Maiden Of The Splitting Moon Chapter 696

Maiden Of The Splitting Moon Chapter 696

Jiang Chen replied with an innocent laugh.

"What a young talented man! You have strength and courage, I like you."

Jian Chen left the fifth elder's room. As soon as he left, his gaze immediately became icy-cold and a surge of powerful killing intent flashed across his eyes. However, he recovered back to normal in an instant, as if nothing had happened.

"Then what materials are needed? I will have the Qinhuang Kingdom help me straight away." Jian Chen's heart couldn't help but beat wildly. He had been brought into the strange land by Ziying and Qingsuo many times before, so his heart knew about the powerful weapon that were the Sword Spirits. Thus, he was very impatient about being able to use such a powerful weapon.

"Jiang Chen, you really know how to hide."

Two ice-cold beams shot out from Wu Ningzhu's eyes. The Demon King Palace's tactics were truly cruel, as it put the Profound River Palace in an incredibly difficult position. The men who had been captured were all geniuses of the younger generation, and if these people were all killed, the humans would suffer an incredibly great loss, and it would also strength the spirit of the many demons. This would put the humans in an even more disadvantageous position. However, if the Profound River Palace really went on a rescue mission, the other two Demon Kings would lead a massive army to launch an attack against the Profound River Palace.

"As long as you appear, even if there is a heavy cost, I will kill you." Tianxiong Lie resolved.




"Jian Chen, this group of men is too impudent. We have to teach him a lesson, I'll cheer you on!" Ming Dong spoke. He knew just how strong Jian Chen was in his heart.

"Little brother, the seats here are all occupied already. Could I possibly sit here with you?"

Yet, this change had been too sudden. She found it hard to react.

"This guy is only an Early Combat Soul warrior££ What kind of joke is Nangong Yunfan trying to crack? If he has given up, why doesn't he just admit defeat? He doesn't have to find some nobody to fight this third match, this is an insult to the Holy Maiden!"

"Why does it seem like you know everything?"

"Good. It's nice of brother Yu to do this. Besides me, the rest of the men in Redsun Town are just too weak."

"Out of all 49 ingredients needed for the Profound Six Solar Pill, I've prepared 47 of them. Including Firethorn Savage's demon soul, we have 48, and we still lack one last herb; the Violet Ying Orchid. This herb requires a strict environment to grow, and even I can't grow it here, and I can't find it anywhere in the entire Black Sect.

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