Under the Deep Vast Sea Chapter 2452

Under the Deep Vast Sea Chapter 2452

"It's been good. It's very quiet here and everyday, I'll teach Qi`er and some villagers martial arts. They would hunt and take turns to send some game to us, saying that it's to thank me for teaching them skills. The people here are like one big family. Everyone is on good terms with one another." When Old Madam Mo said this, she wore a happy smile. It didn't matter if one was rich or poor. What matters was that one lived a happy and fulfilling life.

The audience went wild.

Bai Xiaochun stood there silently for a moment, his mind and heart battered by huge waves of shock. He could tell that the man hadn't been lying to him. After a moment passed, he said, "You didn't turn up even the slightest clue?"

By the time he reached the ninetieth level, his wounds were far worse than they had been at any time in the past when challenging the damaged fan. His Undying Codex was operating in shocking fashion, and his attacks were the type that had only been seen previously in the Heavenspan Realm, the type in which he sustained damage to inflict fatal blows.

Bai Xiaochun dropped down to sit on the ground and look around at the empty cave.

"Haha, Yanhong is right, if the beast in him suddenly comes on, it'll be quite low but the top would be flat as leaves. Even thinking about it is scary," Sister Lin laughed out.

His hand became like a black hole that sucked in all the surrounding flame. Then, when he opened his fingers, he saw... a ten-colored flame!!

Stunned, Bai Xiaochun looked at Zhou Yixing for confirmation, who simply smiled and nodded. Heart pounding, Bai Xiaochun looked back. The black-robed old man was still sitting there just like before. By this point, Bai Xiaochun realized that there was something familiar about him, although he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

Although he didn't fully understand the reason Bai Hao had gone missing, he now had a general idea. A patriarch in Miao Lin'er's clan was a necromancer at the peak of the celestial rank, who planned to use Bai Hao's soul in a flame conjuring to achieve a breakthrough!

When the third Battleship was completed, all the disciples in the Spirit Stream Division felt shaken. Everyone knew that the most critical part of the war was coming!

They were exactly the same as the supporting techniques Qing Shui had seen in his consciousness in the past! He could see the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's ability!

No change in strength, agility, endurance, sight, hearing¡­ everything was the same as before. Could it be that the effects of a Potential Fruit were insufficient?

The way he made his entrance caused numerous eyes to fall upon him, as did the way he loudly slapped his own chest. Even Zhou Xinqi's fans felt a bit overwhelmed, and Zhou Xinqi herself couldn't help but look over at him.

Mingyue Gelou looked into the far distance, and mumbled to herself!

"Yang Revitalizing Grass? Nope, but I have heard of the Great Revitalizing Pellet." Tan Yang knitted his brow and said.

When he thought about the furniture he saw on the third floor, he contemplated on whether he should go back to the furniture store next time. However, his subconsciousness was trying to fight that thought away from his head.

What was needed was a kind of mood, a kind of mood where you went along with the flow until the conditions were right and felt the mood of drawing them at one go. It wasn't that you were not allowed to breathe.

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