Forced Evolution Chapter 751

Forced Evolution Chapter 751

"A normal warrior only needs to depend on the Qi in the atmosphere to form their Qi Sea, and even those geniuses with great potential will just need 1 or 2 mortal restoration pills. I have used 3 pills, but it is still far from enough££ Looks like this Dragon Transformation skill is really powerful££ This is good news for me, as the more it consumes, the better my potential will be."

"Little bastard, die now!"

The old man discovered by Jian Chen half a month ago was nowhere to be seen.

"What about me, so what if I kill you? Don't even bother to threaten me with the Tianqin clan. You are not the representative of the Tianqin clan, and if it weren't for the sake of brother Qin Xiao, then I would have taught you a lesson back at the Tianqin clan's compound." Jian Chen stated. With a fierce glare, he kicked Tian Zhou in the chest; however, whether it was accidental or intentional, Jian Chen had kicked him where Tian Zhou had been stabbed with the sword earlier.

Granny Feng said.

Jiang Chen walked up to the front of the two tiger's dead bodies and picked up their Demon's Souls. Late Qi Hai Demon's Souls didn't have much use for him, but they're still considered valuable. It would be a waste if he just left them there.

Tyrant heartily laughed out. It looked like he was a guy who craved to see the world plunged into chaos. No matter where he went; he wouldn't settle for peace. In fact, from how he became the strongest Pirate Lord, one could easily tell what kind of person Tyrant was.


However, could an Early Combat Soul warrior really fight a Late Combat Soul warrior? Wasn't this a joke? Did such an abnormal monster truly exist underneath the heavens?

"Oh heavens, daddy can't stand it anymore! This is ridiculous, that bet is too cruel! Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong are definitely not going to accept it."

Jiang Chen said with a loud voice. For him, this broken sword was the absolute biggest gain he had received in his trip to the Island of Ice.

Liu Hong pondered for a brief moment, then he continued, "I can tell that young master is a straightforward man. We, the Heavenly Tower does business in a straightforward manner as well. We'll give 100,000 Heavenly Yuan Pills per drop. What does young master Jiang think about this price?"

The old monk's eyes lit up as he witnessed the transformation. A look of praise leaked out from his eyes, "This is the credit of the sarira. This kid's luck is quite good, the sarira has once again improved his physique, which will allow him to easily break through to the Combat Emperor realm without any issues."

"Our strength is limited, which is why the Skymend Formation's strength is limited as well. Those Dimensional Creatures don't want to be trapped in there, that's why they're attacking it."

Without hesitating, Jian Chen began to use his Saint Force to heat up his body and evaporate the water on it before changing clothes into a new set in his Space Belt. There was no time to clean his wounds other than to wrap them in some bandages. This was the home of someone else after all, there was no telling when the lord of the house would come back. If that lord were to discover a stranger in the back of his home, it would certainly bring a lot of trouble to him.

Three Blood Devils, with a pair of blood red eyes, were dressed in black clothes and were showing their sharp fangs as they stared at the prey in front of them. The way they looked was scary, as if they were some real devils from hell.

These next two days were relatively peaceful as the entire Tianqin clan all behaved themselves while resting within the courtyard provided to them by the imperial palace. Not a single one of them left the courtyard in fear of causing unneeded trouble. Although the Dazhou Kingdom was stagnating, the kingdom was still capable of making the other kingdoms feel fear.

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