Reincarnated in the My Hero Academia world as Todoroki Chapter 2443

Reincarnated in the My Hero Academia world as Todoroki Chapter 2443

Before the man could finish talking, a leather wearing man came out from the dense foliage with his sword at the ready to stab into the nearest person.

Towards the ceiling of the room, around forty-five percent of the Radiant Saint Force sealed within had been drawn out from the barrier by Jian Chen, where it gathered around Jian Chen, radiating with blinding light. This was Jian Chen's limit. Right now, no matter how hard Jian Chen tried, he was unable to draw any more Radiant Saint Force from the barrier.

In front of the grand elder of Mercenary City, Tianmu Yuan didn't even have the right to be arrogant.

Discussions could be heard everywhere. It wasn't until now that the true highlight of the Qi Province competition would begin. The battle between the four strongest geniuses. A battle that could make the spectators so anxious that they had to hold their breaths.

Right now, within the deepest area in the Burning Sky Pavilion, a young man was sitting on a cushion inside a grand palace. He had an eagle vision and a handsome face, and he portrayed a domineering image from all over his body, as if he was the supreme being of this world.

"Even though three Class 5 Magical Beasts had appeared, the amount of casualties this time around is at the lowest it has ever been since the foundation of Wake City." Yun Li reported.

Jiang Chen said with a smile.


"Senior Huang, Nubis, stay your hand!" Jian Chen commanded at the two to try and de-escalate the situation.

Jian Chen was becoming aware of the situation and let out an incredulous expression as well.

The monk grinned, revealing an innocent smile on his face. Just by looking at his face right now, it was really difficult to relate him to a monk who slaughtered like it was nothing.

Jian Chen was speechless as he looked at Dugu Feng with a surprised expression. Although he didn't know what a blood oath was, whatever Dugu Feng had said truly surprised him.

Zhou Bei Zhen thought to himself.What happened today changed his attitude towards Jiang Chen, he had acted in a way no 15-year old boy was capable of.

Within Jian Chen's stomach was something similar to a roaring sea; it was very stormy. At the same time, an extremely nauseating feeling arose from Jian Chen's heart, and Jian Chen could barely stop himself from vomiting.

Obviously, Jiang Chen's True Dragon Flame was much more powerful than Huo Yuner's Magma Flames. Also, Jiang Chen had an incredible amount of yuan energy, as well as help from the Dragon Marks. Because of all this, Huo Yuner couldn't compare with Jiang Chen. The flaming pike instantly shattered Huo Yuner's fire seal, and it didn't stop there, or even slow down. In just a split second, it had impaled Huo Yuner's shoulder.

"Good, so you're Jiang Chen, come and face your death!"

With incredible speed, Jiang Chen arrived in front of Lord Nether. He waved his hand and threw out a bright beam which crushed its way toward Lord Nether.

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