Rocky the brand setter Chapter 396

Rocky the brand setter Chapter 396

It was simply too easy to kill a cultivator of Martial King Grade 1 who had completely lost his will to fight with his improved Art of Hidden Weapons Techniques.

Several thousand cultivators from the River-Defying Sect had gone to the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect to participate in the selection process. In total, there were tens of thousands from the eastern Heavenspan River who had participated in the trial.

Master God-Diviner quickly caught on to this. Other than the first small group of cultivators who had made up the original Azure Dragon Society, few people ever saw him. He was Bai Xiaochun's trusted adviser who lurked in the shadows, unseen by the public. When Bai Xiaochun got Master God-Diviner's report about the rumors, he took it very seriously. He was well aware of the devious ways of the Celestial Sky Society, and could well imagine that their lack of action during the past few months was because they were waiting for the right moment to deliver a fatal blow.

"Are you an ordinary folk?" Di Chen laughed.?

The sensation of death, and the profound pressure, was so intense that it caused the sovereign aura around Bai Xiaochun to begin to crumble.

As soon as the cry rang out, more similar cries could be heard.

"I want him dead tonight!"

Qing Shui extended his arm and groped Canghai Mingyue's perky rear before leaving with a laugh. Canghai Mingyue cursed inwardly with a crimson face as she watched Qing Shui leave. Nonetheless, her heart kind of warmed. This was life. It would have been good if this man stayed home all the time.

The north bank, on the other hand, actually did start to cheer for Shangguan Tianyou. In response, Shangguan Tianyou frowned, aware that they weren't really cheering for him, but against Bai Xiaochun. The north bank would cheer for any opponent of Bai Xiaochun's, even if it were a pig. The thought left Shangguan Tianyou even more displeased than before.

In addition, he could see that she had two pupils in each of her eyes!

Even if they were more powerful, they were probably at Grade Two Martial Emperor or the peak of Grade One Martial Emperor. Though demonic beasts at Grade One Martial Emperor were already enough deterrence to humans.

"It is really you?" How could there be such drastic changes after she bathed. Qing Shui momentarily couldn't connect the current face that he was seeing to the matured face from earlier.

"These medicinal pills are actually really powerful. Maybe I could use them as trump cards in a fight.... If I ever run into some wild beasts in the future, I'll have nothing to fear.

"Three times increase of his power" Qing Shui thought. He tried to make a calculation based on this information. The old man's power had dropped to a little bit more than four stars after being inflicted with the weakening effects and that was before he had wielded this cane. However, when he took out this cane, it had inevitably increased his power to about the strength of nine stars.

"Look, they're here!"

Murmured conversations instantly broke out.

There were different interpretations to this term in Daoism and Buddhism respectively, but Qing Shui did not know what to think of them. Rather than these interpretations, Qing Shui held a stronger belief in another interpretation, which was that everything in the world started from one and ended at nine. The nine heavens referred to the unattainable skies of extreme heights!

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