Legend of the Chicken Hero Chapter 800

Legend of the Chicken Hero Chapter 800

It was none other than... the Heavenhorn ink dragon!

The more beautiful a woman is, the more it was likely they would be surrounded by lecherous wolves [1]. There were two ways to get beautiful girls you desire. One, was both parties were willing. Second, to be so strong to the point where no one would dare to say a thing. A person with sufficient strength, would have millions of ways to break apart a loving couple, or could directly pressure the male party to leave.

With this pause, they ended up being devoured by Qing Shui's Primordial Flame Ball.

The banesouls were getting closer and closer, and seemed to be devolving further into madness as they chased him. Bai Xiaochun finally gritted his teeth and, heart aching, tossed one of the four medicinal pills far off into the distance.

He rode on the Fire bird, and quickly flew in the direction of the Heavenly Palace.

"Hehe, Qing Shui you must work hard. I hope to see you entering the ranks of Protector soon, and allow this Master of yours to be happy." Yiye somewhat teasingly said, while Qing Shui almost fainted at her request.

In the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, a huge boom echoed out as the ghost hands all landed on Bai Xiaochun, and the arena floor was reduced to nothing more than dust. The resultant cloud of dust that filled the air obscured Bai Xiaochun.

However, even as he began to wail loudly... someone cleared their throat behind him.

He felt as if there was wind blowing all around him, and it was very chilly!

"Where's Hao'er!?" he blurted. Spinning, and eyes widening, he noticed that Bai Hao was floating down toward the Underworld River, seemingly in a trance!

Every time Bai Xiaochun found a loophole, they would be in deep trouble. Eventually¡­ they could even imagine a scenario in which Bai Xiaochun managed to kill them all, and destroy everything in the northern Heavenspan region.

Despite that killing intent, Bai Xiaochun simply walked forward and began to search him. A moment later, he pulled out a ring of holding. Unfortunately, further searching didn't reveal anything else.

Li Yuansheng's heart surged with anger, and he shot a glare at the boss of the Celestial Sky Society. As of this moment, he already regretted leaving the rainbow district, and he especially regretted bringing his friends with him. If he and his friends couldn't handle one opponent, then it wouldn't be long before they became the laughingstock of the sect.

"Bring the final battle to the Profound Stream Sect!!"

Almost as soon as he appeared, people noticed, and the disciples nearest to him, who were in the middle of discussing various mission-related topics, suddenly gaped.

"Don't cry, sister Qing." said Qing Shui as he gently patted her back.

"Screwed.... How could I ever have imagined that I, Bai Xiaochun, would be so careful in life, only to end up screwing myself like this...." He sat there in a daze for a while before finally chuckling bitterly. After calming himself down, he looked back at the turtle-wok, whereupon a strange gleam gradually rose in his eyes. For some reason, after having some of his longevity sucked away, it now felt like there was some sort of connection between him and the wok, as if he could actually control it now.

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