Accelerator Junior Getting Thrown Around In Gensokyo Chapter 864

Accelerator Junior Getting Thrown Around In Gensokyo Chapter 864

Big Yellow stared at Jiang Chen in awe. He had an oily face, and he looked decent, he didn't look like had been poisoned at all. Big Yellow immediately realized he had been cheated by Jiang Chen, and had carried him all the way for nothing.

"Kid, you really don't know kindness when it's handed to you, so why don't you let brother Gan Hou teach you a lesson! Be sure to remember it!" He immediately swung out with his palm towards Jian Chen's face. His palm was traveling so fast, that before it had even reached its destination, a fierce palm wind blew across Jian Chen's hair. This signified that Gan Hou's hand was not lacking in strength at all.

The Tenth Emperor said with a vicious smile on his face.Chapter 386 ΓΏ The Nangong Family's Situation


Walking out of his tent, Jian Chen stood in the fresh morning atmosphere with his head raised up high to look at the tree branches overhead. In this morning hour, the air was filled with mist and it was quite dim out as the sun was still rising from the east.

Leaving the alleyway, Jian Chen cut back into the busy roads before walking into a nearby restaurant. During the night, Jian Chen sat down on his bed and began to study the white stone in his possession.

"Not bad, not arrogant or rash. You're quite a bit stronger than the other Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters." The fifth elder nodded his head slightly, very satisfied with Jian Chen performance in his heart. He continued, "Yang Yutian, you must know the purpose of you coming here today. After today, you'll become a core member of the union and will be able to enter the Radiant Saint Tower to practise Radiant Artes which have been passed down from the ancient times. Only our Radiant Saint Master Union possesses these Radiant Artes. They're definitely not something that regular Radiant Saint Masters can obtain."

But too bad, Ling Ao's cultivation realm was still low. With him being at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, he still couldn't use this skill to its potential, thus, Jiang Chen could easily identify its weak spot.

The five old men all became solemn. The strength of the killing intent from the man had caused them to tremble with fear.

Bi Yuntian quickly wrapped Jian Chen in a tear filled hug as she began to pour out the feelings she had felt over the years, "Xiang'er, Xiang'er! My child, You've finally come home! Your mother has missed you so much!"

But what really attracted Jiang Chen was the Earth Fruit. This kind of natural treasure was rare. The Earth Essence contained within the Thousand Year Old Earth Fruit wasn't much, but it was still enough for him as he was right now. With Earth Fruit combined with the benefits he received earlier, Jiang Chen was now 100% confident that he could break through to the Mid Mortal Core realm, and even go further.

"Bear in mind, the Mercenary's Heart must be refined within the holy land. If it is taken out of the holy land, then the energy gathered within the Mercenary's Heart will quickly evaporate." The Eight Elder warned Jian Chen.

"How dare you?"

"Hmph, his injuries are already quite grave. Even if you used the very best herbs, it would take a month or two to heal from, and even then, that would not be a guaranteed full recovery. For me collecting fifty purple coins is quite cheap." He had a firm look on his face, but he was laughing to himself secretly. He was quite familiar with Wake City so he knew that he was the only Radiant Saint Master there. He also knew that the Kai clan had plenty of money, so since he was in control of the situation, he wasn't afraid to force open the jaws of the lion.

The Green Scaled Ape's gigantic body began to shake slowly. With a tiny wobble, it finally came crashing down to the ground.

"Brat, stop there!"

Jiang Chen slowly put away the longsword in his hand, then he shouted at Big Yellow. Big Yellow immediately understood what Jiang Chen wanted to tell him, and he immediately dashed to the bodies on the ground with incredible speed, then he took away all their storage rings, as well as their Combat Weapons.

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