The Truth Reality Chapter 437

The Truth Reality Chapter 437

Least under pressure was Bai Zhentian, who was also pleased with how things were playing out between Bai Xiaochun and Li Xiandao. At the same time, he was feeling very glad that, other than the River-Defying Sect incident, he had never done anything to build up a grudge between himself and Bai Xiaochun.

"Alright, you may go."

That was the name of this main hall. The first things that entered his field of view were the many Buddha statues and crowds. All of the Buddha statues were golden in color and each of them were about the same size. The biggest Buddha statue was the one facing the entrance of the main hall. It had a height of twenty metres while the rest were a lot smaller than it, with a height of only three metres.

Very quickly, one Demonic Swallow died, the other one had quickly escaped the range of Qing Shui's attack.

The spirit automaton's face suddenly grew very earnest, as though he couldn't wait to hear what this new mission was.

In the final battle over the Eternal Immortal Domains, the Arch-Lord, Saint-Lord, and Vile-Lord, all of them sovereigns, had sacrificed their own lives to seal that enemy, placing him in a state of existence which had lasted until now.

"Not a big deal?!" Xu Baocai roared, gnashing his teeth. "Humph! I've been living frugally for ages. I saved up spirit stones for seven years! Seven years, do you hear me!?!? Only then could I afford to bribe the honor guard into getting me a spot in the Ovens! Then you decide to stick your foot into the door? This enmity will never be reconciled! Three days from now is the day you die!"

The sky was gray, and the lands that stretched out in all directions were white. A whimpering wind blew snowflakes everywhere.

"Then what's the second option?" Qing Shui asked while maintaining the same expression.

Everyone in the Qing Clan knew that Qing Shui had always been expending all his efforts to the point of disregarding food and drink, all for the sake of improving his cultivation. Despite this, he had always been labeled trash. If he didn't work hard enough, and his strength was low, then people would say that he was nothing but a lazy bum. If he had worked even harder, but with no improvements to his cultivation, people would only say that he is dumb and stupid. Truly, strength was everything. Weakness meant that no matter what he did, he would always be in the wrong.

What he took out was an exquisitely carved wooden sign board about one meter wide and long. On it, there was information about the treasured stones, gemstones, and high grade ores that were inscribed with their buy-in prices. Qing Shui was somewhat dissatisfied with the quality of the board but he still hoisted it outside the entrance.

"Hmm? Why is there a smell?" Qing Shui realized that his impurities were being cleansed again, with his whole body covered with a layer of dark grey grease. This had not happened when he broke through from the 2nd and 3rd Heavenly Layer. It had only happened when he first started the Ancient Strengthening Technique, as well as when he had entered the state of epiphany. This time around, it seemed like there was a great improvement to his body, and it resulted in a large amount of filth being purged out of his body!

Even the old monkey appeared, shooting toward the pill with speed that far surpassed Bai Xiaochun.

Finally, after relentlessly asking everyone the same questions, he finally found someone who gave him a clue about Big Fatty Zhang!

"It seems I really was too kind before. Alright, Virpk?a, you codger. You may be dead set on cheating, but I simply can't allow it! Trying to compete with me in cheating? Want to see how badly I'll torment you? Fudge! Bai Xiaochun hates nothing more in life than cheaters!" Not having time to concern himself with any of the other cultivators in the various challenges, he focused all of his mental energy on the three celestials from the Vile-Emperor Dynasty.

"I never thought that this Bai Xiaochun... would get so far!"

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