The Strongest Magical Warrior Chapter 1491

The Strongest Magical Warrior Chapter 1491



"Haha, this barely reaches the strength of a Human Grade Eight Martial Saint!" Qing Shui could not help but be ecstatic.

His palm crushed his head, sending blood and brain matter showering out in all directions. Xiao Qing died instantly, and his partially crystallized spiritual sea immediately collapsed.

"Ah, I almost forgot!"

Energy that could shake heaven and earth exploded from the Waterswamp Kingdom. As the blast spread out in all directions, the battle beasts went completely out of control. Howling at the tops of their lungs, they began to throw themselves down to the ground in prostration!

"There is yet another breakthrough!" A faint smiling expression appeared in Di Chen's profound and beautiful eyes.

He felt that it was really good this way because it helped save him a lot of trouble.

It was that ridiculously powerful. It is 20% of their overall stats, that is 20% of their strength, defense, and speed.?

"We shouldn't do anything impulsive, Xiaochunˇ­." he began. After all, the two of them were currently fleeing from certain death. To the Giant Ghost King, Bai Xiaochun's suggestion seemed almost ludicrous.

War was a thing of the past. Without the threat of the Mortal Renegade, and the corrosive spirit he brought with him, the Eternal Mother recovered. Whereas the Saint-Emperor had once been doomed to remain as a half-sovereign, he now had hope for reaching a higher level.

Especially the Agility Enhancing Fruit.

"Of the three sovereigns, he was the last to blow! Sure took long enough! Originally, everything was supposed to be split three ways, but it's way too late for that now. The people from the Arch-Emperor's world are destined to be the slaves of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty!"

These were backup forces that the Profound Stream Sect had prepared. The war was reaching a deadly, critical level, so there was no reason to keep such cultivators out of the fighting any longer. There were only a few tens of thousands of them, and yet they blotted out the sky as they flew toward Bai Xiaochun. Interspersed among the cultivators was a sizeable force of black puppets.

If you were going to block a rapidly revolving drill bit piercing towards you with something, you'd definitely require an even greater opposing force to resist it.

Qing Shui looked into the sky. He didn't leave but went back to the place near Zuoshi Clan. He looked at the surroundings of the house from afar as well as the nearby stuff around it. Zuoshi Clan was a secluded Clan. It already had a small population to begin with. Even though he killed quite a lot of their members last time, there were a few who managed to escape. Qing Shui wanted to test his luck and see if there was anyone from the clan who would come back to retrieve their treasures.

"I'm not going anywhere!"

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