Tales of Demons and Gods: reincarnation Chapter 1648

Tales of Demons and Gods: reincarnation Chapter 1648

"Dad, why are you here?"


The two princes, as well as the Combat Soul geniuses from the Martial Palace, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect were the fastest group of people. They flew forwards like shooting stars, and soon entered the lead.

"So strong!"

"Wow, young master is really formidable, I think he's at least a Divine Core warrior now! Oh Heavens, that realm is so far away from me!"

As the two sides collided, a muffled sound could be heard from the contact. However, the excellent control of energy from both sides made it so no energy shockwave exploded outward.

Yun Li's face grew whiter and whiter as he listened to Katata's words. His entire body began to shake as he observed the battle ground below them. His eyes couldn't help but widen and tear up a bit as he muttered, "Could it be? Could this day be the last day for my Wake City?" The two Earth Saint Master envoys were the greatest stabilizers to Yun Li's heart, but with Katata's words revealing that it would be difficult to deal with the hidden Class 5 Magical Beast even if he and his brother joined hands, those words were like a clap of thunder to Yun Li's eardrums. By now, he was feeling a great deal of despair.

"Hmph, no matter where you shoot off to, don't think that you can escape from me." Jian Chen snorted before descending into the hole.

Jin Tian returned to his senses very quickly, immediately retreating abruptly. The Ruler Armament in his right hand radiated brightly, becoming similar to the scorching sun radiating its dazzling light into the world. Afterwards, he chopped at Jian Chen's punch like lightning.Chapter 688: Acquiring the Ruler Armament

Wu Ningzhu let out a long sigh, then she raised her head and looked at the bright moon. She took a step forward and continued speaking with a voice so soft that it could only be heard by herself, "A beautiful appearance is a girl's biggest pride. However, I have been hiding it all this time."

The guard trio had met ultimate misfortune today. They had never encountered anything like this before while they were standing guard. It was just their bad luck to encounter Jiang Chen today.

This continent was called the Tian Yuan continent and was fairly big. There were numerous countries of various sizes and even more cities of all sizes. The biggest cities were known as the Capitals and each one stretched across countless miles, and each of these Capitals were ruled by a city ruler. Each ruler was also in charge of several million up to ten million guardian soldiers.

The sword was around 4 feet long and two fingers wide. Engraved on the blade next to the hilt were two words: "Light Wind".

The frequency of the streaks of light was high and always came in groups of three. In a short while, a total of nine archers fell dead.

This was the very first time that Jian Chen was flying through the air with his own power, so there was a feeling of fresh wonder. On the way, he continued to look all around him while appreciating the view.

The remaining Great Saint Master was left with a shocked face. With two people, they had just barely managed to fight Jian Chen on even ground, and had even fallen to being at a disadvantage. Now that his companion had died, based on the strength that Jian Chen had displayed, he alone was definitely not an opponent for Jian Chen. If he really did try to go against Jian Chen by himself, he'd probably just die even faster.

Wu Ningzhu felt like coughing up blood. Her Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes had never failed her. In fact, the most frightening part of the skill wasn't the destructive power it possessed, but the ability to distract her opponent's mind. With her current strength, even those elders from the older generation of the Profound River Palace would be affected by this skill. However, it seemed like this skill had no effect on this young man in front of her. This really shocked Wu Ningzhu.

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