Record Of The Immortal Teacher Chapter 219

Record Of The Immortal Teacher Chapter 219

Afterward, Jian Chen had several of the soldiers from the Eastern Deity Swords help collect most of the Space Belts. In total, there were 300 suits of armor made from tungsten alloy. With each of them weighing about five kilograms, this amounted to roughly 1500 kilograms worth of tungsten alloy. In this trip to the treasury, the amount of tungsten alloy they had received was quite vast.

Jian Chen paid no heed to the angry roars of the magical beasts and carefully approached closer and closer to them. At the same time, Jian Chen had wanted to charge at the magical beasts to kill them, but for the sake of his own health, he had to be more cautious. After all, these were Class 5 Magical Beasts, not Class 4 Magical Beasts.Chapter 161: Battling the Class 5 Magical Beast

After a while, the energy finally subsided into a tranquil scene. For a kilometer, not a single blade of grass could be seen and the trees were scattered about.

However, just when the tiger cub began approached the Gilligan clan member, a shadow appeared in the originally brightly-lit sky.Chapter 694: Houston

"Looks like the treasure is hidden behind this stone door, let me give it a try."

Jiang Zhenhai asked with a serious expression. During the past few days, he hadn't asked Jiang Chen anything about the Eastern Continent, because he knew that with Jiang Chen's abilities, he would be able to handle all kinds of situations himself, so there was no need for Jiang Zhenhai to worry.

"Haha, Imperial Emperor, those words are truly funny. With the hatred between me and you, you can't just make such a request. From the day you passed down the Imperial Decree to have all my family and friends killed, the war between me and the Martial Saint Dynasty was destined. Cut all the crap; release my dad, my father-in-law, and brother Jiu, and I'll give you the Crown Prince and all the heads."

Guo Shan immediately fixed his gaze on the pill floating in Jiang Chen's palm. He could sense the pure energy radiating from the pill, and all the mystical symbols that covered the pill gave it a sense of divinity.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The young man didn't stop there. He once again leapt toward the lion and launched another attack.

As for the Qinhuang Kingdom, there were four other Imperial Protectors, each one of them Saint Rulers. With their strength, even the Shi family would be afraid. But the Shi family was not his only enemy. There was still the Jiede clan with their own Saint Ruler. If the two of them were to unite against the Qinhuang Kingdom, then even the Qinhuang Kingdom would feel slightly pressured.

"Father, the Ninth Emperor has always thought he has earned great merits for what he did. He is so arrogant, and he doesn't even take you seriously! This is something that is hurting your, the Imperial Emperor's sovereignty! Father, you're the emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the true Imperial Emperor! You can't just act according to how Wu Jiu wants you to!"

The middle aged man's strength was extremely strong and so even against three Great Saint Masters, he wasn't at a disadvantage at all. With the whip being so flexible and him being an expert, his whip skill was at the pinnacle of mastery. The whip was capable of being soft and flexible yet at the same time becoming as strong as rigid metal that couldn't be defended against.

"Understood, but tell these little ones to cease their actions now. There shall be no impudence in front of the great Nubis." Nubis lazily responded.

Jiang Chen raised the Soaring Heavens Sword and unleashed a ray of light which collided right into the man who just flew away. Blood exploded from the man's body, and he was instantly killed.

A finely built building sat right in the middle of the peak. The scenery looked like a different world.

"Esteemed master Yang Yutian, I am a member of the Hou clan, one of the eight great clans. I have come representing my master to invite master Yang Yutian to visit the estate."

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