Abyss Watcher in the league V2 Chapter 1934

Abyss Watcher in the league V2 Chapter 1934

"That's good, very good. This is all thanks to the honored Imperial Protector's tireless work. Our country truly thanks you and will remember your deeds for all eternity." General Liu spoke with gratitude.

Two days later, Jian Chen and Ming Dong both finally walked out of the mountains, and with another day of traveling, both men finally arrived at a Second Class City. From far away, they could see a stream of merchants and mercenaries flowing in and out of the city.

She was a Divine Core demon lord from the Blissful Manor, and she was here because she found out someone was trying to intrude the island before the trade fair started.


Receiving the energy-filled blow from the man, Mu Yun's sword was sent towards the side. But with Mu Yun's battle experience, he took advantage of this sudden movement to whirl around. The sword traveled in a circular motion as Mu Yun immediately slashed at the man once more.

Actually, Nangong Yunfan knew more than anyone else that the reason why Nangong Wentian still hadn't broken through to the Combat Soul realm was because of the Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill. This was indeed a powerful skill, but at the same time, it was really difficult to cultivate. The further Nangong Wentian cultivated this skill, the tougher it became, and he could be stuck in a bottleneck for a long time.

"What is it?"

What Jian Chen didn't expect was to find in the treasury of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom an actual Saint Tier Battle Skill. This to him was a gargantious shock, but the only problem was that this one was broken ¨• it was not a full and clear depiction.

"I was thinking, even if you can become smaller, you still look like a dog. Why don't we use a towel to cover Big Yellow's head, and only show his eyes? I can guarantee no one will be able to tell who he is!"

Jiang Chen wasn't scared that any powerful warriors would kill him in an instant. Humans were after all greedy by nature. Him continuously leveling up had definitely attracted the attention of many, and he believed that many people would be interested in the £¦legacy' he had found yesterday, and that didn't exclude those 13 Tycoons. At that point of time, as long as they wanted to know about his secret, they would keep him alive, and the Freezing Hell Jail was the perfect place to place him.Chapter 517 - Freezing Hell Jail

Dreaming? No! This was a scene that Jiang Zhenhai had never even dared dream about. Putting aside the fact of whether or not he would become the new Emperor, just the scene he was now facing gave him a strong sense of satisfaction.


At this time, the bedsheets that had fallen to the ground and covered the cub were ripped apart, revealing the face of one of the guards as he looked underneath the bed.

"Sect Chief, this beast is too ferocious, we can't defeat it even with the combination of all our strength! If this carries on, we are going to suffer some huge losses!" A Sect Elder shouted towards Qing Styx with a pale face.

"Haha, I never thought the Palace Chief would be a man with such character, I like him! No wonder Little Chen trusts him so much."

"Would it really be over there? Let's take a look."

"It's Big Yellow, Han Yan, and that other guy!"

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