New Life in Summoners Rift Chapter 1904

New Life in Summoners Rift Chapter 1904

Within that soul, it was possible to detect a metal-type aura, as well as a bit of heterogeneous lightning power!!

The Cui Brothers once again threw an aggrieved glance toward Qing Shui. They had brought along this additional burden with them today. Otherwise, with Long Lingyun's and Qi Gang's help, all of them would be able to leave easily.

"Don't think too much into it," the Celestial said. "It's just a command medallion. Now you can go back to the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect and use their teleportation portal to return to the eastern Heavenspan region."

Qing Shui: "..."

Humm Humm!

Upon seeing Bai Xiaochun vanish, the huge blacksmith snorted coldly, then looked down at the black water, frowning. He had not swung his hammer with full force just now; if he had, Bai Xiaochun would never have escaped. This blacksmith was different from the stone golems, and was actually on good terms with the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect. As such, when this insect came along and began to steal his frigid liquid, all he could do was drive him away.

High up in the Underworld River Restricted Area, Bai Hao suddenly sensed that Bai Xiaochun was looking at him. Shivering, he turned his head to look at Bai Xiaochun down in the Wildlands, and his eyes shone with respect and deep emotion. Furthermore, there were many people who noticed that, and were quite taken aback.

When he came back to senses, he found her smiling at him. He felt a warmth. To give him confidence, she had abandoned her goddess like reservation. This could be considered a sort of experience she had about things. He already owned her too much. With this woman looking so appreciative at him, what more had he to be afraid of? Since she had already made the first move, he did not have continue being embarrassed.

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Inside, he ignored how his arrival instantly caused a stir of fear among the gray-robed prisoners and the prisoners in the cells. During his month-long stay recently, he had found an area some distance away from the entrance that was relatively wide-open, which was where he headed now.

Qing Shui muddled along, until he woke up from his consciousness, he had walked a long, long way along the ancient street.

The rest of the people present were all heavenly marquises. Four of them Bai Xiaochun recognized as people from the group of nine who had besieged him.

"Hahaha! I've been waiting for this day for a long time now!"

After experiencing so many setbacks, she finally decided to resort to her magic of plants and vegetation to kill Bai Xiaochun. And yet, contrary to anything she could have imagined, he wrested control over her plants and vegetation as well!

Cheering could be heard in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, and of course the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. Although Bai Xiaochun had not spent a huge amount of time inside the sovereign's body, it was still a period in which all cultivators in the Eternal Immortal Domains knew that their collective lives were on the line.

Qing Shui took a deep breath as he felt the abundant spirit energy in his surroundings. Even compared to the spirit energy in Heavenly Palace Mountain, this was way more abundant. Unfortunately, the only limiting factor was that this place was a bit small.?

"Mother, Qingzhuang, what are you talking about? The two of you look so happy!" Qing Shui asked casually, picking up the teapot and filling up their tea cups till they were 70% full! The faint fragrance of the tea leaves was elegant and refreshing.

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