The Exalted Chapter 2486

The Exalted Chapter 2486

Big Yellow said.

There was a nice smile on Jian Chen's face. His expression was calm and serene--nothing too different from before. But if one were to look at him with not their eyes, but their hearts, they could see that the aura that Jian Chen carried with him was drastically different than before. In the past, his aura was sharp and open, making him feel like an unsheathed blade ready to strike. But now, that sharpness was hidden away from them to become rather calm. It was almost as if he had regressed into becoming an ordinary person.

"A portion of it was gained from Changyang Xiang Tian and I killing magical beasts." Tie Ta had no intention of hiding anything, but he only said half of the story.

"Attack now, don't let them fully activate the formation!"

Following the death of each Divine Core warrior, despair filled the hearts of the disciples from the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness. All of them knew that after today's war, the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness would only exist in history, and all of them would be dead. The despair weakened their fighting spirit.

Suddenly a sound could be heard as the door to the room was opened. Jian Chen tilted his head to look only to see a cyan colored robe wearing woman slowly walk in with refined steps. The moment she had walked in, a sweet fragrance had immediately wafted into the room.

If it was any other child of the clan, then there would not had been such a massive turnout for the Saint Test. But Jian Chen wasn't a regular child with no status; he was the child to the clan leader of the Changyang clan as well as having an innate talent blessed by the heavens. The whole clan had practically placed all of their expectations on this child, hence why when it was Jian Chen's turn to undergo the Saint Test, every clan member would be there.

"Why? Do you not dare to accept the challenge?"

In a flash, she finished playing the ballad and turned to look at Jian Chen. "Does my lord enjoy the sound of the zither as well?" The second sister was fairly nice sounding, capable of being as enchanting as a skylark so that anyone who listened to her would be enchanted. If one wasn't strong enough, then they would go mad after hearing her voice.

Jian Chen gave a casual smile as he said, "It was nothing major. A mysterious black robed man attacked me last night, but brother Qin Xiao shouldn't concern himself with the matter."

Zhou Bei Zhen handed over a palm sized box to the fat man. The fat man took the box and opened it, taking the pill out.

The entire city was in an unprecedented critical situation. All the unprepared warriors quickly woke up from shock, then took out their Combat Weapons and fought those demons without any hesitation.

"I can't leave. I really want to see if the Imperial Emperor will attack me like brother Jiang Chen said."

The second match was between Zhar and Tian Qicheng. With his dominating strength, Zhar easily defeated his opponent.

While Chang Wuji wasn't fully recovered, he was still considerably strong. Not only was he able to block the two Pingyang Kingdom Heaven Saint Masters, but he had the advantage.

"That's right, Elder He Mu, you must have found the wrong person, how is this Wu Yun?" Another white robed man spoke. His voice was muffled as he was filled with doubt.

Hearing this, Jian Chen walked up to a nearby Space Belt and took out a suit of armor as well. This suit of armor was surprisingly constructed from tungsten alloy as well. A suit of armor made from tungsten alloy was generally very thin, but it weighed about 5 kilograms and boasted of a defensive strength that was far stronger than a suit of armor crafted from reinforced steel. If a soldier were to wear this suit of armor, it would greatly improve their fighting ability and survivability. Because of the light weight of the tungsten alloy armor, the amount of weight generally pressed up against a soldier was greatly reduced.

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