The wizard prince Chapter 1157

The wizard prince Chapter 1157

At a waterfall on the hillsides, a uniformed youth was cultivating in a puddle not to far away from the grass. The figure looked quite slender and weak with long black hair that went down to his waist. He looked rather handsome and had a bright glow in his eyes that was similar to the twinkle that reflected off of his sword.

"Alright, tomorrow is a good date, as we will hold the wedding ceremony tomorrow then."

Nanbei Chao's voice shook the entire scene. Standing high, he forcefully struck out with his palm, unleashing a bright golden palm which pushed down like a huge golden mountain. Nanbei Chao actually targeted the core of the Black Formation, where Daoist Black and Granny Feng stood.

Mao Shen shouted. He became to first one to dash toward Jiang Chen. At the same time, Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong unleashed their mighty energy and followed behind.


A Golden Guard noticed a servant of the Jiang family was looking at him, so he simply slapped that servant's face.

Big Yellow didn't show any mercy when he struck, because he knew Jiang Chen's temper. There was no point in wasting time with these people, they were so arrogant and just wanted to mess with Jiang Chen. Also, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had to enter the mountain no matter what. Therefore, a fight was unavoidable. When Big Yellow strikes, somebody has to die.

Paling with fright, Jian Chen hadn't even bothered to look at how the third elder had been doing as he hastily checked his own body. From where the blood pattern had touched him, there had been some sort of seal on his body that looked as if he had been branded.

After that, Jiang Chen moved. Like a powerful arrow leaving the bow, he instantly charged forward, swinging his sword at the same time. It was a very simple attack, but it was incredibly fast. The frightening Heavenly Saint Sword could break through anything; nothing could stop it!Chapter 416 ÿ Sudden Change, Third Broken Part of the Heavenly Saint Sword!

"Cultivate the £¦Cloudy Rock Skill' according to what I've told you. Tonight, you won't feel any pain in your £¦Origin Pass'. With your talent, it'll take you at most half a year before you'll be able to break through to the Heavenly Core realm and become an inner circle disciple."


"Headmaster, what should we do now? Our Gesun Kingdom had much difficulty producing a genius like Changyang Xiang Tian. We can't just stand by and watch a genius with limitless potential die when he had not yet finished maturing. Otherwise, this would really be too major a loss for Gesun Kingdom." Vice headmaster Bai En said in a heavy tone.Chapter 64: Goodbye Chang Bai

Inside the manor, Jian Chen could detect three Heaven Saint Masters. One of them lacked both of his legs ¨• it was the very same one that had tried to stop him in the Thousand Venom Valley and tried to take the tiger cub away from him.

Big Yellow shook his body, dropping Jiang Chen from his back.


On the battlefield, devastating shockwaves were accompanying the miserable screams that continuously rang out. Blood and combat weapons ruled the ground; sketching a hellish scene. The Martial Saint Dynasty's army was too tremendous, so even with the help of the formations, the Black Sect was in a disadvantageous positions. However, because of the formations, they could still fight on.

"Hmph!" Ka Di Yun snorted in disdain as he waved his hands. The Saint Weapon in his hands began to emit a magnificent light as it reappeared back into his hands and collided against Changyang Hu's iron sword.

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