Reincarnated with The Power of Creation Magic Chapter 1846

Reincarnated with The Power of Creation Magic Chapter 1846

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"Young lady Qing, why are you planning to leave as soon as you come? It's not common for us to run into each other, why don't we spend some time together?" The young man behind Sima Sha said in a joking manner.

The Spirit Gathering Lamp could now double the damage dealt by the Fire Bird's flame attacks, that being sixty four stars.

And yet, he couldn't stop thinking about the fact that he could perform a ninefold spirit enhancement on the Eternal Parasol with that flame, making it even more powerful, and also increase his chances of getting out of the labyrinth safely.

Bai Xiaochun licked his lips. By now, his heart was pounding so hard it was like thunder in his ears. However, he didn't answer the question immediately, nor did he collect the items up. Instead, he just patted his bag of holding expectantly.

He moped all the way back to his immortal's cave, where he sat down cross-legged in grief. Then he thought about how he would have to single-handedly go up against people from all three of the other sects, and he suddenly felt quite lonely.


She was different from Shi Qingzhuang's coolness, and had the pride of a loner. She was one who was indifferent to everything. A friend was easy to find but a bosom was hard to wish for. She was like a phoenix who soared through the clouds; no one could understand her or knew what she was thinking. Nobody knew for what reason, what she wanted, or what she pursued.

He had been gradually losing his strength after the long hours of walking inside the mountain. Qing Shui felt like he was in a dream because of the sight of demonic beasts in the area. He even doubted himself - did he lose his way, or did he go up the wrong mountain?

Big Fatty Zhang rubbed his nose awkwardly, but still chuckled a bit.

In contrast, Master God-Diviner and Xu Baocai were both very busy handling the affairs of the organization. Eventually, Bai Xiaochun thought about his other Dao Protectors, and wondered whether or not they had heard about his recent accomplishments....

After Zhao Long managed to stop vomiting, he looked at Bai Xiaochun with clasped hands and then bowed deeply. Although Bai Xiaochun looked like a soul cultivator, he was still profoundly thankful.

His eyes were so bloodshot that they almost looked like pools of blood. Tone mocking, he continued, "I'm not happy! Do the next enhancement, alright? Do it!! I refuse to believe that you can succeed at a fifteenfold enhancement!!"


Without anyone causing any problems for the River-Defying Sect, it thrived, growing more powerful and expanding its territory. Two months passed.

"I know, I do not intend on taking action against the Di Clan. Furthermore, it's not like we are immediately going to the Di Clan after arriving in the Central Continent, but we should still go soon.

Next, he reached out with his other hand, causing the fragments of the mountain of Dao Essence to pull back together and hover to his right. Inside of the treasured fan, Bai Xiaochi looked on with excitement as he sent the fan flying over to the Worldly Daoist's left side.

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