Legendary Golden Apple Tree Chapter 90

Legendary Golden Apple Tree Chapter 90

"That dog made us lose our direction in the mountains. We've traveled for almost one month, and now we've come to this rubbish place. Brother Chen, we have to go back fast."

Hesitating from where he stood, Jian Chen took it into consideration for a while longer before finally deciding to say everything he knew about the tiger cub. As of now, the king of the Gilligan clan was after the tiger cub, and even the mother of the cub had nearly died to the king. That could be said that despite the tiger cub's strength, the leader of the magical beast clan would without a doubt have a blood debt with it. But even in the future when the cub grew up, it was possible that the cub would not bring calamity to the continent.

"You guys had to suffer because of me. I can't just sit by and do nothing."

As long as they were to officially join his Flame Mercenaries, they would be able to accomplish missions for the sake of the mercenary group and increase their ranking.

Smiling in return, Jasmine's eyes swiveled to look at Jian Chen and the people behind him. "Might I inquire who you might be?"

Yu Tian Long let out a cold snort. He was someone with a noble status, and his son was an inner circle disciple of the Black Sect. Of course he would have his own pride.

"That's right, this formation carries an illusionary characteristic, but it won't hurt anyone. Therefore, Wang Heng won't get killed by this formation. But, we can't eliminate the possibility that there is danger on the other side of the formation, as none of us know what's on the other side."

At this moment, Jian Chen, his mother, and Yu Fengyan were sitting in the same room and talking to each other. The entire topic revolved around where Jian Chen had been the entire time he was gone. Although Jian Chen tried his best to water down the life or death situations he had experienced, the two women were still utterly frightened out of their skins. For her child, Bi Yuntian's tears had stained her clothes a long time ago and her eyes were a puffy red.

Jian Chen remained within the reservoir for nearly 6 hours before reaching an area 20 kilometers away from where he had started. Facing another direction, he began to swim toward a broad passageway and continued up toward the surface.

On the other side, Wu Cong continued diving deeper. Not only did he want to find the Magma's Heart, he also wanted to find out where Jiang Chen was, and kill him.

"Little Chen, what combat skill did you use just now? How did you trap that Devil King?"

The man stood there with mixed emotions. Afterwards, all the worry in his gaze was replaced by mockery. Staring them, he smiled coldly, "You should save it. You really think I'm as easy to trick as a three year old kid? Jian Chen, I'll say it one last time. Immediately give me the tiger, otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite."

Because Mu Tian had taken out over 20 monster cores, the following students didn't induce any type of reactions when they removed their monster cores. Majority of them had only the minimum 2 monster cores; the number of people that had more than 2 was very few. Aside from Mu Tian's 23 monster cores, the highest harvest had been the previous 8 monster cores.

Not only that, after the Dragon Transformation skill had transformed twice, Jiang Chen had obtained two formidable skills as well as the True Dragon Flame. Also, when he was in Inferno Hello, he could actually control the Blood Talisman with his skill. All of this was proof of how unusual the Dragon Transformation skill was.

He was doing this on purpose;he must have planned this earlier.Jiang Ru Long was so angry that he wished he could kill Jiang Chen right now.What Jiang Chen had just said pushed him in a direction of no return.

"This is crazy, absolutely crazy! That Jiang Chen is incredibly daring, he really show up on Mount Tianyuan and participated in the Gathering of Skynet! Not only that, he also killed both Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi, the two number one geniuses of the Jian Province! What a fierce man!"

"He is simply a shameless guy! With his Heavenly Core cultivation realm, not only does he challenge senior disciple Jiang Chen, he even came to the Black Sect with such an aggressive attitude, is he an idiot?"

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