Under The Heavens Chapter 364

Under The Heavens Chapter 364

It only felt real when he read those words on the stone monument. He was ecstatic to know that the realm had indeed broken through to the sixth level. Qing Shui was excited to see what kind of rare rewards would come with this upgrade as he continued to the next line.

After a few days, Bai Xiaochun started to lose patience, and hinted to the people in the city who were particularly loyal to him that it was time to put the three great clans in their place!

Chen Fei and his two friends breathed sighs of relief. As for the burly men, they looked at Chen Fei with more admiration than ever.

"Sever!" he growled. Rumbling sounds echoed out as his hand chopped into the connections. The connections trembled; although they were tough, they were now being assaulted by a Heaven-Dao aura, and could only hold firm for a short moment. Then they melted away!

"A little, according to their movements, I believe that they want to dominate the Greencloud Continent, to become the strongest presence in the Greencloud Continent." Elder Ge said after he thought a while.

Within a few moments, dozens of waitresses climbed up in succession, each holding two dishes. The dishes were placed on a tray covered in yellow silk. The waitresses proceeded to place the dishes in the center of the table. Steam wafted from the dishes, and a delicious aroma traveled quickly to their noses.

Bai Xiaochun's heart trembled. Making himself the picture of righteousness, he said, "Who cares if she asked me on a date!? I'm not going to go just because she wants me to. I'm Bai Xiaochun, the junior patriarch of the sect. No way would I go!"

The Grand Heavenmaster took a portion of his Daoseed and gave it to Bai Xiaochun, which he enshrined in the imperial palace!

He felt that it was really good this way because it helped save him a lot of trouble.

"Stay your hand!!"

Outside, the ghost face's expression turned dark with rage. However, since he was made from black smoke, it was difficult to see how dark it actually wasĦ­.

"Haha, you've agreed to it so fast, don't cry later."

This woman, in any sense of the word, was close to a level of perfection. Her whole body exuded a refined aura similar to that of a celestial being.

"The demigod patriarch is goneĦ­." He threw his head back and laughed uproariously. He had always been extremely careful when he went about concocting medicine. After all, there had been too many occasions when people chased him down angrily as a result of his work. The mere thought of what it was like trying to explain himself to an angry mob caused him to sigh incessantly.

Continuing to accept the fight challenges would have been meaningless. Furthermore, he had already accumulated a terrifying number of merit points. For now, the best thing was to simply let matters drop, and allow the remaining challenges to expire half a year later.

Judging from this elderly man's strength, he should have some status in the Demon Gate. Qing Shui had only injured his opponent due to the same reason, not because he was afraid of his opponent. He was not afraid of the Demon Gate at all now. Nobody could stop him if he wanted to leave.

The only good thing that Bai Xiaochun noticed was that there were actually customers in the shop. One of them was a young man who appeared to be panting in anger. Before Bai Xiaochun had even walked all the way inside, the young man erupted in anger.

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