Entrepreneur Fifth Young Miss Wants to Be Single Chapter 1857

Entrepreneur Fifth Young Miss Wants to Be Single Chapter 1857

Big Dipper Sword's "Total Annihilation" sweeped toward the trio. A shrilling noise rang out in the air, which was blended with Qing Shui's roar. The noise was piercing, as if a gust of wind suddenly blew up fiercely.?

Cracks could be heard as rifts were torn open into the air, none of which showed any signs of closing back up!

"Why don't you try enduring this then!"

"Many thanks for being my grindstone, Bai Hao. I've finally achieved my cultivation base breakthrough, and am a half-deva. I've been stuck in place for far too long now, and have you to thank. Therefore, in recompense, I will simply cripple your cultivation base, and won't kill you!" Gongsun Yi looked both excited and proud. Throwing his head back, he laughed maniacally. As he had said, he had been waiting for this day for a very, very long time.

Countless vine-like branches shot out from the Skybanyan like vicious, bloodthirsty snakes. Accompanying them were numerous cultivators, almost blurs as they shot through the air toward the River-Defying Sect.

"Qing Shui, let auntie go!" She looked at Qing Shui tearfully.

"Probably in her room!"

Back when he had been a prison guard, it had been impossible to seek revenge, and even less so after he became a prisoner. But now things were different. He was Majordomo Bai of Giant Ghost City, acting on behalf of the king.

The 1,000-year Gloomy Wood was already at the height of a person and was growing up strong. When he walked near, he would feel a faint cooling force. It was not tall, but gave one the feeling of sturdiness and power.

"Blood qi, gather!" Bai Xiaochun threw his head back and roared. As his hand waved through the air, something completely and utterly shocking occurred in the midst of the Foundation Establishment cultivators!

The smiles on their faces only stoked Bai Xiaochun's curiosity. Together, they left Arch-Emperor City and traveled to a location on the border of the nation. Unable to contain his curiosity, Bai Xiaochun kept his divine sense sweeping out in front of him.

Qing Shui caught a turtle in his palm, broke apart it's shell, removed its internal organs, and obtained its meat. Qing Shui used the water from the crystal pond to cleanse and cook it, adding various seasonings to improve the taste.

It had taken some effort on his part to hold back from using it. Back in the Blood Wasteland, there had been too many people watching him, so even during critical moments, he had suppressed the urge to use it, or other things like Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning or his Human Controlling Grand Magic.

"If I don't do something about this, father-in-law, then you can only imagine what will happen for the people of Heavenspan in the Saint-Emperor Dynasty. Things will only get worse and worse.

This was his most powerful trump card, and in order to ensure that it was successful, he had even used his final precious blood sphere to injure Bai Xiaochun. Only then did he resort to the Inverse Blood Sword Form.

The golden hand was the first to lose out. It shattered into pieces which, as they fell apart, revealed the sinister Celestial floating up above!

A soft yet distinct sound rang out, like plastic abruptly exploded into pieces. Their dantian areas were pierced in an instant, causing the pitiful men to shriek in excrutiating pain. Having their dantians destroyed meant that their cultivations had been crippled as well. No one could endure such an excruciating pain physically nor mentally.

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