Fragments Of Memory Chapter 11

Fragments Of Memory Chapter 11

And yet, he couldn't quite reconcile himself to doing that. He had practiced cultivation for many, many years to reach the position of heavenly marquis, and led one of the most powerful clans in the Wildlands. He refused to just sit around passively waiting to be killed. He had to fight! He had to figure out a way to resolve this deadly situation!

"Mr. Dong, these two must be your friends," the woman's voice rang out once again. Her voice was quite pleasant. Listening to her voice was a very invigorating experience.

Bai Xiaochun didn't slow down for even a moment. Howling like a wild beast, he charged onward after Xiao Qing, his right hand clenching into a fist. As he punched out, the heavenly demon appeared, and thunderous rumbling filled the air.

After he left Earthly Paradise, Qing Shui planned to visit the famous landmark, the Thousand Buddha Grottoes, in the Cang Lang Country. In his past life, he didn't visit the Thousand Buddha Mountain, so he wanted to visit the one in the world of the nine continents when he had the opportunity.

When the flaming bird saw Qing Shui, it circled above him happily.

How would this not be shocking to everyone? Such a small insignificant Hundred Miles City was now well-known in the world. This was because of Qing Shui. Qing Shui's name was now totally associated with Hundred Miles City.?

The eyes of little fatty spun, gazing around the crowd before landing on Qing Shui. "Thank you, you are a good man."

At that moment, Qing Shui was really overjoyed. He had initially felt that the 999 hammer blows earlier were a pity since not being able to reach 1000 hammer blows was a "failure".

By now Elder Ge completely believed that Qing Shui would be able to restore him. He was so surprised that he didn't seem to know what to do. Although it would take three years for him to recover, he'd still be extremely delighted even if it would take thirty years.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at Huoyun Liu-li, whose only insults seemed to be "bad thing" and "scoundrel," and felt happy in his heart. He was uncomfortable when he saw her sudden gloomy mood earlier, as if something pricked his heart.

"Only forty percent of my bottle is empty. When it's full, I can form the earthstring capture crystal. I can probably do that by killing all of these banebeasts here!" Lei Shan threw his head back and laughed uproariously. When the Profound Stream Sect disciples at his side realized what he intended to do, one of them, a long-faced young man, chuckled darkly and stepped forward.

Even as he looked over, the Grand Heavenmaster's 100,000 sealing marks caused the sea of blood to shatter. However, as it happened, a terrifying aura erupted out that sent Bai Xiaochun's emotions spinning!!

This place was the Zhou Clan!

The two ghost faces were completely shaken, and had no choice other than to twist to the side to try to avoid the blow.

The Diamond Gigantic Elephant possessed the Instantaneous Diamond Evasion skill, so it was still in a safe zone. Of course, it would be another story if the opponent decided to use all of its 12,000 countries of strength. However, Qing Shui had made all the necessary preparations to defend against the White Jade Jiao.

"Even if he was the sect leader's son, I'd still beat the crap out of him!"

Time passed slowly, day after day with Qing Shui continuously travelling to and fro from into the Realm of the Violet Immortal. The fluttering of his figure was brimming with explosive power, as he dashed forward in a strange manner. It gave an indescribable feeling as if power and overbearingness were not in complete harmony.

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