Battle Frenzy Chapter 1605

Battle Frenzy Chapter 1605


Curiously, Bi Yuntian looked at the graceful Bi Yuntian, "Is this Changyang Xiangtian's mother? Strange, why does she look similar to my mother?"

Inside, they saw Jian Chen sitting crossed legged on his bed with his eyes closed as he continued to cultivate. The World Essence was still being absorbed into his dantian with such a terrifying speed that it made his body outline blurry as a fog concealed him slightly.

"I am. Why are you looking for me?"

Three days passed by quickly. A member of the Mercenary City ruling party came forward to find Jian Chen before respectfully asking him to come out.


And this still couldn't compare to all the advantages that Jiang Chen had gained. The impact of the bloodline and energies had caused Jiang Chen to instantly form his Mortal Core. Right now, within Jiang Chen's Qi Sea, a golden colored Mortal Core stood like a huge pillar within the sea. Fifteen Dragon Marks surrounded the Mortal Core, like a cluster of stars surrounding the moon.

Jiang Chen's fist and Li Wu Shuang's golden shield finally collided. The scene where Jiang Chen being knocked back that many people had expected to happen, did not actually happen. On the contrary, Jiang Chen showed them a more astonishing scene.

Big Yellow yelled. Jiang Chen and Han Yan ignored him, and just continued flying.

A huge square was built right in the center of the Dancing Sun City. Today, a tall golden altar stood tall right in the center of this huge square, and numerous treasures were placed on top of this altar. All these treasure emitted bright golden lights, dazzling all those who stared at them.

"The Flame Mercenaries have gone rogue and captured the lord. Go, notify commander Duo Li immediately!" One of the soldiers cried out for another to go run for the commander.

Now, Shangguan Ying was completely baffled. In a split second, he countered with the Earth Shattering Palm, blocking the Ice Demon King's attacks. But, since the attack came without his awareness, he was knocked back at least 30 meters before he could stabilize his body. Now, there was a storm raging in Shangguan Ying's mind.

"Puppy dog, what are you doing? You're going to get into trouble again££"

"Ling Badong!"

"He... he killed Elder Yuan!"

Zhou Bei Zhen let out a cold grunt, and grabbed the Golden Coins on the table pretending to throw them away, but he was stopped by Jiang Chen, "Uncle Zhou, why would you want to throw away the money that was sent to our doorstep?"Chapter 14ÿOnly one strike needed

Yan Chen Yu did not want to admit defeat. She counter-attacked with an ice curtain. But, too bad, the gap between their cultivation levels was just too huge, Yan Chen Yu was not Fan Kun's match. Under Fan Kun's huge pressure, Yan Chen Yu spat out a mouthful of blood, and her face turned pale.

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