Awakening Chapter 1451

Awakening Chapter 1451

"Yes, Zhan Tian. Your Carnage Mercenaries were amongst the strongest within the Cloud Capital. But now you've completely thrown away your entire group to the whims of another to use, is that not an unworthy use of them?"

"The Martial Palace is protecting the Black Sect?"

Jiang Chen shouted to the disciples behind him, then he led the way to the training grounds.

All around the cave were various paintings of men. Each painting was almost lifelike, and in each painting, the person drawn within seemed to be performing some sort of graceful movement.

"You have no right to threaten me! Furthermore, you have no right to demand negotiations!" Jian Chen barked. With a single thought, he began to gather the boundless energy of the world to swirl around them in a frantic manner. The tide of energy began to swirl around the one-armed man, rendering him incapable of movements. With a extension of his arm and palm, Jian Chen forced the bottle in the man's hand fly to his own.

Whenever he broke through, Jiang Chen could precisely feel how many Dragon Marks he needed for him to break through to the next stage or realm. Thus, in order for him to break through to the Heavenly Core realm, he would need a total of 100 Dragon Marks. Now, Jiang Chen had 65 Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea, so he needed another 35 Dragon Marks in order to break through to the Heavenly Core realm.

"What?! He can fly?! How could this be possible?!"

A brilliant gleam entered Jian Chen's eyes as he swallowed another burst of Chaotic Force from his dantian. A burst of energy flew forth from his body as wildly as a rampaging horse. He moved his hand to slam the five fingertips of the male whose claw was touching him.

Jiang Chen said.

"Let's proceed to Inferno City and rescue Guan Yiyun. We'll talk about the Earth Devil after that. Since we've come to Inferno Hell, we'll have to utilize the environment to push our cultivation to new boundaries. Big Yellow, you'll have to work harder as well, it's very difficult to survive in this place when you're just a Heavenly Core beast."

"Jian Chen. Even we two are afraid of fighting in Mercenary City. You are only a Heaven Saint Master, if you wish to continue living, then cease what you're doing. Otherwise, there will be no one to save you." The Saint Ruler from the Jiede clan sneered.Chapter 613: Death of a Saint Ruler (Three)

"You-, you, Qingyi Sect££ will definitely not££ you go££"

Elder Xiu's eyes contained surprise as he muttered, "This is truly a queer ability. I can only sense an azure and purple ray of light with a strong amount of power within the mud. This power is something I've never seen or heard before. Just what is this?" The elder hadn't made a single move, but he had somehow managed to bring the floating dirt back down to the ground without any of the azure or violet light left in it.

"Oh! Big brother, you've already absorbed fifty thousand years worth of energy Little Spirit accumulated. When will you be done, soon enough, all the energy Little Spirit accumulated will be gone." Seeing the energy lessen, Little Spirit couldn't help but speak with a slightly pained look.

"No shit! If I wasn't talking to you, who else would I be talking to? There's no one else here!" The youth rudely retorted. He didn't realize how contradictory his words were: weren't he and the 6 mercenaries with him also people?

"Zhang Yang, you're just like an ant to me! You were trash in the past, and you still are trash now! You dare be disrespectful to me, Luo Song?! I'll cripple you now and take away you opportunity to participate in tomorrow's outer circle competition!"

Someone couldn't hold himself any longer, he spoke on the verge of tears.

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