The Returner Chapter 1322

The Returner Chapter 1322

"Captain Chen Yunlong has already been killed, everybody run££"

In the last fight during the competition, Ka Di Liang had never exchanged blows with Jian Chen, so he never understood the true extent of Jian Chen's strength. It was not until this fight that Ka Di Liang realized that Jian Chen was stronger than he looked. In fact, based on the strength of the kick just now, Ka Di Liang was starting to doubt that Jian Chen was only at the 8th Saint Force layer.

Jian Chen said nothing and instead pressed against the gates with a little more force. As a result, the heavy doors swung open, revealing the giant courtyards behind it.


Jiang Chen asked.

Inside the Lee family's courtyard, a huge mourning hall had been constructed with black clothes. In the center of the hall, there were two black caskets. There were three words painted in white on top of each casket, £¶Remember the dead.' Lee Shan Yue and a few other Mortal Core warriors were standing in front of the altar.

Jiang Chen who was surrounded let out a cold snort. A dignified expression emerged on his face. An Early Heavenly Core warrior's attack and the combination of four Early Heavenly Core warrior's attacks was a completely different concept.

Within the storage ring, there was a space the size of at least two houses, which was enough to store items for now. Besides, the storage ring was controlled by Divine Sense, different from those low level storage bags that were opened using Yuan energy.

After killing the three, Jian Chen and Ming Dong continued on their way unhindered.

The leading black crow let out a loud cry. It pecked towards the True Dragon Balm with its sharp beak and poked a huge hole into it. This really showed how strong its beak was.

A pleasant smile emerged onto Jiang Chen's face. He was incredibly happy right now! The two broken sword parts were the two most valuable things he had gotten on this Island of Ice! No one could understand how deep his relationship with the Heavenly Saint Sword was.

"Hahaha££ Shangguan Yiqing, this is too funny!"

Jian Chen nodded his head after thinking for a moment, "No problem. I can promise you that, but in return, you will not stand by the sidelines if there is any trouble that comes our way."

If Wu Yan had known it was Jiang Chen who beat up Qiu Tianba, he would definitely not have come here. But, since he had offended Jiang Chen, there was no way he could suffer this beating for no reason. He was try his best to make Jiang Chen pay for what he had done. Or else, he wouldn't be able to get along as well in the Martial in the future.

Unfortunately, the gap between their combat strengths was not small. Even though Yan Yang held a low ranked combat weapon in his hands, he was still far from being Lee Chang Ming's match. There was an entire level gap between the Qi Hai realm and the Mortal Core realm. This gap was much bigger than the gap between a Mid Qi Hai warrior and a Late Qi Hai warrior.

In the ancient records, a hundred years ago in the Holy Empire, a Class 6 Silver Striped Golden Snake had laid waste to a King City with the population of ten million people in the time it took for a candle wick to burn out. Every single person was killed by the potent venom even decayed corpses. All that was left in the city was the stench of fresh blood that rose endlessly into the air.

After the headmaster Bai En had made a speech, he had the rest of the students clean up a bit before taking away everyone's Space Ring in order to prevent people from storing their own monster cores within it. He gave them a cheap Space Belt to compensate, a single one of these belts weren't all that expensive and were actually a very common item so the academy could afford to hand out a thousand of them.

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