Divine Ascension Chapter 285

Divine Ascension Chapter 285

His killing intent towards Jiang Chen was getting larger. Li Wu Ling felt that Jiang Chen was a frightening man, he was just a 15-16 year old young Mortal Core warrior, but he wasn't even nervous when standing face to face with him. On his face, there was only a calm and confident expression.

"Little Chen, let's attack as well!"

Jian Chen looked around and said, "Those who want to live, immediately release the young lady of the Tianqin clan unharmed."

Sitting in front of the campfire was Captain Kendall who watched the flames flicker and dance with a smile as a pile of monster cores sat next to him.

Yin Zhong Cheng scolded the manager before he carried a comatose Yin Ren from the floor. Afterwards, he flew into the sky. Today was a bad day for him. He, as the Mayor, couldn't get revenge for his own son. Furthermore, this was his own territory. That Little Devil King could come at any time, but why did he have to appear today? The Black Sect was huge, so why did he have to come to this tiny Silver Moon City for drinks?

An intense pain caused Changyang Hu to let out a groan. It was obvious that this attack had used quite a bit of Ka Di Yun's strength. It left a wound so deep on Changyang Hu's shoulder that one could see the bone.

"Let's get revenge for Huang Zheng, beat them until they die!"

"This is the new rule set by our master. If you aren't willing to pay, you can just leave now. We won't force you to do it."

Compared to a few years ago, Ka Di Qiuli had grown by quite the amount. Gone was her unruliness and impatience, and in its place was a more matured steadfastness. Even her beauty had grown by a decent amount.


Unaware of the passage of time, the afternoon glow quickly came in as a knock on the door alerted everyone on the inside of visitors.

"I'm not joking, I only joke with my friends. If you guys don't believe me, feel free to test me!"

"You££" The woman immediately felt her cheeks redden in anger. Even with the anger she felt toward Jian Chen, she couldn't help but feel conflicted. In the past, she had desperately wished to turn the one who looked at her naked body into mincemeat, but now, she realized that the scoundrel that had seen and touched her had inexplicably grew to the same level as her. Despite that huge jump however, she still couldn't accept him as someone respectable.

Big Yellow dashed forwards with extreme speed, and like a golden bolt of lightning, he arrived in front of the Black Swamp Serpent in the blink of an eye.

"Brat, did you step on some dog shit when leaving the Black Sect? Why are you so unlucky?"

Jiang Chen was speechless. This dog was a real piece of work.

"Impossible, Jiang Chen and that dog are both like arrows at the end of their flight, there is no way they could have escaped! I'm sure someone else were hidden here somewhere. Damn it, how come we never noticed this?!"

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