Pokemon System in Anime World Chapter 1391

Pokemon System in Anime World Chapter 1391

"The Fire God clan is extremely powerful. Not only are they the head of the eight great clans, I heard that their strength is already approaching the rulers of the City of God, the Zaar family."

Completely letting go of his body, Jian Chen forgot himself for a brief moment as he entered a state of enlightenment. In this one moment, he could feel his spirit harmonizing with the world itself. The two were completely indistinguishable from one another, and every aspect of the world and its mysteries began to appear in his mind in a vague manner rather than clear.

"That Tianxiong clan is too damn arrogant. I was happily eating here before they suddenly commanded all of us to leave. Whatever random crap you guys do has nothing to do with us. We're just eating our own meals, it's not like we'd hinder you."

The elder had narrowed his eyes for a moment before letting out a grim sound of laughter, "Unharmed? It seems elder Ma hadn't left even a single scratch on you! Jian Chen, you really did grow even stronger than before." Surrounding his body with the wind element, the elder shot up fifty meters into the sky without a second to spare.

"What a joke! When Nan Bei Chao wants to kill someone, does he need a reason? Nevertheless, Jiang Chen's existence really poses some threat to him!"

Looking at Ka Di Yun's golden sword, Changyang Hu's face became extremely unsightly. Now that Ka Di Yun possessed a Saint Weapon, his strength could overturn the heavens; a person at the peak of the 10th Saint Force layer definitely wouldn't be a match for him.

As the emperor spoke, the doors to the study room opened, and a man wearing a black pao entered. He was approximately 30 years old and quickly walked into the room; when he was within 30 steps away from the emperor he immediately stopped where he was and knelt down onto his knees, "Your majesty, a letter just came from headmaster Khafir in Kargath Academy."

"Jiang Chen, don't you run away from us!"

The middle aged man's face grew dark, "Hmph, the three brothers behind me are the pillars of my mercenary group and have traveled extensively with me for over twenty years. We've went through multiple life or death situations and even crawled up from the very depths of hell together to become friends until death! Just how could that be compared to the people you've randomly found outside the clan?" With that, the man turned to look at Jian Chen once more, "So you haven't left yet still? Did you wish for me to remove you from this area personally then?"

Not only this, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill was also a holy grail of medicine, and it could even make a dead person become alive. Although it was somewhat over exaggerated, it also told how frightening this pill was. In other words, a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill could easily produce a peerless genius.

"Damn it, hurry and chase up!"

Seeing the poisonous fog float closer, Jian Chen didn't hesitate before immediately holding his breath. His legs glided across the floor as he ran further away from the poison.

"I have reached a bottleneck, and I plan to enter secluded cultivation right away. Once I've broken through this bottleneck, I'll be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm with ease."

At the moment, the miserable cries and howls of senior disciple Huang filled the entire area. The faces of the other disciples from the Heavenly Sect turned pale, and they lose all their superior airs. Each of them were staring at Jiang Chen as if he was a ghost, their minds filled with fear.

As the four continued to fight, Jian Chen had already determined his own strength against the three as they continued to try to coordinate themselves against him. His body would constantly dodge the Saint Weapons and with a step forward, he would stab his Light Wind Sword which let out an ear piercing sound as it flew at the Great Saint Masters.

Just as that mysterious figure had stabbed into the throats of a few mercenaries, an angry snarl came from the middle of the formation. Tianxiong Lie's gigantic earth attributed axe flew out at him following the figures movements.

Jian Chen flew 30 meters into the air before crashing into the ground with a large bang. As he laid on the ground, he spat out a large mouthful of blood as he felt the pain from his ruptured organs. Already his face was as white as a sheet of paper from the lack of blood, even his face was lax.

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