Celestial Dragon King, Harem Emperor Chapter 2956

Celestial Dragon King, Harem Emperor Chapter 2956


The twin Master Cloud Lightnings hovered there in complete shock. Feng Chen's jaw was hanging open, and his eyes were wide. The other devas reacted in similar fashion. As for the demigod patriarch, he was so angry that he was shaking, and his hair was standing on end.

"According to this jade slip, the first step in the blood sword is to extract all of the blood qi from your body, then transform it into sword qi, right in front of your finger. Then, you use the secret magic to change that foundation of sword qi into a blood sword...." He tried one more time, yet failed again.

"Brother Shui!" On seeing Qing Shui, Qing Bei called out happily.

The Fire bird tweeted with a low-spirited voice.

As thick-skinned as ever, he turned to Song Que, Zhao Tianjiao, and his other friends and said, "It's been a long time since I've heard that sound. See? Everyone hates to see me go. And when I do, they always throw me a big farewell party."

These pills currently had no names, and were not meant to be consumed by humans. In fact, if you pushed down on them too hard, they would collapse into dust. They had only one use... to make male animals incredibly attractive to whoever consumed the pill.

Three familiar looking monkeys emerged from the other side of the valley. Qing Shui's heart started to race after he took a glance. He had especially read up on the demonic beasts of the Flowerfruit Mountain before coming here. The three "monkeys" that had appeared before him now were one of the strongest existences on the Flowerfruit Mountain.

He could only fanatically repeat the stances of Tai Chi. Such fist techniques that nurtured the mind had a huge effect. He practised it repeatedlyˇ­

Qing Yu called out cheerfully. Huoyun Liu-Li turned around and looked at the fair skinned little lass. Feeling loved and content, she held up her daughter who came running towards her. Her mind was much clearer within a split second.

"Why would Qing Shui want his wife and child?"

"It's not a humiliation to have been done in by this young man."

He was confident in what he was doing, but still felt nervous. After all, when all was said and done... he was performing a spirit enhancement on himself.

The problem was that this required some time to pull off. The price, which Qing Shui paid, was receiving the attack of the Evil Dragon Tooth. Furthermore, Qing Shui had to be determined in his heart to die in order to execute this sure-kill strike.

Shocking cultivation base fluctuations rumbled out, and his eyes flashed as if with lightning. The way he stood there made him seem like he was the representative of the will of the heavens.

Qing Shui suddenly became soft-hearted. Be it humans or demonic beasts, nothing could be said about whether one was above the other, but love was equal to all...

"Violet Road!!"

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