Harry Potter and the Demigods Chapter 2583

Harry Potter and the Demigods Chapter 2583

Overlord Storm, which is the name that Qing Shui gives, attributes: defense improved by 30%, stamina improved by 10%, attack increased by 10,000 Jin, defense increased by 10,000 Jin.


Qing Shui's heart shook a little. When he searched for medicine last time, not only were there many medicine in stock but also ones that grew in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Only the main medicine of a thousand years was not there.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the group of several hundred cultivators stepped forward. Among them were a contingent from the Blood Stream Sect's Middle Peak, who summoned an enormous blood sword, which they sent flying up into the air. It was hundreds of meters long, and radiated shocking energy.

After stopping, Canghai Mingyue had a lack of comprehension in her eyes as she looked at Qing Shui. Somehow, she felt close to him. Thinking back, Qing Shui was the first guy who dared to take liberties with her through that mouth of his, and who dared to behave in such a manner around her. She felt Qing Shui was different from others, in the sense that he wasn't irksome like some of the other men she knew.

After some time passed, even a flying beast would be unable to save him. Under such heights, even with Qing Shui's bodily strength, he would not dare to take risks.

Qing Shui was even more confused!

So much meat and soup was consumed. A few of the old people went to wash the dishes, as it would be embarrassing to just eat by relying on "seniority". Furthermore, they did not have the qualification of playing the senior in front of this youth, as the youth was not a Mu Clan member...

"Live forever medicinal ingredients! Concoct this sovereign into a pill!"

If this moment were frozen in time and depicted artistically, the sky would not be visible, nor would the Heavenspan Sea. The only thing visible would beˇ­ an endless sea of fire, descending with ultimate madness onto Heavenspan Island!

He had been thwarted over and over again inside of the levelsˇ­. something that nearly drove him mad every time he thought about it.

Little fatty looked at Qing Shui, and Qing Shui nodded.

Golden-Ringed Snake King. Qing Shui knew that this was a Xiantian-level demonic snake. It was extremely massive in size, about 50m long with a width of 1m wide. It had a circular-looking head, and it's black skin was covered with criss crossing diamond patterns. The head and the tail of the snake was further marked by a golden ring, thereby giving the snake it's name.

"Are you that happy?" Qing Shui looked at this beauty who enjoyed seeing him feeling awkward, and said gloomily.

"Tu Renxiong, how does it feel to see your son die? You were so determined in dominating Cold Ice City alone. I wonder which is more important to you, your son's life or dominating Cold Ice City?" Hai Tian smiled at the tall and sturdy old man across from him.

The matter had even drawn the attention of some of the clan elders, many of whom left their mansions to come see what was going on for themselves.

During the meeting, the leaders all reached an agreement. Originally, none of them had been willing to surrender, but now, they all agreed that the mystery pill devil had to be driven away!

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