Dragonborn Saga Chapter 69

Dragonborn Saga Chapter 69

"Well, finding out about the current situation is better than doing nothing. How about this; you proceed to the Qi Province while I continue hiding in the Imperial Capital. If any more news appears, I'll inform you at once."

It took only a moment for the entire street to be filled with hundreds of people that formed an impenetrable crowd. Even the nearby rooftops were filled with people.

"What's wrong? You guys are now afraid?"

Jiang Chen calmed his mind down. Then, he descended from the skies, landing in front of all disciples and elders. He threw his glance at the seriously injured Duan Jianhong and Zhao Chongyang.

"We will adjourn our meeting here today. Everyone may leave." The leader announced, allowing everyone else to leave the halls.

Hearing the forcefulness behind Xiu Mi Si's words, Jian Chen knit his brows. He swept his gaze over Xiu Mi Si's handsome face, and coldly replied, "I apologize, but we no longer need any additional people. After all, we're only facing Class 1 magical beasts, so we don't have the time to spare babysitting others."

A considerable amount of time had past before Jian Chen had finally regained his wits. Still staring rather shocked at the girl, he just had to ask once more, "Little sister, did I hear you correctly? The lord of Mercenary City, Mo Tianyun, is your master?" Even now, Jian Chen was doubting what he had heard.

Big Yellow's eyes instantly lit up. This dog was a top talent when it came to sensing treasures, but he had been unable to sense anything before this. This only meant that the treasure had hidden itself very deep. No wonder Zhuang Fan had never discovered it although he had occupied the Heavenhawk Island for years.

The feeling of walking step by step towards death was not something an ordinary man could understand. The current Yang Shuo was in a situation where he was unable to choose whether or not he would live or die.

"What's going on? Why is Wu Ningzhu thanking him? Why is she behaving so politely to this guy?"

The group once again bowed to Jiang Chen before they turned around and left.

Jian Chen's soul was lashing out around him as he checked his surroundings. The 3rd region was not as quiet as the 2nd region. Not only did they have to protect themselves from magical beasts, but they also had to protect themselves from other students. Other students were waiting around for the perfect moment to strike. So because of that, the closer one got to the entrance, the more dangerous it became. After all, the enchantment was showing a hole in itself to help lead students out, so many of them were trying to leave the forest and made themselves an open target for those other students waiting to ambush them.


"What a powerful axe."

In their eyes, Jiang Chen was dead meat, and they were going to kill him sooner or later, but these treasures couldn't wait. If they didn't get as much as possible right now, they wouldn't be able to find any treasures in the future. These treasures were also simply irresistible.

"This one is Dick-Parosi, delegate of the Shuilan clan. We are willing to join your Flame Mercenaries££"

"Ling Du is here to pay his respect to the princes."

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