What world are we in Chapter 1707

What world are we in Chapter 1707

The Violent Bloodthirsty Devil became angrier and angrier with each passing moment. Fighting with the human in front of him was something really depressing. It wasn't its opponent's powerful combat strength that made it depressed, it was the True Dragon Flame's restraining effect. The feeling of being naturally suppressed was really upsetting the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil, and it was aching to tear this human into pieces and devouring him. But, no matter how hard it tried, it still couldn't defeat him.

"The current state of the Gesun Kingdom is a mystery to me since it's too far away. However, some news did travel here that a war had broken out three months ago. I believe there were four kingdoms that united against the Gesun Kingdom, ai, that kingdom is finished." The shopkeeper sighed.

The success rate of breaking through to become an Earth Saint Master was only one percent.

Leaving the competition grounds, Jian Chen noticed that the sky had long since darkened. He rubbed at his protesting stomach and shook his head with slight disappointment. In his previous world, he could have gone several days and nights without eating and still not feel hungry. Now that he was used to three meals a day, he now felt hungry after skipping a single meal, leaving Jian Chen to feel slightly disappointed with himself.

Saiya flew up from down below with a look of disbelief, knowing that he was in a perilous situation now.

Shangguan Sheng said, feeling incredibly prideful. The people of the Yu family, Guan family, and Tian family were still in the hands of the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. These people were their last hope for survival. Having been enemies of Jiang Chen for a long time, they had a pretty good understanding of Jiang Chen. Although he was a man with a cruel approach; he was also a man who cherished his friends and family, so he would definitely not let those people die.

Han Yan asked.

Wrapping himself with the wind element, Jian Chen began to charge at Qian Yun with his Origin energy sword at the ready.

The crowd started whispering amongst each other, but Jiang Chen just kept smiling. He didn't mind what other people said about him. As long as it could be useful for Big Yellow, he would spend everything he got for him.

After that, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow left the Island of Ice. The duo left with a heavy heart. Jiang Chen had always wanted to return to the Divine Continent, and the time was finally here. However, he had to depart with many of those precious to him before that. Yan Chenyu was just the first, as he still had his family here.

Arriving by the bedside, Jian Chen began to inspect the princess for the extent of her wounds. A solemn expression began to overtake his expression as he made his diagnosis. A stone was lodged in the princess' left shoulder, leaving a finger-sized hole within it. There was also a single wound on the left side of her back from where another stone had struck it. A stone had entered her body and nearly injured her heart. The other inner organs had also been struck, leaving behind a dangerous looking internal injury.

Because Wake City was so close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range, the number of mercenaries that stopped to rest here were much greater than any other city. The majority of the mercenaries had their eyes set on the favorable living conditions here, and tended to stay around for a long term period. It was extremely convenient to enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range and hunt magical beasts in exchange for money.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, who is that Blood Devil?"

Jiang Chen pushed the door open, and the trio immediately saw Big Yellow quietly lying on a cushion. There was some faded golden light blinking around his body. Looking at this, Jiang Chen's eyes lit up.

"I wonder if the Dragon Transformation skill is able to handle the poison of this Green Hellish Python."

Guo Shan laughed out heartily. He believed Big Yellow's words. Currently, Jiang Chen was able to kill any ordinary Early Divine Core warriors, and he might not be able to defeat a genius like Yun Can. However, if Jiang Chen broke through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, that would be a completely different story, and Yun Can would definitely not be his match. Jiang Chen would be able to crush him in an instant.

"Ha!" At the same time, the patriarch let out a deep grunt. His palms shot out as fast as lightning, letting loose the mysterious energy he had been accumulating. This energy contained the profound mysteries of the world. It could not be seen nor felt by those who did not comprehend it. It was something that fused with the world and space itself, mysteriously and indescribably.

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