Abyss Domination Chapter 749

Abyss Domination Chapter 749

Mo Yayan allowed Qing Shui to take off his top and helped wash his wounds. As she saw the penetrated wound, and looked at Qing Shui's cheerful expression, her gentle soul felt a strange skip in her heartbeat.

"What are you scared of? He's just a heavenly duke, right? Listen, Bai Hao, you're the majordomo of Giant Ghost City, and also my son-in-law. They came looking to stir up trouble, and you beat them up, right? If that's all, then so be it. If Chen Haosong tries to use his status to be a bully, then I'll do the same thing right back!"

"If the real Vile-Emperor was killed," he thought, "then¡­ who exactly is the current Vile-Emperor¡­? And when precisely did it happen¡­? How come something as monumental as the death of the Vile-Emperor happened without anyone knowing¡­?"

His aura was similar to that of some of the old Elders in Sky City, which made her feel that he was probably a top-tier cultivator. With that in mind, Weng Xue couldn't help looking at Qing Shui every now and then because she felt that Yu He and Qing Shui were very compatible. She even looked forward to them confirming their relationship.

It was a small gesture, but it left Wu-shuang feeling warm and fuzzy. She accepted it and stood next to Qing Shui. Though absent-mindedly flipping through the pages, her concentration was not on the glistening sheets.

"Dammit! That Crosspeak Prefecture demigod secretly hit me with some ghost magic!"

Also, a marriage between families of equal social ranks can greatly boost the status of both parties, since relation by marriage was highly valued across the world. Who didn't want their sons or daughters to find a good and powerful family? There are a lot of benefits from this kind of marriage, like the vast connections to other people!?

Although Bai Xiaochun knew that he was innately skilled when it came to flame conjuring, he didn't come close to his own apprentice. Without Bai Hao, Bai Xiaochun may have been able to reach his current level on his own, but it would have taken much longer, and come at a far greater cost.

"Flaming bird? Mmm, it's also right. Red Luan is a mutated beast in the world of the nine continents. It is said to be of the same blood heritage as the Flaming Phoenix and could possibly evolve into the legendary phoenix. However, the chance is very low since the phoenix is a legendary Divine beast in the world of the nine continents." Canghai Mingyue looked yearningly at Qing Shui's flaming bird.

"If you continue talking like that, I shall ignore you!" Yu He didn't know how to continue facing Qing Shui who loved taking advantage of her with his words.

This was how precious battle experience was, especially battles to the life and death which could allow one to experience great improvements and even allow one to breakthrough their limits, reaching new boundaries, and be reborn.

Heavenly Palace Mountain was very far from Flowerfruit Mountain. Qing Shui only knew the general direction towards Flowerfruit Mountain. Luckily, Flowerfruit Mountain covered a large area and Qing Shui had some idea of how it looked. He had a rough map of the area and a picture of the mountain.?

The room contained a dilapidated bed covered with dust and spiderwebs, next to which was a vanity!

Time was limited; he had no idea when the little turtle might wake up. Worried about the prospect of revenge, he went about the concocting even faster than usual.

"Are you sure you want to do it?"

"Age-Prolonging Longevity-Enhancing Pill...." he murmured. "I never imagined that this stone stele would offer a medicinal pill like that as a reward. From the name alone, you can tell that the pill probably increases longevity." After a bit of thought, he approached the middle-aged cultivator.

But just as he was about to draw out his arms, Qing Shui felt that that he was already tangled up at quick speed, twirled up tightly. Its grip grew increasingly tighter and even lifted him up into mid-air.

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