The World of Women Chapter 1204

The World of Women Chapter 1204

"This monster has caused us huge damage! Although it's only a Late Combat Soul monster, it's still weaker when compared to us! However, it's still a deadly threat to the others! We have to eliminate it completely!"

Hu Xiaotian had been clearly startled by this announcement, but he had quickly regained his wits and cupped his hands in salute. "So you were Jian Chen, the King of Mercenaries. It is nice to meet you. What pity it was that I was preoccupied when the Gathering of Mercenaries happened and was unable to watch the battles. Otherwise, I would definitely have watched your match."

The expression on the patriarch's face hardened as he said, "Jian Chen, it really is you!"

Big Yellow was incredibly narcissistic. His current expression only appeared on those thinking about themselves as a superior being.


Guo Shan explained the current situation to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen sneered. He simply stood there without moving a bit. With a palm covered in dragon scales, he simply waved his hand and instantly shattered all the energy waves unleashed by Xu Yun, as if he was just popping some bubbles.

The Heavenly Saint Sword clashed with the Imperial Emperor's weapon and forcefully knocked it aside. The force was so powerful that the Imperial Emperor arm went numb, and almost lost it from his grip.

A tidal wave of emotions overcame Yun Lian's mind at that point. A Heaven Saint Master was among the strongest on the continent. On the power structure, they were nearly at the top, and would be heads above anyone else if put in any random kingdom. Even a king would have to treat them as majestic and illustrious entities with most haste. Their very existences were the same as being compared to an entire kingdom. The rise or fall of a kingdom was completely dependent on where the Heaven Saint Master was in the equation.

Seeing the seven men in front of him, Jian Chen knew that his plan was already halfway there. For now, he only had to see what the seven would decide on.

Jiang Chen's expression was a sore sight. He now knew how terrifying the Ice Demon King's attack was. He that although he could withstand this strike, he might not be able to withstand the second attack.

Laying in the bed, Jian Chen silently healed with the use of his light Saint Force. For the past two days the man had given him some herbs to help heal him, but currently, he was all out of Saint Force; the sword within his dantian had been reduced to a darker version as well.

Big Yellow's ears instantly stood up.

"What? That's him? Such a daring guy, how dare he participate in today's competition?! Today, we'll chop him into pieces!"

Right at this moment, many warriors suddenly appeared in the center of the Island of Ice. Each of them wore the same puzzled expressions.

When the disciple from the Burning Sky Pavilion witnessed Nanbei Chao knock back one of the strongest men in the Qi Province, Daoist Black with just a single strike, all of them began cheering. Their spirits had been raised by Nanbei Chao's mightiness.

Yan Chen Yu said as she walked forwards. Other people were scared of cold, but she didn't fear it. She had a Divine Body with Nine Yin Meridians, and it was the coldest power in this world. Any coldness was just a tonic for her.

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