Saints and Scourges: Love is love Chapter 754

Saints and Scourges: Love is love Chapter 754

As Bai Xiaochun began gobbling up all of the soul medicine in the city, terrifying things were shaking the hearts of all residents.

Qing Shui slowly advanced into the residence from the front gate. He was a few steps away from officially setting his foot on the Feng Clan grounds. Whether he would be able to defeat them was unknown.

Zhou Yixing immediately noticed the nine designs on the Eternal Parasol, and recalled that before, it only had eight. His eyes turned red, and he let out a bellow of rage.

"F*ck! This is Impurities Cleansing again!?" There was a grey layered of oil-like substances seeping out of Qing Shui's pores.

Gongsun Wan'er and Zhao Rou fought a few times, and although there were always clear winners and losers, neither managed to kill the other.

But the lotus seeds were inanimate objects that could not fly into Bai Xiaochun's hands of their own accord. The only way for him to get them would be to outright steal them!

Nonetheless, the most important part of a woman was her legs. Other than a woman's lower jaw, her legs were one of the places where most of her yin energy would gather as well. Furthermore, it was also the part of her body which was the most sensitive to sex.

Nature Energy!

"Master, I need to discuss something with you." Qing Shui pondered a little as he spoke.

And if he did use the sword, he would definitely occupy the peak level among cultivators in the mid Celestial Realm!

As for Ghostfang, he also had a better chance than before, and was catching up relentlessly. Although he was also teetering on the verge of failure, he was still hanging on, and the question was how long he could continue to do so.

Although most people in the audience felt that way, by the time the amber light of evening began to spread out....

Elated, he sped off into the distance, heart pounding with lingering fear.


Central Star Building!

At this point, Bai Xiaochun heard the Eternal Mother speaking to him. "You have ten breaths of time!"?

It wasn't an offensive spell formation, it was solely defensive.

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