Empocalyse Chapter 884

Empocalyse Chapter 884

"How are the casualties?" Jian Chen asked the five.

Long time ago, the violet and azure swords had been utilized by their owner in a massive war. In the end, the owner had failed to harmonize with the two and caused tremendous damage to both him and the swords. Ultimately, the swords had been destroyed and left behind two pieces of primal chaos. The remaining amount of Yin Yang Qi that had flowed in the world had formed the two to become a pair of Sword Spirits who hid in a spiritual vein underground to recover.

On another side, three black-robed men stood together as they watched the scene with calm expressions. One of the three had a single fan in his hands as he muttered, "A Heaven Saint Master before the age of thirty and can withstand four Heaven Tier Battle skills, that Jian Chen really is something special. His potential for the future is practically unlimited. If we rope him into our clan before he becomes a Saint Ruler, it'd be a great boon for us. Elder Zhou, go and make the inquiries on Jian Chen's background later. See just what type of person he is and where he's from."

£¦The Dragon Transformation skill will also strengthen one's body, those who cultivate this skill will get their body trained in the most effective way.This body of mine has been fed with so many different pills, and although the pills have been absorbed by my body, it's still too weak.I'm not sure if it can withstand the impact of cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill.'

The girl smiled.

A huge sword heavily smashed against Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword, causing Jian Chen to fly back uncontrollably by quite a few meters.

"Jian Chen, just return the Seal of Treasure Mountain, you cannot escape. You most likely don't know this, but the Shi Family and Jiede clan have joined forces. Aside from us four Cai brothers, there are another four other Heaven Saint Masters watching out for you at the same time. Knowing that you came out of the Thousand Poison Valley, us eight men were able to go to the surrounding cities nearby and wait for you. I've already notified the other seven of our location, you cannot escape." The Heaven Saint Master spoke.

Jian Chen looked at the young lord, "Young lord, do you truly wish to leave from this place safely?" Although Jian Chen's words suggested that he was willing to let the Xia clan go, his attitude was still an unyielding one, causing the young lord to be confused. If he were to have another stroke of bad luck, then he would definitely not be able to leave the area alive.

The tragic day that was today would be an unforgettable day for the Changyang clan. The energy from the ten Heaven Saint Masters had killed many lives and caused an immeasurable amount of damage. Many more people had been severely injured and left the Changyang clan in a depressed state.

Suddenly, a heavily armored man came running into the palace with a red insignia on his shoulders. This insignia held an especially special power within the Gesun Kingdom and would be able to meet with the king straight away if there was an extremely urgent message. With this insignia, absolutely no one would dare bar the way for the man to see the king.

Hearing the price of 100,000 purple coins, everyone in the auction hall became stunned. Not just them, but even the Youlan clan members inside their box had looks of disbelief on their faces.

A rogue cultivator casually walked over and handed an Earth Restoration Pill over to the girl. After that, he stepped onto the Blissful Island.

"Cloudfire Blade!" With a loud shout, the floating red blade above his head immediately flew through the air like a shooting star with the Green Scaled Ape as its destination.

There was still the lingering scent of orchid in the room, and upon entrance, Jian Chen felt rather intoxicated by the smell. Jian Chen didn't know that this was the smell of orchid to begin with, and neither did he know what the importance behind this essence was.

In the wooden house, Ming Dong continued to recover his strength. He looked at Jian Chen who was leaning against the wall. "Jian Chen, when I'm fully healed, I will leave Huang Village and if you have not returned, I will look for you."

"Nine Solar Holy Water!"


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