised his head. Obviously, he had the ability, and he wanted to take this opportunity to make fun of Jiang Chen.

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