Cleaning Up The Future Chapter 1507

Cleaning Up The Future Chapter 1507

"Look, that's the Profound River Palace's warship; they are heading toward the Demon King Palace!"

Liang Dong shouted out in disbelief. He could feel a powerful energy from the golden finger. It was as if a huge mountain was flying towards him. He was completely locked down. It was even hard for him to breath.

At this moment, it didn't matter if it was those on the Stairway to Heaven, or the crowds in the Whirling Sun Square, all of them held their breath and stopped making any noise. Every single one of them wished to know, this dark horse who suddenly appeared, how exactly was he going to provoke the dignity of those four geniuses?

"We shall now proceed to auction the second Class 5 Magical Beast. Bring it up!" The host cried out as another group of people carried another stretcher with cloth.

"What?You still want to concoct pills?"

"Alright, if there is a chance, I'll follow you to the Divine Continent. With that, I won't have lived for nothing!"

Yang Shuo let out a loud shout and sent the Bloodthirsty Sword forwards. In an instant, the entire sky was filled with countless swords. The swords weaved into a web of swords which looked like a huge curtain covering the skies. It caused the air to violently vibrate, and countless sword energies and killing intents to mix. These sword emitted bright lights which lit up every single part of the skies, causing anyone who saw it to have a difficult time breathing, even from afar.

"When the ray of light basked over me, I felt so comfortable. My head had never felt so awake!" A richly dressed man exclaimed as he walked over.

Jian Chen slowly walked to his window and sat down next to it. Bending his lower back, both of his arms massaged his legs continuously. Pursuing the mysterious footsteps for that one moment had caused his legs to become incomparably weak. He couldn't even use the smallest amount of power in his legs anymore.

An hour later, the blood red light covering Firethorn Savage had completely disappeared. Even the golden color on his body had faded away. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could both tell that the Firethorn Savage was extremely fatigued, and the energy of his source had become extremely weak as well.

"Wahaha, this dog is so fierce, so wicke-, cough cough££"

Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow immediately cried out, especially Yan Chenyu. Her face turned pale upon hearing the shocking news, and she began imagining the miserable state of the place where she grew up. The Misty Rain Tower in ruins, and her father killed by those ferocious dimensional creatures.

"Alright, I'll place Brother Yan in the Blood Banner, after that I will bring the two of you to Redsun Town."

"Yes, second uncle!" The youth took the letter and immediately left.

If they hadn't witnessed this scene with their own eyes, they probably wouldn't have believed the situation no matter what. But despite what they had seen, many of them still couldn't believe it and thought it to be an illusion, rather than reality. The scene was just that hard to believe.

The Late Divine Core warrior let out a violent shouted. He covered his body with rocking yuan energies and rolling energies. The blade in his hand dazzled with light as it collided with Jiang Chen's sword in a formidable manner.

Jian Chen was like a Radiant Saint Master and clearly understood the effects of the Radiant Saint Force. Immediately grabbing the pellets, he placed them into Qin Xiao's mouth.

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