I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 1629

I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 1629

Seeing the man leave, Jian Chen let out a breath of air. The man was a wind attributed Earth Saint Master, so if he wanted to leave, Jian Chen wouldn't be able to capture him.


"Oh right, the golden egg!"

Chang Bai went silent for a moment. "Fourth master, the Tian Yuan Continent has all sorts of strange and magical items. Our current knowledge is merely the tip of the iceberg. Although we don't know of any method to repair the shattered Saint Weapon of a person, it does not mean there is no proof that it cannot be done."

The Black Sect!

This time, although Captain Kendall had taken the claws to his chest head on since there wasn't enough time to dodge, it was only a superficial wound. He had been worried that the claws would have brought out a larger amount of damage, but this didn't seem to be the case.

Ye Wuyou became angry. He immediately unleashed another palm strike, aiming at Jiang Chen.

Han Yan had just broken through to another stage and was at his strongest. He unleashed the Nine Devil Waves and cleared a path up front, killing every single dead spirit that got in his way. In just a few breaths time, he arrived in front of the biggest dead spirit.

"Great Elder, Second Elder, this is young master Jiang Chen."

"White-clothed youngster?"

"Number one? What a joke! Big yellow dog, do you dare bet one more time?"

A Combat Soul warrior said, his expression prideful.

This was Inferno Hell. To any human cultivator, this place was just a deadly hell. It was a place of brutality, life-threatening scenarios, darkness, bloodshed and slaughter, and in order to keep one's life here, the person could only rely on his own strength. Without incredible strength, the place could kill the person at any time.

He was the head of the Mu Rong family, Mu Rong Zhan.A business tycoon.

"Bullshit, first place? I still think he won't go beyond twenty steps!"


With an indifferent expression, Jiang Chen stood on the fighting stage with both hands behind his back, his eyes resembled a king sitting on the top, looking down on everyone, and he emitted a golden aura around his body.

I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 1629 End!

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