The Girl With Scars Chapter 142

The Girl With Scars Chapter 142


It was because Qing Shui could sense a few strong surges of power approaching the Hundred Miles City.

"Well, Big Bro? Do we fight him, or not? It's up to you!"

Even as the large gate closed behind them, the two stone lions beneath the lanterns outside suddenly turned to look in the direction of the gate, their eyes flickering with a blood-colored light.

"I came all the way here, and you're, you're, you're... you're still following me around!?" There was something very, very strange about this rabbit. Thankfully, the rabbit hadn't noticed Bai Xiaochun. Ignoring all of the countless four-leaf clovers, Bai Xiaochun carefully backed up toward one of the passages, his heart pounding in fear.

"Get out of the way!!" Gu Tianjun bellowed, performing an incantation gesture that sent seven swords screaming out in front of him. As they whistled through the air, they transformed into a huge greatsword that slashed toward the three Vile-Emperor Dynasty celestials. Sima Yunhua, Celestial Aged Spirit and Chen Su all knew that time was of the essence, and therefore, resorted to trump cards.

"Two-headed bats!" exclaimed Feng Yan. "Their venom dries up the blood and seals the throat! Split up and meet at the mountain peak on the other side of the jungle." Face flickering, Feng Yan burst into motion, heading off at top speed.

Bai Xiaochun had anticipated this turn in the conversation. Eyes brightening, he decided to truly frighten the baby girl, and said, "Do you know who my Master is?"

The morning was turning late gradually. Many were already walking towards the area around the arena in the center because there would be a continuation in the talk about the next ten movements of the "Heavenly Palace Sword Art".

In response to Madam Sun's words, the Giant Ghost King's jaw dropped. Never could he have imagined that something like this would happen to him in a little town like this¡­.

There was quite a crowd around them and several Protectors as well. The Protectors could be seen from the colour of their shirts. All were watching the commotion rather gleefully. In particular, there was a bulky, young man in purple who seemed to relish every moment which made it difficult to read him.

Huoyun Liu-Li did not stop Qing Shui since he did not take her clothes off, but it was safe to say that he had already taken a lot of advantage of her. She even clumsily tried to sync her kisses with Qing Shui. It stimulated him so much and it drove him so wild that he crazily sucked on her lips harder.

At the same time, many strange and bizarre things began to occur in various parts of the labyrinth¡­.

That didn't mean he couldn't seek enlightenment of the technique. After all, that would be the best way to ensure that his efforts proceeded smoothly.

"How could I have forgotten about this? The bangle which can increase my destructive prowess? Destructive prowess could be comparable to one's strength to a certain degree."

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

There was still some time and Qing Shui walked out of the place with the Five-Headed Demonic Spider. When one had strong powers, one would feel braver. He felt as if he wasn't scared of anything in the world now. If he were to give it his all, he felt that even a person with a strength of about 700 stars would not be able to do anything to him. Of course, if his Nine Palace Steps and formations reach the small success stage, his battle prowess would probably increase many times.

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