The Combat System Chapter 2648

The Combat System Chapter 2648

Jian Chen shook his head helplessly, no matter what type of martial art to cultivate himself, the first thing he had to do was attain a better build. Not only that but the more profound a martial art was, the higher its requirement. When it came to the exercise of following the footsteps, if he did not have a strong physical physique and a strong Qi, then he would not have been able to last very long. Of course, normal practitioners would not be able to hold up for as long as he had, and if they had tried, then they would have exerted their body beyond what it could take and damage it.

"We're not leaving, we'll follow you to fight against the Demon King Palace! One way or another, we'll provide our strength for this war!"

Although Jian Chen had the strength of a Heaven Saint Master, had the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits, and was an uncontested existence among those in the Heaven Saint Master realm, Heaven Saint Masters did not stand at the pinnacle of the Tian Yuan Continent. Above them were the Saint Rulers and the many other paragon existences that lived as hermits.


A disciple pointed towards the direction where Jiang Chen and Big Yellow went.

The situation for the Changyang clan in the Gesun Kingdom was far different than before. The opening ceremony was extremely magnificent, and every single major party within the kingdom had been invited ¨• even the Hua Yun Sect that had caused trouble for the Changyang clan had been no exception.

Fragrant Sky City!

Hearing this, Jian Chen could not help but feel puzzled. When had he and Tie Ta gotten so close? They barely even met each other; the only time they had really interacted was during the freshmen martial arts competition.

Among the 7 mercenaries that were fighting Jian Chen, there were 5 Saint Masters and 2 Great Saints. The people of the Black Leopard Mercenaries weren't stupid, they knew that a person capable of incurring the wrath of the Tianxiong clan couldn't possibly be weak. Thus, the 5 Saint Masters attacked him at the same time.

"Clan leader, there is an urgent report for you!"

Big Yellow loudly said as he flew forward. Then, he cocked up his butt and made it double in size.

Shrouded in milky white rays of light, the three students' terrifying wounds were being quickly sealed before their very eyes. The speed of the healing was unfathomably fast, and within a short breath, the three students' wounds had already disappeared without a trace.

But when Jian Chen arrived, there were already people busily trading while others were streaming in and out of the area. All sorts of magical beasts were being ridden by the guards, though some of them were just regular horses.

Jiang Chen never showed his enemies any mercy. Jiang Cheng's life was much more precious than the lives of these people, and since Jiang Cheng was now dead, many of these people would have to follow him. These three men were just the first.

Hearing this talk about his mother, Jian Chen's face suddenly changed as a tremendous spike of killing intent flowed from his eyes. Lifting up his left hand, he blocked the incoming slap from the older man and then immediately planted his right hand into his stomach.

"The one wearing a black robe is young master Jiang Chen.This young master was once the most useless trash in Fragrant Sky city, but who could have known he was hiding his true colors all this time££"

Jiang Chen had mixed feelings as well. Why did this monk call himself Tyrant? He should've just called himself a bully. In any case, his behavior could never be related to that of an eminent monk. So, calling him a bully was rather suitable.

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