Blacksmith God System Chapter 652

Blacksmith God System Chapter 652

All of Middle Peak was in an uproar. Never before in their lives had these Foundation Establishment cultivators experienced anything like this, and during the day, everyone walked around with bloodshot, murderous eyes.

Currently, without the aid of external objects or his techniques, Qing Shu's body's defense had the strength of two and a half countries and his attacking strength was about 15 million Jin.

Wenren Wu-Shuang didn't know whether Qing Shui's words were intentional or not, but when she heard "mom", she instantly blushed. However, Qing Yi was cheerfully winking towards Qing Shui.

The two cultivators escorting him couldn't conceal the pride which rose up on their faces. After all, being a yellow-robed disciple in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect was truly a glorious position. One of them smiled.

"What kind of awful place is this...?" he muttered, chewing on his bottom lip. After walking a few more steps, he suddenly stopped in place, his eyes shining with a fierceness that made him seem like a sharp, drawn blade.

"Your humble servant awaits his orders!" Bai Xiaochun said decisively.

"This Bai XiaochunĄ­ must not be provokedĄ­."

A beam of sword light... split through the clouds, rumbling along with incredible momentum. The clouds seethed as an ancient green sword appeared, a beam that cut through everything in its path, piercing through the air as it shot toward the ground.

"Congratulations, and do not call me Master from now on. Moreover, it has always been just a form of address. I am no longer able to protect you, neither do you require any protection." Yiye Jiange said happily. Her smile was dazzling; it showed off her pearly whites. She was so elegant and refined, her grace reminding Qing Shui of that Palace Mistress from the Misty Hall.

The instant his hook hit the water, Preceptor Seadeep looked over at that spot, whereupon his eyes went wide.

Meanwhile, the people off in the distance who had been watching were all clearly shaken. Initially they were too stunned to say anything, but before long, cries of shock could be heard.

"This might be my chance to get away! If the Bai Clan comes after me, then as long as I can get out of Devil Penitentiary itself, I could use those teleportation portals to make a complete getaway!!" Heart trembling with excitement, he settled his thoughts and asked for some more details about the teleportation formations and their locations. According to the list he was given, there were a total of 371 formations. After making a complete record of them, Bai Xiaochun tossed three Aphrodisiac Pills over to the anxious Lu Shiyou.

"Does the Black Dragon Horse only appear in Greencloud City?" They asked Canghai Mingyue after boarding the wagon.

Concocting the "Spirit Concentrating Pill" allowed Qing Shui's alchemy experience to quicken by three fold, giving him much satisfaction and consolation.

She had a feeling that this young man would definitely be able to cure her grandson. This way, even if she died, she could leave in peace. There was finally an heir to take over her Mo Clan. Unknowingly, the old woman started tearing up.

"Big sister, do you think big brother Shui can win against this bad old man?" A cute little girl said miserably to the tall and beautiful woman next to her.

"How many other members of Zu Clan are there in General Manor?" Qing Shui asked.

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