The highschool hero Chapter 2361

The highschool hero Chapter 2361

Hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn't help but slightly trembled. Guan Yi Yun had told him about this Inferno Hell, but he never knew that it was actually related to himself. It looked like after he broke the door leading to the Realm of Immortals a hundred years ago, he had caused some changes to the structure of Saint Origin.

The girl spoke, and she didn't sound friendly at all.

"Yes!" The seven obeyed.

Jian Chen laughed, "It'll be quite inconvenient to tell you."

The man who was the most shocked was Lee Chang Hao. He had been practicing the Heavenly Yellow Finger for so many years, and he had practically reached perfection with it££ But, it was destroyed by Jiang Chen with such ease. This really flummoxed him.

"We see the Grand Elder!"

Therefore, even people who hadn't been invited to the opening ceremony of the Changyang clan showed up alongside the ones that had with plenty of precious gifts to present to the clan. All sorts of nobles showed up to Lore City, giving every single inn within the city to reach an all time high of prosperity in the history of their business. Some inns had completely filled up within a single day, forcing several mercenaries to have no choice but to camp in the city outskirts.


"I agree to become your human pet!"

Big Yellow kept staring at the approaching gigantic devil.

"Haha, just save your breath. Let's fight!"

Tyrant and Tan Lang exchanged glances once more. No wonder the Heavenly Tower treated them so well. It was obvious that the Heavenly Tower had a huge demand for Nine Solar Holy Water. In regards to why Jiang Chen could take out Nine Solar Holy Water, both men should feel really surprised. However, they seemed calm, not surprised at all. After all, Jiang Chen was able to take Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills, so taking out Nine Solar Holy Water didn't mean much.Chapter 541 - Two Senior Managers

"You wish for me to be a guest at your Huang family? There are no social ties between your Huang family and I." Jian Chen was suspicious.


The Imperial Emperor said in an indifferent tone.

Jiang Chen asked. Although he hadn't known Nangong Wentian for a long time, they had become brothers who knew each other very well. Nangong Wentian was a bright and cheerful man, and no matter how dangerous a situation, he never wore such a gloomy expression. Jiang Chen knew something not right had happened to him.

Right by Bi Hai's side was an eye-catching purple-robed middle-aged man. This man was the king of the Gesun Kingdom.

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