Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World Chapter 437

Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World Chapter 437

"Haha, captain Jian Chen, these four brothers must be your friends!" Katata laughed.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow turned into two streams of light and disappeared. Yin Zhong Cheng who was boiling with anger right behind them was startled. His eyes seemed as if they had just seen a ghost.

Yan Chenyu was still worried.

But the men from the Qinhuang Kingdom looked around without a smile. With a simple glaze around himself, the elder holding the tiger cub spoke, "Is this the stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom?"

"Catch that Jiang Chen and defend the natural state of Inferno City!"

"Yan Meng failed to see Brother Jiang Chen's true abilities, I never expected Brother Jiang Chen hid them so deeply. Without your help, today we would have all died here today."

"Nubis, you come with Senior Huang and me this time. Jiede Tai, you can stay here to keep watch." Jian Chen quickly allocated the positions of his subordinates. He did not get Jiede Tai to go along because it was completely unnecessary. Also, against an opponent with a Ruler Armement, if Jiede Tai fought, he would just be more of a hindrance than help, unable to use his strength to the fullest.

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"Jian Chen, the azure and violet Sword Qi you have, could it be from the Supreme Treasure you bought from the Treasure Pavilion?" Qin Xiao's eyes flashed with realization as he asked his question.

"He is truly a dragon among men!" The king sighed in admiration. By his side, Changyang Ba had a prideful smile for his son.

Jian Chen stretched his body for a bit. After consciously feeling his inner Saint Force, he couldn't help but smile. He could clearly sense that his current Saint Force was much more powerful than when he had first condensed his Saint Weapon. Based on his calculations, his current strength was most likely already at the level of a Middle Saint.

The group of people stopped in front of the platform, and the vice headmaster Chang Bai En, as well as a few teachers, walked up to it. The vice headmaster sat in the chairperson's place with a straightforward and imposing manner, and calmly said, "The Magical Beast hunting competition occurring once every three years has now officially ended. According to the academy's regulations, after the task has been completed, we will now hand out awards. I would like to now invite all the people who had stayed in the forest for the entire 3 days and have gathered 2 monster cores to simultaneously step forwards."

Jiang Chen and Yu Zi Han stopped flying and were hovering in the middle of the air. Liang Xiao was no stranger to both of them, Jiang Chen had a long history of hatred with the Heavenly Sword Sect. As for Yu Zi Han, every single inner circle disciple of the Black Sect knew about top geniuses from each individual sect in the Qi Province.

"Little Chen, how are you going to return to the Eastern Continent? Can you still find the Teleport Formation we used?"

Yang Meng blamed Wang Heng. Actually, his expression became much more relaxed when he found out Wang Heng was alright.

It was a lot more restless in the 3rd region than the 2nd, since the monsters were a lot harder to kill. Also, since the number of monsters were less, more people were willing to rob others for their cores. After Jian Chen and Tie Ta had fought against the 5 students from before, they had another 3 encounters with robbers. At the very least each group had 4 people in it and at the most a group had 7 of them. But in the end, they had overcome each challenge victorious, and took all of the monster cores from the other groups. But what had made Jian Chen depressed was that the group of 4 that attacked them earlier didn't have a single monster core, but the other 2 groups had a total of 33 Class 2 Monster Cores in the end.

The two Dimensional Creatures became furious upon seeing the duo run away from them. Without any hesitation, they immediately chased after them while unleashing devastating energy from their bodies, killing all lives beings around where they passed.

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